Sperry Return Policy IN 2024 (Complete Return Guide)

Sperry is equipped with a potential return policy known as the Sperry Return Policy.

If you are still confused about Sperry Return, this guide about the Sperry Return Policy will satisfy your soul.

A return policy is not only written legislation for a brand but also a profitable system for its respected customers.

Sherry is a famous American brand that sells shoes. The company was set up in 1935 by Paul. A. Sperry.

It was the first company to introduce boat shoes into the boating and footwear markets.

The company is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, in the United States.

At present, Wolverine World Wide owns the Sperry brand. The company provides services all over the world.



What is the Sperry Return Policy?

Sperry is always happy to accept your returns if you are unsatisfied with your purchase.

But the product you are referring to must be in an unused condition.

You have to initiate the return process on or before 30 days from the date of shipping.

As per the Sperry Return Policy, final sale items and customized products are non-returnable.

You can not exchange them also. 

Sperry offers exchanges completely free of cost. If they do not receive your exchange order within 21 days, they will cancel it. 

Return policy is too much vital for the customers and their favorite brands.

The brands are eager to accept the products disliked by the customers within a specific time.

This return policy can save money for every customer.

On the other hand, it can raise the popularity of the brand as well as its revenue.


Are returns to Sperry free?

No, Sperry returns are not free. You will have to bear a return shipping charge of $5.00 which will be reduced from your refund amount. But exchanges are always free. 


Sperry Return Policy for Customised Products 

Sperry Return Policy for Customised Products 

Customized products are specially designed as per the customer’s demands. So they are unique.

That is why Sperry does not allow the return or exchange of customized products.

They are non-returnable and non-exchangeable.

Still, you may contact their customer service team if you face any issues with your customized product. 


Sperry Return Policy for Damaged or Defective Product 

You must immediately contact their customer service team if you have received a damaged or defective product.

You may speak to them via live chat or phone at (800) 247-6575.

The company will consider the product to be defective only if there is a manufacturing or design defect. 


What Conditions does Sperry not consider as Defective or Damaged?

The conditions that Sperry does not consider defective or damaged are as follows: 

● If worn stitching, soles, or frayed webbing is worn due to normal wear, it will not be considered defective. 

● If the product got damaged due to misuse, normal wear and tear, or damage during g storage, the company will not consider it defective. 

● If broken or damaged laces, lace retention devices, and worn soles exist. 

● If you have acquired the product from aftermarket sources like online auction sites, liquidators, consignment shops, private sellers, and salesman samples, the company will not be responsible for defective items. 

● If the product does not fit you properly, it will be your responsibility. The company will not consider this to be defective. 

● If you have comfort issues with the product, it does not mean it is defective. 


How to Return Products or Items to Sperry?

Sperry Return Policy Return Process

You can choose two options if you want to return products or items to Sperry. 

Initiate a return at any corporate Sperry store

You may return your product by visiting any corporate Sperry store.

You have to bring the product to the store with the order confirmation email and the original form of payment that you used at the time of the original purchase.

But if you want to return Sperry Kids merchandise, you must return it through the mail. 


Initiate a return via mail

You must first take a return shipping label to return a product through the mail.

They will send you a PDF containing a return shipping label and a return document.

You have to download the pdf and take a printout of it.

You must contact their customer service if you do not have a printer.

You have to pack the items in the original packaging.

Then you have to ship the package.

A return shipping charge of $5.00 will be dedicated to your refund amount.

But exchanges are free if you use their return label. 


When will I get my refund from Sperry?

It may take two weeks from receiving the return package for Sperry to process your return.

They will send you a confirmation email after a successful return.

They will credit your refund amount to your original payment method or your credit card within two billing cycles.


Does Sperry Charge any fee for return shipping?

Yes, Sperry charges a fee of & 5.00 for return shipping. They will deduct the amount from your refundable amount. 



Now it is your responsibility to know the Sperry Return Policy very well before purchasing from Sperry.

You should continuously update a company’s return policy to initiate a return or exchange of your purchase without difficulties.

It will help you to experience hassle-free returns. 


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