Top 20 Stores That Take Apple Pay in 2023

Apple Pay is the new digital payment method that is used by iPhone users who have uploaded their debit or credit card to this Wallet app. Therefore, we have enlisted the top 20 stores that take Apple Pay!

The customers wish to double click the power button to open up the Apple Pay by using Face ID by entering the passcode and then are holding the phone near the payment system when someone wishes to use the Apple Pay.

Users will have a single default card as they change their payment mode by swiping the different card while activating Apple Pay.


Stores that take Apple Pay in 2022 

Stores that take Apple Pay

Below mention, all big is are accepting Apple Pay

1〉 Acme Markets 

Acme Markets is a chain spread across 161 locations throughout the northeastern states of the United States.

They have incorporated in 1891 and have continuously proven its immense amount of customer service and high-quality inventories.

You can even earn about a single point for each dollar spent with their reward programs.

You can check out their weekly online ads to catch a few special deals if you are a loyal shopper.


2〉 Albertson’s 

Keep in mind that Albertson is the second-largest chain of supermarkets in North America since Kroger.

The chain will be offering dairy, bakery, frozen foods, meat, general Grocery, seafood, liquor, snacks, and several other locations.

It often operates across several other grocery stores throughout the U.S. It has a mission that is dedicated to alleviating the hunger of a child and offering nutrition education across the country.


3〉 Aldi 

Aldi refers to two different European inexpensive supermarket stores started by German brothers who eventually split up.

And over 10,000 outlets are already open in 20 countries.

According to European food and health safety requirements, Aldi promises no chemical colors, hydrogenated oils, or additional MSG.

Aldi now collaborates with Instacart to bring goods to your doorstep.


4〉 Amazon 

There are very few items that Amazon does not have.

You can find everything on Amazon, from athletic apparel to snack food.

Amazon is one of the largest merchants that also serves as a food store while not having its own independent grocery shop (although that does own Whole Foods).

As you are into grocery shopping on Amazon, you will wonder how easy it is since you can place an order with just a click of the button with Apple Pay.

The other side of grocery shopping on Amazon is considered as most of their food is non-perishable since it takes about a day or two for the order to arrive.

If you search for fresh veggies and fruits, then you should try out the local grocery stores.


5〉 Bashas’ 

Bashas is considered a chain of grocery stores that mostly operates out in Arizona with just a few locations in New Mexico.

Bashas’ was incorporated in 1932 and is a family-owned supermarket. They own Raley’s Supermarket.

The family of Basha owns about three other retailers that include Bashas’ Fine Foods, Bashas’ Dine, and Food City.


6〉 B.J.’s 

B.J.’s is considered the wholesale store is selling things that come in massive quantities.

It is one of the major competitors is Costco.

Numerous customers are getting B.J.’s when they wish to purchase a massive quantity of certain products since they are often used, fulfilling a massive demand along with the stores for the long-term use.

You can even head out to B.J.’s to purchase the bigger tickets for items like cell phones and televisions.

You have to become a member of B.J.’s to shop there, and it is a lot in their offering a lot of main coupons to the loyal customers.

The line for checkout at B.J.s is quite a lengthy one since people often have several things to purchase.

But, it paces up quite a bit when people are using Apple Pay with cashiers that do not have to worry about taking care of the cash register and waiting for a machine to process payments for the manual card.


 7〉 Carr’s 

It is the largest supermarket chain that is based in Alaska, being a subsidiary of the markets of Albertson.

There are more than 24 stores all over Alaska, including every major city.

Carr’s-Safeway also operates the gasoline stations at several locations allowing the customers to patronize both the gas stations and the grocery stores that earn double their points.


8〉 Cub Foods 

Cub Foods is based in Minnesota and strives to preserve a small-town, family-owned atmosphere.

It sells meat and animal products goods and pet food, pharmacy, liquor, seafood, delicatessen & bakery items, and gift cards.

The firm has operated for 50 years and also has kept up with the times in terms of technology.

You may place an order for same-day pickup for delivery online, and Apple Pay is accepted.

To enjoy member discounts and save money on large orders at our grocery store and gas station locations, join My Cub Rewards.


9〉 CVS 

CVS is considered as the ideal known that is required to fill up your prescriptions that supply the over-the-counter medications and for their notoriously lengthy receipts.

But, CVS considered much more with their recently forayed into this market for food.

They even carry loads of snack food that includes nuts, pringles, as well as candy, as they have the freezer items that include pizza and ice cream.

CVS has started to offer a limited selection of their products, including the oranges and apples, as it depends on this season.

CVS is accepting Apple Pay, making it easier for them to print the passport photos, buy Advil, and pick up the groceries this week in about a single place at single, convenient transactions.


10〉 Duane Reade 

Like CVS, Duane Reade is a drugstore and convenience store that combines a variety of services in one location.

Duane Reade, for example, sells booze, bandages, and cosmetics.

Food, such as snacks, confectionery, and cooked dinners, is available at Duane Reade.

Location-specific cuisine alternatives may be available depending on the locale.

For example, around Mardi Gras in New Orleans, you can come across King Cake or flavored booze.


11〉 Family Dollar 

Family Dollar is considered an American discount store that boasts various products that include groceries.

There are several locations of Family Dollar across each state in the U.S. except Hawaii, Washington, and Alaska.

Irrespective of the name, Family Dollar is not a dollar store.

It offers several favorite products at the lowest cost; however, most of the things would cost you more than a dollar.

You can try out Dollar Tree if you are in search of a dollar store partner.

The Family Dollar is offering extensive premium beverages and snacks than the Dollar Tree; however, it still does not have a massive array of fresh products.

You can easily shop at your Family Dollar online using Apple Pay at the checkout and shipping your order straight at the door.

