Stretch Mark Removal Surgery- Benefits, Expection (2024)

You may have tried the gels, creams, oils, and lotion. Unfortunately, nothing would appear to work to remove the stretch marks.

It is the best time that you consider laser stretch mark removal surgery. 

The treatment causes them to fade considerably, although laser treatment will not eliminate the stretch marks.

Let us now learn about the stretch marks, how the lasers are an effective treatment, and what you can expect.



What is a Stretch Mark?

Stretch Mark Removal Surgery

So, what is stretch mark removal surgery? The scars forming when your skin is shrinking or enlarging rapidly cause stretch marks to appear.

This quick change in size and weight causes the fibers in your skin to tear.

Scars form as they are healing. “State” is the other term for stretch marks as they appear as streaks on the skin, appearing mainly on the upper arm, abdomen, hips, buttocks, and thighs.

They initially tend to be red, purple, brown, or pink, initially stretch mark removal surgery before and after.

The brighter streaks mainly fade to a lighter tone over time.

The stretch marks even change the skin’s texture leaving indentations along the rippled lines.

It is common in younger, pregnant women who have a family history of stretch marks.

These can appear after a rapid weight gain or loss, after breast enlargement surgery, during the use of topical corticosteroids, quick muscle growth from bodybuilding, or as a result of specific genetic disorders.


Causes of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks appear when the skin is shrinking or stretching.

It happens due to the sudden change in the skin being a lot of elastin and collagen for handling as these would be caused when compounds rupture.

The entire shrinking or stretching happens during or after pregnancy, weight loss, weight gain, growth during puberty, or muscle growth.

Stretch marks are specifically red, pink, reddish, or purple, although the exact color will depend on the type of skin tone.

Initially, these marks can be itchy, resulting in a bit of a divot where the line is.

However, cosmetic dermatology services can typically reduce the look of these lines while the stretch marks will not fade completely.


The procedure of Stretch mark removal Surgery

Stretch Mark Removal Surgery

Concentrated light rays are directed at the stretch marks to stimulate the new growth and smooth the scars in the laser stretch mark removal.

The laser treatments are considered to be skin resurfacing treatments that help your skin heal and create a smoother texture.

Stretch mark removal surgery cost is quite successful on the new stretch marks.

The new stretch marks mainly indicate that there are working blood vessels in the skin, allowing quick and complete healing after the laser treatment giving your stretch marks a red and pink color. The older white stretch marks are usually tough to treat due to the lack of blood vessels’ meaningless collagen production.


What to Expect from Your Laser Treatment

Stretch Mark Removal Surgery

It is essential to know that for the laser skin treatment to relieve form stretch marks, you need to plan several sessions that can help you gain more significant outcomes.

The number of sessions you require will depend on the nature of your stretch marks and the kind of laser used.

4 treatments with a couple of weeks between every therapy is good.

It is also good to gain expectations that will not witness the complete removal of the stretch marks after the end of the laser treatment sessions.

According to the reports, about 20-60% of positive results in removing stretch marks are visible.

The laser treatments are generally outpatient processes and should be performed by certified professionals.

You can start by consulting your doctor, where your health history and current medications will be checked, and your desired outlook noted.

Then, the doctor will numb the area to be treated with topical anesthesia when you return for your session.

You can feel discomfort as the laser beam is moved over the troubled area.


Who can go for Laser Stretch Mark Removal Surgery?

So, who is a Candidate for Stretch mark removal?

The perfect candidates have a fair complexion and lighter tone or olive a bit darker skin tones.

Patients with very black or dark skin are never a good candidate for this treatment.

The stretch marks vary for every person, so there would be no treatment protocols.

Instead, the treatments are completely customized for individual patients.


New Stretch Marks Are The Easiest To Treat

The new marks will appear as the lifted red lines. Excel V laser at this point focuses on the blood vessels.

So the extensive pigmentation and redness have those better chances of improvement.

Over time, after about six months to about two years, the markings fade thinner white-ish lines will fade.

The lines are notoriously for being quite tough to improve. There are exceptions.

The laser can help with the thinning if you have thick stretched areas. From time to time, it reduces into depressed markings.

Excel V laser is the best way of regenerating healthy, smooth, and beautiful skin.

The treatment is successful in minimizing the appearance of stretched skin imperfections.

In addition, laser removal will offer the best results over the methods where the skin lesion will be removed.


Types of Laser Treatments

Stretch Mark Removal Surgery Cost

Intense pulsed light (IPL)The Intense pulsed light is used for treating several signs of aging and damaged skin.

You can also get a photo facial or photos to rejuvenate can be done, and you can check out the scars and spots that fade away during this course of treatment.

Short flashes of light are pretty similar to the camera’s flash during the IPL laser for targeting sun damage, spider veins, and rosacea.

IPL will reduce the sizes of the pores and treat acne scarring, spurring collagen production for remodeling the surface of the skin and erasing fine lines and wrinkles,

Some patients require about five treatments to check out the best results.

Always choose the best course of treatment for treating your skin concerns.

There is no discomfort during or after your treatment with IPL, and you can get right back to working with other activities with no kind of downtime.


