Sunnyvale Veterinary Clinic Address, Hours, phone Number

Since 1955, Sunnyvale Veterinary Clinic offers a variety of animal care services to the Sunnyvale and surrounding area. This clinic is fully committed to providing exceptional care for your pets. Sunnyvale experienced staff is fully dedicated to their patients and clients.



Sunnyvale Veterinary Clinic Address/ Hours

Sunnyvale Veterinary Clinic Address

Their address include

Main Clinic

Sunnyvale Veterinary Clinic

1038 W, EI Camino Real

Sunnyvale CA 94087

Phone Number- 408 736 8296

Fax Number- 408 736 7349

Email- [email protected]


Cat Clinic

1010 W. EI Camino Real

Sunnyvale CA 94087

Phone Number- 408 736 8296

Fax Number- 408 736 7349

Email- [email protected]


Office Hours for Both

Monday to Friday

8 am to 6 pm

Saturday- 8 am to 6 pm

Sunday- Closed


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Sunnyvale Veterinary Clinic Services

This animal clinic offers completed medical and surgical services for dogs, cats, birds, and exotics pets.

Laser therapy Bird Medicine and Surgery

General medicine and surgery for cats, dogs, rabbits, and small mammals Spay & neuter


Digital Dental Radiography

Puppy Wellness

Ultrasound Senior Pet Wellness

Radiology Dog Breed DNA testing

In-House Blood testing Microchip ID Implant


Non-rejuvenated Vaccines

Reptile and amphibian medicine


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Sunnyvale Veterinary Clinic Doctors & Staff

Sunnyvale Veterinary Clinic Doctors

Their doctors and staff include

Raj Sing, DVM

Dr. Raj sing is native of Indiana. He completed his bachelor’s degree from Purdue University in 1986 and Veterinary Degree in 1990.

Raj sing also completed his master’s degree in Physiology in 1991. He and his wife is the owner of this animal clinic. They purchased this veterinary clinic in 2002.


Canine and Feline Practice

He also works with rabbits, small mammals, birds.


Christine Hanney, DVM

Dr. Hanney treats cats exclusively. Christine belongs to the Bay area. in 2002 Dr. Christine completed her veterinary degree from Virginia- Maryland Regional College. In her spare time, Dr. Christine loves reading, hiking, scuba diving, and traveling.


Tyler Smith, DVM

Dr. Tyler Birthplace is Taipei, Taiwan.

DVM Degree

California University in 2015

She normally focused on critical care in emergency practice. In November 2017 Dr. Tyler joined this animal Clinic. in her profession she loves to treat the patients and also educate the pet owners.


Andrea Sherman, DVM

Dr. Andrea native of the Bay area.

Undergraduate Degree

California University, San Diego

Veterinary Degree

Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Andrea’s special interests include surgery, Internal medicine, and Exotic animal medicine.


Julie Hermansen, DVM

Dr. Julie’s birthplace is Oroville, CA. Hermansen completed her graduation from CSU with BS in Biology.

Veterinary degree

UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 2005.


American Association of feline practitioners senior student award.

She has more than 15 years of experience.


American Association of Feline Practitioners.


Allison Coyle, DVM

Undergraduate Degree

Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo.

Veterinary Degree

UC School of Veterinary Medicine in 2020.

Dr. Allison has a professional interest in Internal medicine and Feline Practice.


Tyler Smith, DVM

Dr. Tyler belongs to Dallas, Texas. At a very young age, he is very passionate about veterinary medicine.

In 2015 Dr. Tyler completed his bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Oklahoma State University.

Dr. Tyler’s interests include Internal medicine, Preventive Care, and Surgery.


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