Likewise, you will use Apple Pay inside the store too!


12〉 Food Lion 

Food Lion is a North Carolina-based retail grocery store business.

Food Town was really the initial name of the firm when it was created in 1957.

It changed its name to Food Lion in 1983 as it began expanding across the country and came across other businesses with the same name.

It produces its own line of items at a lesser price.


13〉 FoodMaxx

A supermarket recognized for its low costs is FoodMaxx.

Almost anything is available there, whether fresh meat, veggies, diapers, and much more.

Rather than dealing with high luxury items, FoodMaxx prioritizes efficiency in order to save expenses.

They compare rates for all of their items to ensure that they always offer the best deal.


14〉 FreshFarm

FreshFarm is not like your average grocery store as it is almost identical to the Farmer’s Market, which is responsible for hiring its retailers to sell their local produce at the selected stores.

FreshFarm is located in Washington D.C., operating with a vision of fair trade, equality, and sustainability.

The company operates to ensure that all have access to healthy food, providing education to people looking to gain further insights into sustainable and nutrition farming.


 15〉 Giant Eagle 

The Eagle Grocer was founded in 1918 by three families who came together to become Giant Eagle.

Then they joined with OK Grocery, a market chain run by two other families, to form Giant Eagle.

The businesses were a huge success, and they’ve continued to expand across the country.

It expanded its store-within-a-store concept to include a pharmacy, florist, automotive, textbooks, greeting cards, photo development, but also video rentals, all of which are located within the Giant Eagle.

It also established a customer loyalty program, implemented various community give-back projects, and developed its own health-conscious food brand, Nature’s Basket.

A Giant Eagle Express, a smaller counterpart of the major business that functions more like a convenience store, has recently opened.

Giant Eagle Express and Giant Eagle is accepting Apple Pay.


16〉 Publix 

It is a grocery store that has attained fame in the south, mainly in Florida.

It carries almost everything that you need, from shampoo and conditioners to orange juice, fresh produce, and yogurt.

It is also known for its premade foods, which the customers can grab and go and carry to the beach.

Publix was among the favorite of their crowd in the south. However, sales have boomed a lot more while the supermarket chain has started to accept Apple Pay.


17〉 Raley’s 

Raley’s was started in 1935 and is currently parents an operated business.

Tom Raley, the company’s founder, wants to transform the way supermarkets are fully owned.

He devised the notion of self-serve meat counters as well as a mixed market and pharmacy.

There are presently over 230 outlets in seven states and different tribal nations in the United States.

Tom’s grandson currently owns the Raley brand.

Raley’s could be your best choice if you want to enjoy the ease of Apple Pay while still shopping (relatively) locally.


18〉 Safeway 

Safeway opened in 1915, and there are locations around the globe.

It is also being owned and operated by Albertson’s.

It was considered one of the main stores for pioneering the health standards in freshness with the addition of sell-by and use-by dates for the consumable items.

Various supermarkets have followed this suit, and now there are over 35 states for the Safeway stores.


19〉 Target 

Walmart’s main competition is Target.

Target is an “everything shop” that sells everything from furniture and Oreos.

Target’s massive revenues over the last several decades have prompted the retailer to diversify its product line to include additional supermarket goods.

Today, most supermarkets have a large food area with fresh fruit, canned goods, ready-to-eat meals, snacks, frozen foods, and other items.

Target now provides curbside pickup for consumers who know what they like and can shop ahead of time.

In addition, the brand just debuted its “Red” membership, which allows consumers to scan things in-store to gain access to unique discounts.

Target is pricier than Walmart, but it has more handy features like Apple Pay.


20〉 Winn-Dixie 

Winn-Dixie is noted as the most popular Supermarket generally in the southern part of the United States. They include every massive brand having a great amount of rewards programs for loyal shoppers.

There are over 500 stores scattered across Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, and Georgia.

They offer a few substantial rewards programs that allow their loyal customers to save their points for redeeming their future purchases.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Below we share some FAQs related to the topic “Stores That Take Apple Pay”

1. Does Apple Pay work in all stores?

Everywhere accepts Apple Pay & chip cards.

They’re strewn throughout the place. Apple Pay is now accepted by a number of the country’s top merchants.


2. Does Walmart accept Apple Pay?

As of 2022, Walmart does not accept Apple Pay in any of its shops. Customers may instead utilize Walmart Pay to make purchases at the booths and self-checkout lanes using their iPhones. Walmart exclusively takes MasterCard, Visa, Checks, PayPal, Amex, & cash as payment methods.


3. Is it possible to use Apple Pay in Target?

Target also enables Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and “any contactless digital wallet” in addition to Apple Pay. You may find a complete list of accepted payment methods on Target’s website.


4. Is Apple Pay accepted at Dollar Tree?

Most registers now accept contactless payments by Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, & Google Pay via Tap to Pay. All Dollar Tree locations will have this technology installed for a device shopping experience by the end of April!


5. Do you have an Apple gift card?

Apple Cash is a Wallet-based digital card that allows you to transfer funds using Messages or Wallet. The funds are sent to my Apple Cash card in my Wallet. With Apple Pay, you can spend money everywhere you want: at shops, online, and in apps.


Final Thoughts 

As we bring about the stores that take Apple Pay is the most convenient mode of payment for the shoppers. Various grocery stores accept Apple Pay, which makes your shopping experience a lot more enjoyable.

It is quite simple to get flustered when it arrives at paying the bill as you are busier at the checkout line and have several things to juggle, including your food and bagging items.

Apple Pay is the easiest mode of making payments that only includes your need for the phone to be close to the playing device.

You even get a chance to earn points associated with the selected credit card and the customer loyalty points.


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