Non-ablative fractional laser

You will be able to treat your stretch marks with topical creams, as you would probably be less than thrilled with the results.

However, the non-ablative fractions laser treatment offers some best results.

Women with fractional laser therapy on stretch marks are more pleased than those who use the cream treatment.

Fraxel laser is a non-ablative laser that is a gentler laser that will not remove the top layer of the skin.

It will stimulate collagen and elastin production helping the scars to fade and heal.

Fraxel works best on the new stretch marks as it has a great result with the older white marks like most lasers.

If you have darker skin, then laser treatments are not recommended.

Most frequently, laser treatments on darker skin tones result in hyperpigmentation or darker spots on the skin.

Laser therapy can aid in diminishing and fading scars and stretch marks on a variety of skin types and pigments quickly and safely over many weeks.

This is because the non-ablative laser will be skipping across the skin, disrupting the columns of skin cells, leaving these adjacent columns untouched so that collagen production will ramp up.


Ablative fractional laser

You can even request the ablative laser treatment for acne scarring that would not be responding to the non-ablative laser.

These would be removing the top layers of the skin, resurfacing it, and allowing these scarred areas to engage in healing.

Again, C02 lasers are better for light skin tones, while erbium lasers are best suited for darker skin tones.

The different kinds of ablative lasers used for treating stretch marks are CO2 and Erbium YAG.

The lasers will remove the outer layer of the skin, leaving new smooth skin.

They will also be triggering collagen production in your skin with the help of smoothing out the raised scars of the stretch marks.

C02 is also used for the deeper spots, while Erbium is for treating the surface stretch marks.


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How much does laser stretch mark removal cost?

Let us now look into the stretch mark removal surgery price.

Skin stretch mark treatment cost would range anywhere between $5000 to $8900 as listed by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.

The average cost of the ablative laser treatment is $2681.

The non-ablative laser treatment will cost about $1410 on average.

The following are the factors on which the costs will depend:

  • anesthetics
  • consultations
  • lab costs
  • office fees
  • post-treatment pain medications

The good news is that every treatment is relatively quick. For example, the ablative lasers will take about an hour and a half, while the non-ablative therapies will be done in about half an hour.


What’s the time cost for laser stretch mark removal? 

Laser therapy is mainly classified as a noninvasive treatment means that there are no surgical incisions that are used.

It makes the recovery time quick compared to traditional surgery. It would help if you were planning to take time off on the day to get them treated.

It depends on the type of laser that is used. The entire procedure time will last about 30 to 90 minutes.

It will not include the time that is spent on filling out the paperwork as well as the prep time before this treatment.


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Benefits of stretch mark removal surgery

Several people find these stretch mark removal creams ineffective and a complete waste of money.

You should be considering the laser stretch mark if you are looking for the ultimate treatment for your stretch marks.

It is a great treatment to fade the appearance of stretch marks.

The following are considered as a few expected benefits of opting for laser stretch mark removal.

  • The treatment will remove all kinds of stretch marks. So, for example, the red, pink, and even white color stretch marks are eliminated.
  • There is quite a little pain involved in the process of laser stretch mark removal.
  • The treatment stimulates skin healing and skin generation.
  • You need not be hospitalized before or after the laser stretch mark removal treatments.
  • It takes less recovery time.

Advanced technology has played the most important role in making this treatment more effective.

The beam of light targets the dermis and disrupts the scar tissues in these treatments.

As a result, it helps to remove the stretch mark.

The laser treatment also helps make your smooth, healthier, and smoother apart from eradicating stretch marks.



Below we share some FAQs related to Stretch Mark Removal Surgery.

1. Which stretch mark removal cream is best?

Body Merry Stretch Marks & Scars Defense Cream is the best and can be found on Amazon online.


2. Which laser for stretch mark removal?

There are ways of absorbing the cost through planning and communicating with the provider whether ablative or non-ablative laser treatment is the best for you according to your skin type.


3. Are the stretch marks permanent?

The stretch marks are permanent like any other scars, as the treatment may make them less visible.

The treatment will also alleviate the itch. Check with your doctor before treating the stretch marks if you are breastfeeding or pregnant.


4. Why will the stretch marks appear?

The stretch mark is the kind of scar that develops when our skin stretches or even shrinks quickly.

This abrupt change will cause the elastin and collagen supporting this skin to rupture. The stretch marks will appear as the skin heals.


5. Can stretch marks go away while losing weight?

The majority of stretch marks are usually caused while you are losing weight instead of when you are initially putting it on with the excess skin after rapid, massive weight loss that may cause some tearing and stretching. However, they will surely become quite visible when you shed the pounds again.


6. Are stretch marks appealing?

The stretch marks are the funniest things. A few people would love them, few hate them as they are completely normal, and the beautiful part of our bodies represents a few trim lines.


7. Are stretch marks genetic?

There is the most genetic link to these stretch marks, so you will most likely be getting them if your mother or sister ever had them.


8. Is coconut oil effective in removing stretch marks?

No, coconut oil is not effective in removing the stretch mark or any other applied product.


9. Is onion effective to clear stretch marks?

The moisturizing cream has the active ingredient extract of the onion, helping take the redness of new stretch marks.


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