Speedway Gift Card Balance in 2024 (Uses, Buy, Card For Gas)

Here we share how you check the Speedway Gift Card Balance.

Speedway is a convenience store parented by 7-Eleven and Marathon.

It is a brand that is famous around the USA.

People quite often love to go there to shop for their essentials, and when someone gifts you a gift card from Speedway, then they know your choice, but before using the Speedway gift card, there are a few things that you should know, and in this article about Speedway gift card we will learn about all those things.



How To Check Speedway Gift Card Balance?

How To Check Speedway Gift Card Balance

Speedway gift cards are very useful, and if someone gifted you this gift card, you could easily use it to purchase groceries, Fill the gas in your vehicle, etc.

But before you try any of these things, it’s important to see how much balance you have in your Speedway gift card to purchase according to your plan.

Just follow the below-mentioned steps to check the Gift Card Balance

● Open the Speedway website. 

● Then go to the Menu icon. 

● Then click the option ‘Cards.’

● Select the gift card option 

● Then, on the new page, you will find another gift card option

● Then, after clicking it, a few new options will scroll down, 

● There, click the button ‘check your speedy cash balance.’

● A new page will open, or directly click on the link https://www.speedway.com/gift-card-balance (Check Below)

● Enter the Speedway gift card number and access code mentioned at the back of your gift card 

● And you’ll find your Speedway gift card balance. 



● Call the Speedway customer service toll-free number 1-866-836-6841 or check the back of your gift card for the number. 

● Ask the Speedway customer service staff to help you with the Speedway gift card balance.

● Give the Speedway customer service staff proper information about your gift card number and access code.

● And you’ll find out the amount you have in your Speedway gift card. 


Ask the person for that,

● Visit any Speedway Convenience Store 

● Then go to the Speedway service desk or cash counter 

● Ask the employee to tell you the gift for your Speedway gift card balance. 

● Give the gift card to the Speedway cashier or service counter 

● And they will let you know about the balance available on your gift card after checking it.


● Visit any Speedway Convenience Store 

● Refill your car gas or buy some snacks before you hit the road

● Then pay for the items using the Speedway gift card balance 

● Then, after payment, the available balance on your Speedway card will be mentioned in the receipt. 


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What is Speedway Gift Card?

We all regularly buy groceries and merchandise; even better, we even find a pump to fill our cars’ gas.

And Speedway convenience Store is a destination for all these necessities.

You can buy food, fuel your vehicle, groceries, and everything you need using the gift card.

So if someone gifted you a Speedway gift card, you could use it just as you like, and if you want to give someone a Speedway gift card, you can easily do that for your friends and family.


How to use Speedway Gift Card at Pump?

Speedway Gift Card Balance1

The easiest way to pay for fuel using a Speedway gift card is by going to the store.

But in the pump, to use the gift card, you must use the gift card number and access code, or you can use your phone’s Speedway app to scan, etc. 


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Where Can I buy a Speedway Gift Card?

Speedway gift cards are not that difficult to find; you can easily buy them from the Speedway Store or website.

In the store, you can purchase only the Speedway physical gift card with various value options, and if you buy the Speedway gift card from the website, you can choose between physical and digital Speedway gift cards.

Also, if you visit stores like Krogers, Walmart, etc., and websites like Amazon, eBay, etc., through these third-party stores and websites, you can easily purchase Speedway gift cards when you are in a hurry. 


How Does Speedway Gift Card Work?

Speedway Gift Card Balance2 (Work Process)

When someone gifts you a Speedway gift card, knowing how to use it beforehand is better than confusing yourself with new information. 

There are many types of Speedway gift cards available; the first one is the Speedway fuel and merchandise gift card, which you can use to purchase special fuel and selected merchandise.

Then Speedway food and merchandise gift cards, you can purchase delicious food and merchandise, including alcohol and cigarettes.

After that, Speedway is a good-to-go gift card by which you can also purchase food and a few other things, but it excludes alcohol and cigarettes.

Then the Speedway fuel gift card, which can be used only to truly feel your vehicle’s gas, and finally, the Speedway cafe gift card, you can use this card to purchase your coffee and foods, also merchandise in stores. So now you know what your Speedway gift card is for.

When you have any of the above gift cards, you can use them at any Speedway store around the US, as apart from the food, you can’t purchase anything online from Speedway.

Now to use it, all you need to do is give your Speedway gift card or gift card information to the cashier after your shopping is done and you are at the checkout process.

Or after the payment process is done, you can Scan the QR code using the Speedway app and pay using the attached Speedway gift card.

Then after the payment is made, the amount will automatically be deducted from your Speedway gift card, and you can also reload the card whenever you want. 

Before you use the gift card, it doesn’t require any additional activation process; you can directly redeem it at the store.

But please attach your Speedway gift card to the Speedway app so that if there is a case of a lost or stolen gift card, even after that, you’ll have access to the Speedway gift card through your phone app. 

But if the Speedway gift card is lost or stolen, it’s not redeemable or refundable, so treat your Speedway gift card as cash.


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Can you use a Speedway gift card for gas?

Yes, you can use a Speedway gift card for gas. Speedway has many gift cards for fuel and merchandise, only for fuel, coffee, food, etc.

But if you want to use the Speedway gift card to fill your vehicle’s gas, then you must have the fuel Speedway gift card or the fuel and merchandise Speedway gift card; except for these, all other Speedway gift cards can’t be used at the Speedway store to buy gas for your car or motorbike.


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Can I use a Speedway Gift Card Marathon?

No, you can’t use a Speedway gift card at the Marathon.

It is a thing that many people get confused about, but Speedway is not like every gift card.

That’s why even though Marathon is the parent company of Speedway, they still don’t have permission to use its gift card in Speedway stores.

Speedway and Marathon can’t use any other brand gift card except their own.


Do Speedway Gift Cards expire?

No, the Speedway gift card never expires.

You can keep the Speedway gift card for as long as you want, and when it’s time, you can use it to purchase food, fuel, and merchandise at the Speedway store. 


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