Superior Animal Hospital Hours, Phone Number

Since 1979, Superior Animal Hospital provides quality pet care to dogs and cats. The hospital team’s main mission is to offer exceptional, compassionate, and progressive veterinary services. Their team includes highly experienced and dedicated veterinary professionals.



Superior Animal Hospital Hours/ Phone Number

Superior Animal Hospital

The address is

36 E 2nd St (map)

Superior, WI 54880

Phone Number- 715 202 6870

Office Hours

Monday & Wednesday

8 am to 6 pm

Tuesday & Thursday

8 am to 8 pm

Friday- 8 am to 5 pm

Saturday- 8 am to 12 pm

Sunday- Closed


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Superior Animal Hospital Services

Superior Animal Hospital

They offer service include

Preventive Care Diagnostic Care
Veterinary Pet Surgery Pet Dental Services
Specialty Services

Senior Pet Care

Puppy & Kitten Care


Preventive Care

They offer services

Examinations Vaccinations
Parasite Control Microchipping
Nutrition & Weight Management Behavioral Counseling


Diagnostic Care

In-House Laboratory Early Detection Screening
Digital X-ray Ultrasound


Veterinary Pet Surgery

General and Advanced Surgery Spay and Neuter Procedure
Foreign Body Removal Orthopedic Surgery
Oncological Surgery Soft-Tissue Surgery
Oral Surgery C-Section


Pet Dental Services

Dental Disease Dental Examination
At-Home Dental Care Dental Cleaning


Laser Therapy

The benefits of laser therapy include

No anesthesia required Safe and non-invasive
Pain-Free No-side effects
Relieve Pain Reduces inflammation
Accleratiates healing Decrease neurologic Pain
Reduce Scarring Accelerates Bone regeneration
Fast and Convenient Increase Mobility and Motion


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Superior Animal Hospital Doctors

Their doctors are

1〉 Dr. Robert

Dr. Robert is a medical director of this animal hospital. His native place is Southern Wisconsin.

Veterinary Degree

Iowa State University in 1986

Veterinary Interests

General Canine, Surgery, Feline medicine, Small Mammal

Bachelor Degree

In chemistry


2〉 Jennifer Shamla

Dr. Jennifer is a co-owner of this animal hospital. From Wisconsin University Dr. Jennifer completed her undergraduate degree.

From the University of Minnesota, Dr. Jennifer completed her veterinary degree in 2000.

Professional Interests

Dentistry and General Practice


3〉 Matt Severs

DR. Matt is a native of Williams. He completed his undergraduate degree in Biology and Chemistry.

In 2015 Dr. Matt completed her Veterinary degree from Iowa State University.

Veterinary Interests

Oncology, Soft Tissue Surgery and Internal Medicine


4〉 Sarah Harwood

Dr. Sarah native of Vermont. From Macalaster College Dr. Sarah completed her Undergraduate.

In 1997 Dr. Sarah completed her veterinary degree from the University of Wisconsin- Madison.


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Dr. Sarah’s professional interests include Critical Care and Internal medicine.


5〉 Michele Severs

Dr. Michele is a native of Northern Minnesota.


College of Saint Scholastica

Veterinary degree

The University of Minnesota in 2006

In June 2006 Dr. Michele joined this Animal Hospital.

Professional Interests

Dentistry, Dermatology and Internal medicine


6〉 Kayala Lilyquist

Dr. Kayala belongs to Hermantown, MN.

Undergraduate Studies

The college of St. Scholastic

Doctor of veterinary medicine

Iowa State University in 2012

Dr. Kayala Professional interest in Orthopedic Surgery. Dermatology, abdominal ultrasound,


7〉 Betsy Madole

Dr. Betsy completed her Bachelor of Science degree at UMD.

Doctor of veterinary medicine

University of Minnesota

Professional Interests

Dentistry, Preventive care


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