Starbucks Employee Dress Code in 2024 (Updated)

Do you want to know about the Starbucks Employee Dress Code? Here you will get help.

Starbucks is an excellent workplace, particularly in an entry-level position right off high school.

Additionally, Starbucks has recently increased its minimum wage from $15 an hour.

A friendly atmosphere, helpful staff, and a relaxed dress code.

The giant coffee chain offers a great combination of excellent work experience and decent compensation.

You’ve probably walked into one of the Starbucks stores to buy coffee, only to discover that strict dress code guidelines don’t govern the baristas.

The consensus is that all associates, including those in managerial roles like shift supervisors, can express their preferences about fashion.



Starbucks Employee Dress Code 

Starbucks Employee Dress Code

Starbucks generally requires its employees to dress in smart casual and muted colors.

Starbucks allows some room for personal style, as long as the overall look is neat and appropriate. Additionally, it gives mobility.

Starbucks employees are obliged to maintain their aprons always.


All-Over Appearance (Starbucks dress code)

In the beginning, the coffee chain offered a detailed guidebook, with 15 pages, about dress codes.

In 2019, Starbucks simplified its complete dress code in a single-page guide, which is available here.

A brief outline of the latest dress code can be found here. (Check Below For Dress Code PDF)

Since all Starbucks employees, including shift supervisors or baristas, represent the image of a multibillion-dollar company, They must maintain an attractive and tidy appearance when they work.

Every piece of clothing must be spotless, wrinkle-free, and free of holes. They should also be neat.

There are certain exceptions to Starbucks dress codes (religious exemptions and disabilities or disabilities, etc.

So the store manager is ultimately the one who decides what’s considered acceptable and not suitable for work.

Keep to solid colors in the case of bottoms.

You can pick one of the colors from Starbucks for bottoms that aren’t white.

Printed bottoms aren’t allowed with top bottoms, so you should stick to solid shades.

Skirts, pants, pants, shorts, jeans, and skirts belong to the Starbucks dress code for bottoms.

In the case of jeans, it must be noted that light shades aren’t permitted.

Dark washes are preferable. Leggings are a great option to wear under dresses or skirts but not on their own.

You must also be sure that there are no holes or tears in what you put on.

It is best to avoid wearing clothing that has been damaged.

If you plan to wear skirts and shorts, the length should not be less than 4 inches above the knee.

Bottoms should not drag across the floor or get into the work path.

Be sure to wear clothing that is comfortable and properly fitted. The pants shouldn’t be overly long.

The undergarments should not be seen. Bottoms printed or leather is not acceptable.


What is the Starbucks employee dress code?

Starbucks Employee Dress Code

Based on this corporate PDF, which was published in the year 2019, Starbucks’ dress code is broken down into the following categories:

Personal appearance

  • Apron
  • The color palette for the overall 
  • Hair
  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Footwear
  • Hats
  • Accents
  • Final touch-ups, i.e., nails, jewelry, tattoos, pins, and personal hygiene


Let’s examine each one of them individually about the Starbucks employee dress code!


It is possible to wear the accent colors of ties, scarves, and socks so long as they don’t obstruct your Starbucks apron.

This means you should avoid graphic patterns that are loud, distracting neon, white, or any other color that could draw attention.

Simple patterns and solid colors are your ideal companion! Socks with simple designs or patterns are also acceptable.



The coffee giant allows its workers to express their styles by expressing themselves through hair color.

This is why you will find baristas with bold hair colors like neon purple and sparkling blue.

For food safety reasons, the hair dye must remain permanent or semi-permanent.

It is also essential to maintain your hair neatly. Brush it back to prevent hair from entering the customers’ drinks.



If you have an embarrassing hair day, If you have a bad hair day, you can protect your hair. Starbucks employees are allowed to wear:

  • Baseball caps with solid color
  • The company’s logo is a hat
  • Fedoras
  • Bowlers
  • Panama hats

But, Starbucks also has an extensive collection of headcovers on the list of no-nos:

Baseball caps featuring sports logos

  • Cowboy hats
  • Bucket hats
  • Fedoras with large patterns
  • Dirty caps
  • Beanies that have additional accessories
  • Caps that have the bill facing forward



The hair on the face should be cut appropriately and neatly.

The worst thing you could have is a customer discovering hair in their drink or, even more embarrassingly, eating one.

One facial piercing can be done. However, it shouldn’t be more significant than one dime.

This means that you can now wear a tiny septum piercing or nose stud.

Earrings and ear gauges can be permitted too, but they should not be larger than one-quarter.


Colour Palette

Starbucks is unique in the sense that uniforms in polyester aren’t worn. Employees have plenty of choice in the clothes they wear.

But, they must stay within the brand’s guidelines while they are in operation, however, and adhere to the colors listed below:

  • Black
  • Charcoal
  • Gray
  • Navy
  • Brown
  • Khaki
  • White

Fabrics that are allowed to be used in these colors are:

  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Leather
  • Canvas
  • Denim
  • Selvage denim
  • Wool
  • Straw
  • Bottoms

Have fun – you can put on jeans and work in Starbucks!

