Starbucks Cup Marking Guide in 2024 (V, Fw Meaning)

This article shares detailed information on the “Starbucks Cup Marking Guide.”

Starbucks serves its drinks in various sizes of cups.

If you have visited Starbucks, you will notice that the barista uses terms like grande, venti, trenta, small and tall.

Now, if you are a regular customer at Starbucks, you will be familiar with these days.

But for many of you out there, these terms might be alien to you.

These terms are special Italian terms used at Starbucks to denote the specifications of your order to the barista.

In short, it helps the barista understand what will happen in your beverage.



Starbucks Cup Marking Guide

The cups at Starbucks with lines and boxes on them come pre-printed.

The presence of these boxes and lines helps the barista mark the specific details about your order.

It also helps keep track of ingredients going inside your drink since each of the drinks at Starbucks has its recipe and a separate list of ingredients that goes in.

Hence, when you notice that six boxes are printed behind your coffee cup, and as per your order, your barista will mark your coffee cup.

These coffee cups are usually of two types: transparent and paper-made.

The paper-made cups are used for serving hot beverages. In contrast, a transparent one is used for serving cold non-caffeinated drinks.

The barista also writes down the customer’s name on the Starbucks cup. It is their part of marking the cup.

Because it helps in identifying the customer as well, it was Starbucks that first started writing down the names of their customers on the coffee cup. Now it has turned into a cultural icon.


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What Do The Lines on Starbucks Cup Mean?

Starbucks Cup Marking Guide

Every beverage served at Starbucks, either hot or cold, has measurements and a definite ingredient list.

Now the barista working at Starbucks has to follow the recipe to make that drink. 

They can’t weigh the machine every single time.

Thus, the lines on the Starbucks cup help them eyeball the ingredients and make the perfect beverage every time.

An experienced barista will never have to go through the entire process because, by now, they have mastered almost every recipe.

Therefore, the lines on the Starbucks cup help the baristas track the number of ingredients that should be put in a beverage.

It is simply there to help them make accurate measurements and serve their customers.


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What are the three lines on a Starbucks Frappe Cup?

There is no particular significance or hidden meaning behind the lines on a Starbucks cup.

The main idea behind putting those lines in the Starbucks cup is to measure the ingredients while making iced beverages.

It just helps the barista track what is happening and how much quantity.

For instance, the first line measures ice or cold beverages while making Frappuccino starters.

Similarly, the space between the second and the third lines is used for measuring milk and in-house flavorings and bases.


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What are the Abbreviations at Starbucks?

Starbucks Cup Marking Guide

The three most popular abbreviations are usually used at Starbucks, Grande, Venti, and Trenta.

These terms are nothing but just referring to the size of coffee cups.

These abbreviations represent the size of the cup in which the beverage you choose will be served.

To understand this logic, you must go back to the early 80s.

The founders of Starbucks were fond of Italian coffee houses, and even they were so impressed with their Italian coffee house vibe that they wanted to bring that same feel to America.

Thus they started using terms like Grande, Venti, and Trenta to refer to the size of their drinks.

But eventually, the effect of Americanizing was noticed in their menu.

Little by little, every aspect of the Italian coffee house that inspired them vanished.


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What is written on the Starbucks Cup?

The name of the customer who placed an order is written on the Starbucks cup.

Sometimes if the customers want to add or deduct from their order, the barista also writes down the specifications.

It helps in customizing their order how the customer wants.

The concept of writing down the customer’s name on the coffee cup was first introduced at Starbucks.

Their policy not only gained popularity overnight. But also it became a popular culture among the youths.

It gives the customers a sense of ownership as well.

Since Starbucks follows the self-service policy, it also helps the baristas identify the customers once their orders are done.

They directly call you or identify you with the help of your name written on the cup.


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What does V mean in Starbucks?

The V in Starbucks means venti, derived from the Italian word venti, which means twenty in Italian. It represents the size of the cup at Starbucks.

Initially, Starbucks had two sizes, tall and short. Later, they introduced Grande, which was much bigger than the pre-existing ones.

Later on, the founders of this coffee giant wanted to introduce something bigger than Grande. Then it was decided that venti means twenty in Italian.

It was launched because before Venti was launched, Grande was the biggest with 16 ounces, small with 8 ounces, and tall with 12 ounces was already there.


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What Does FW mean at Starbucks?

FW stands for Flat White, an abbreviated term used in Starbucks to denote this creamy coffee beverage.

As per the customers, flat white combines the rich and creamy of steamed milk and the bitterness of the dark espresso.

Usually, when a new barista joins Starbucks, this is the first drink they are taught.

It is like an introductory drink for them as they slowly discover the hidden gems of the coffee world.

It is one of Starbucks’s most comforting coffee beverages if you want something to relax your mind and body. 


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What is the Starbucks Cup Marking System?

Usually, when you get your Starbucks cup, you will notice that the cup contains six boxes which state decaf, shorts, syrups, milk, custom, and drink.

Each box represents specific markings representing what the customer wants in their drink.

Your barista will mark the boxes behind your Starbucks coffee cup as per your requirements. 

Writing down the specifications in your Starbucks cup helps the barista prepare your order.

It also helps customize your order as per your preference if you want extra chocolate chips or no whipped cream in your beverage.


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What is a Starbucks Signature Cup?

Starbucks has launched its very own range of reusable coffee cups.

These coffee mugs are Starbucks’ signature cups and come in various sizes and shapes.

The best part about the signature cups is you can use them repeatedly.

The range comprises various coffee cups in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

It is a must-have for all coffee lovers out there.


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