Speedway Money Order in 2024 (Filling Process, Transfer, Limit)

Money orders are available at some Speedway sites.

However, not all stores offer them, so before attempting to buy a money order there, it is a good idea to call your neighborhood Speedway to double-check their money order services.

Money orders at Speedway can have a maximum value of $500 and a daily buying limit of $1,900.

A money order is a document that typically enables the named payee to obtain cash on demand. It is typically issued by a government or banking organization.

A money order works similarly to check-in in that the buyer has the option to halt payment.

Individuals who lack access to a traditional checking account frequently use money orders because they are widely recognized and easily converted to cash.



Where Can I Buy a Speedway Money Order?

Where to Buy Speedway Money Order

An agent from Speedway’s customer service team answered our call and gave us information on ordering a money order there.

These are the measures you can take to buy a Speedway money order:

Locate a Speedway shop nearby: You can use the store locator on the Speedway website or by visiting the Speedway store’s physical location.

Visit the store: Request a money order from the cashier at the Speedway location during office hours.

You might be asked to show your ID and the money order funds.

Completing the money transaction Specify the sum of the money order in the “amount” field, your name and address in the “purchaser” field, and the name and address of the recipient in the “pay to” field. Make sure to confirm the accuracy of the information.

Payment for the money order must be made with cash; ask the cashier what the cost will be, as there might be a charge for the money order.

The clerk will give you a receipt again for the money order; keep it. Please keep this receipt secure; you’ll need it in case there are any problems with or inquiries about the money order.

I’m done now! After completing these steps, you will have a Speedway money order that you may use to transfer money to other people or make payments.


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How should a Speedway money order be filled out?

It can be difficult to understand how to make a money order, but getting it right is crucial.

Following these procedures ensures that your money is delivered to the appropriate person or company.

1. Enter the name of the receiver

On the line that begins, “Pay to the Order Of,” type the name of the individual or organization that will receive the money order.

The money order may only be deposited or cashed by the recipient and no other individual or business.

Where it states “purchaser’s signature” at the bottom, sign your name.

Your signature is necessary because it authenticates the money transaction. On the front of the money transaction, you must sign.


2. In the purchaser area, type your address.

Since you are the buyer, your information should be in this field, which may also be referred to as the “from,” “remitter,” or “sender” field.

This is necessary so that the recipient will know how to get in touch with you if there are any problems or queries about the payment.


3. If you’re making a payment, include your account number.

Some money orders have a “payment for/account number” section.

Giving your particular account number when paying electricity bills ensures that the money goes towards the balance you have due on your account.


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What conditions must be met to obtain a Speedway Money Order?

Speedway Money Order Conditions

Speedway money orders, which can be bought at Speedway convenience stores, are a practical payment method.

 The following general criteria must be met to obtain a Speedway money order:

You must present a legitimate type of identification, like a driver’s license or passport.

Payment: You must make an upfront payment for the money transfer, typically in cash.

Information: You must include the recipient’s name and the sum you want to give.

Your contact details, including your name and telephone number, may also be required.

There might be restrictions on how much of a money transfer you can buy, and there might be charges as well.

Make careful inquiries about their policies with that particular Speedway location.

As errors can be expensive to correct, double-checking any information you include on the money order is also a great idea to guarantee accuracy.


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Can Speedway Money Transfer be purchased online?

Although Speedway does not allow money order purchases online, it is best to check with them as their rules and available options may change depending on where you are.

To find out more about ordering a money order online, go to the Speedway website or get in touch with customer support.

They might let you buy a money order and mail it to someone else online or by mail.

It’s essential to keep in mind that there might be charges for buying a money order, and all these charges can change based on the location and value of the money order.


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What is the Speedway Money Order’s Limit Amount?

Speedway Money Order Limit amount

Depending on the address and rules of the particular Speedway store, the maximum amount for a money order from that company may change.

However, you can only buy money transfers with a maximum value of $500 and a total value of $1,900 per day.

For specific information on the money order maximum, it is best to inquire with the Speedway location users intend to visit or to call their customer support department.

Also, bear in mind that there may be fees for buying a money order and that these fees can change based on the location and size of the money order.


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Can I use a debit card to purchase a Speedway money order?

Speedway only accepts cash and money orders. Before finishing the transaction, make sure to ask the cashier how much the money order will cost and whether there will be any additional fees.



People who don’t have recourse to a bank card or who would rather not use a personal check frequently use money orders because they are a safe way to transmit money through the mail or in person.

Each Speedway money order costs up to $500, and you can acquire as many as $1,900 worth of them in a single day.

The cost for each money transfer is $1.59. The availability and costs of money transfer services may differ from Speedway to Speedway.

Go to one of Speedway’s sites during business hours and ask a cashier for help if you want to buy a money order.

You may be charged a charge for the service and must present your identity and the money order’s funds.

According to Speedway corporate customer care, no Speedway locations would then cash a money order.

For more information, it is best to check with the Speedway location that is closest to you or to contact their own customer service department, as the quantity and accessibility of money orders may differ by location.


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