Also, skirts, khakis, dresses in tights, and chinos are acceptable if they conform to the color scheme.

The colors of hair that look weird are delicate. However, Starbucks requests their employees to pledge to them.



Starbucks’ Employee Style Guide requires all hair colors to be permanent or semi-permanent for food security.

It appears that Starbucks is concerned that an unsuspecting consumer might look at the container of their macchiato to discover some hair glitter floating over. 

You may wonder what you think: If the semi-permanent hair color is acceptable, why would you want to change the permanent hair color? How can you tell the distinction?

Semi-permanent coloration sits on top of your hair.

The color lasts between 4 and 12 shampoos before fading. The color of temporary hair is washed out in only one shampoo, making it more prone to fade as per MATRIX. 



If there’s a way you may believe that a Starbucks employee is allowed to display their fashion, it’s by wearing socks, wouldn’t you think? In the end, socks are underclothes, and if a manager can’t dictate to an employee what socks to wear, then can they decide what kind of socks they can wear? If you’re working at Starbucks, it is certainly possible.

If the socks of a Starbucks employee’s socks cover the socks are covered, they’re safe.

If others can see the socks, they must adhere to Starbucks’ color and pattern guidelines. According to what Starbucks states about socks in its employee style guidelines, “Solid colors, simple patterns, or prints work best.”



Tattoos are permissible, but tattoos cannot portray anything sexually explicit or profane, racist or sexual.

In addition, tattoos aren’t allowed on the neck or face.



All shirts should protect the middle of your body (tummy) and the armpits. Other aspects, like designs and colors, must be the same: they are subtle, muted, or subdued for a professional appearance.

Button-downs are popular for Starbucks employees due to being comfort, professional, and stylish.

It can be cold, and they’ll keep you warm at the high-performance, serving drinks in long lines.

T-shirts aren’t permitted, but it’s interesting to note that Starbucks promotional t-shirts can be worn.


Does Starbucks Let You Wear Jeans?

You can wear jeans to Starbucks as long as they satisfy the color requirements (navy, black, or grey).

However, white denim (and, in fact, the whitest bottom) is not permitted or is too loose or low-riding clothes or long or dragging fits that are too long.



Below we share some FAQs related to the Starbucks Employee Dress Code

Does the wearing of Perfume an issue?

Answer) It is possible to apply perfumes with subtle scents but beware of overpowering perfumes.

The usage of perfumes is typically advised for hygiene reasons.


What is the dress code for Starbucks employees to wear to work?

Wear shorts, pants, or skirts, or Dress in grey, black, brown, navy, and Khaki (no white).

Jeans are acceptable, too, with darker shades and washes (no lighter hues). All clothing should be durable, functional, and comfortable with no tears, rips, or patches.


Does working at Starbucks hard?

Overall, no, it’s not complicated. It’s a safe environment that keeps you entertained.

The process takes time and dedication to get used to the position. Once you’ve mastered the art of it, becoming a barista is enjoyable and isn’t that difficult.


Do Starbucks employees need to wear their hair in a bun?

All as long as your hair is tied in a ponytail or snagged over your shoulders.

Yes, it’s true. However, the hat you wear cannot bear designs other than Starbucks. Yes, you must cover your hair.

It would help if you did it without a cap.


Can employees wear jewelry at Starbucks?

Yes, you can wear small studs or earrings the size of a quarter coin.

Also, if the employee wears an engagement ring, that won’t be an issue. 

Besides, if any other Jewelleries are involved, like necklaces, they should be hidden from customers’ vision. 


Can Starbucks employees wear comfortable bottoms?

Well, denim khaki pants and chinos are allowed at Starbucks. Those bottoms are generally quite comfortable to wear. 

But if you are thinking of wearing sweatpants and yoga pants at work, those are not allowed at Starbucks.


Are hoodies allowed at Starbucks for employees?

The employees would feel blessed if hoodies were allowed at Starbucks. 

But unfortunately, wearing hoodies is against their dress code.

So if the employees want, they have to wear something formal. 


Can employees wear nail polish at Starbucks?

No wearing of nail polish or artificial nail coverings is allowed for the employees at Starbucks. 

It’s always possible that the nail polish starts wearing off while working or causes unnecessary distraction. 

Therefore, if you want to work at Starbucks, you must say goodbye to nail polish. 



In the end, I described the Starbucks employee dress code.

Starbucks has a relaxed employee dress code that allows the freedom to express oneself.

Most of the time, Starbucks workers must wear stylish casual attire in neutral or muted shades to look professional and show off their distinctive green apron.

Casual dress codes are pretty commonplace in the world of coffee.

However, Starbucks insists that its partners appear professional and consistent with their company vision.

It’s reasonable to say that sloppy clothes that are not neatly cleaned reflect the company’s vision.


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