Talbots Return Policy in 2023 (Updated)

A brand that is well-known for its high-quality products. They wish you to be happy. Suppose you are not satisfied with the purchase. In that case, Talbots will allow exchanges and refunds for items that have not been used, cleaned, or fragrances that are not opened with the original invoice within the first 90 days from the date of purchase, except for defective items.

However, if you don’t have receipts, the item is purchased and returned within 90 days from the purchase, and a credit is issued at the current sale price and includes all discounts and special offers. Talbots Return Policy says that Items marked in the description as Final Sale cannot be returned or exchanged.

A valid ID is required for all returns and exchanges that are not accompanied by a receipt. Talbots stores will not accept items bought through Talbots Outlet and Clearance stores. 

Talbots Gift Cards aren’t exchangeable and cannot be used or exchanged for cash or checks (unless legally required) or used to make a credit or pay for a credit card Talbots Credit Card.



An Overview of the Talbots Return Policy

An Overview of the Talbots Return Policy

As per Talbots Return Policy, if you’re not satisfied with the purchase you made at a Talbots retail store, distribution center, or outlet store, you can return the item for a refund within 60 calendar days. Anything you’d like to return must satisfy the conditions stipulated within the policy for return. The item must be:

  • Ticketed
  • Unworn, unwashed, or damaged
  • Unopened, unused, or defective


How Does Talbots Accept Returns?

It is impossible to return all kinds of Talbots merchandise to a specific location. The way and the place you purchased the item will determine where you can return it:


Easy Returns and Exchanges

Talbots Return Policy

Exchanges and returns must be completed within Talbots’ return policy parameters. Purchases made online or over the telephone can be exchanged at the nearest Talbots store. (Please keep in mind this: Talbots Outlet stores can only accept items bought through Talbots Outlet stores).

For return post:

Complete the Return Form included in your package, or attach the original box.

Store receipt.

For security reasons, be sure that there are no staples or pins left on any item or in your return envelope.

Ensure you attach the pre-paid SmartPost(r) label included with your order.

Please send it to the postal service or send it to USPS. Be aware that there is the handling cost is $6.95 will be deducted from the initial mode of payment.

The pre-paid shipping label can be used on only packages delivered from a U.S. address. There is no requirement to use the brand that is pre-paid. You can label the package yourself and send it to the recipient, insured and pre-paid, through your preferred shipping service.


What isn’t refundable

Are There Any Limitations to the Talbots Return Policy?

Not all items can indeed be returned. The criteria for eligibility are based on what they’re made of, how they were bought, and the condition in which they are. You are not allowed to return goods that do not meet one of the following conditions:

Be aware that we are unable to accept returns of underwear or masks.

Returns are completely free, and we will pay for the shipping cost. Also, please check out our SS9 (returns) in our Terms and conditions for further details on our legal rights and obligations regarding this subject.

Please be aware that we can only accept new and unopened items. We have a security tag that is unique with a number. Please be careful when trying it on, and don’t take off the security tag, which can be attached to a product using the purple string. If the security tag is taken off or damaged, you will not be able to return the item.

Any item that was specially made to order (e.g., particular order, size, re-order of the size sold out) can’t be returned.

If shoes exhibit evidence of use (e.g., in the sole) or were returned without the boxes in the original packaging, we reserve the right to deny the return. Please try the shoes on a surface with carpeting to avoid any issues.

We also request that you be extra careful when repackaging the item. Take extra attention when you fold the thing, mainly if the item is made of fragile materials.

Please do not scratch or contaminate the product. All merchandise must be returned in its original packaging, including packaging accessories or components. You may also wish to wrap the product in a second protective wrapping.

If you don’t have the original packaging anymore, We would recommend that you dress and pack the items carefully and in a manner to ensure that they are protected from damage during transport. This will help you avoid any claim for damages due to inadequate packaging.

To return the item, complete the return information sheet and return it together with the item.

  • Products that are marked as “Final Sale” when purchased
  • Washed or worn clothes
  • Used or opened items such as candles, fragrances, or candles
  • Gift cards


What is the Talbots Exchange policy?

Talbots Return Policy

To exchange (e.g., size exchanges) for exchanges (e.g., size exchanges), we request you to contact us directly to ensure that we ensure the appropriate size for you and inform you of the time frame for delivery.

Because of administrative processes and procedures, it’s impossible to complete a new transaction using an existing one because of organizational processes and procedures. It is necessary to return the defective item and then place a new order through our website.

Please be aware that we can only accept exchanges or returns from the country where the parcel was delivered. If, for example, the package was shipped to Ireland, the only way we can accept it is to take back the property coming from Ireland. 

Shipping charges will not be reimbursed in the case of a return or an exchange.

Please check the return info sheet, which is included with each invoice.

Please remember that you must bring the original invoice for the product you want to return or exchange and the completed return/exchange form, which is then placed in every package.

After having examined the item after having inspected the item, you will receive the receipt in a form that serves as proof of receipt.

Our sales staff will reach out to our online team to take care of your transaction and transfer the amount you originally paid to the payment method you used online. You will receive your credit within a couple of days and be notified via email.

If you decide to purchase a second item from our store when you buy another thing from our boutique, you’ll need to pay the purchase directly at the cashier of the boutique.



Exchanges and returns will be subject to talbot’s Return Policy here.


The return portal is a great way to ship your return with USPS and prepare your returns for dropping off at an approved location or a Talbots store. The return portal is used to make online purchases and telephone orders (with a valid email address), and orders made through the Concierge in-store.

Begin your returning process by clicking here.

Be aware that a handling and handling charge of $8.95 can be taken out of the reimbursement if you are using a pre-paid USPS label.



You can label the package by yourself and then ship it to the shipping service of your choice.



GREENCASTLE, IN 46135-7825

Include the Return Form enclosed in the package (noting the reason for returning on the reverse) or your original receipt from the store. It can take at least two cycles to allow refunds for the funds to show on your credit statement. The original shipping and handling charges are not refundable.


Talbots Return Policy for INTERNATIONAL Customers

For international customers – Talbots products purchased from the Talbot website or catalog and delivered to an address, not within the U.S. must return the product to the local store or sent it directly to our TALBOTS RETURNS address listed above. 

Contact the local customs office to obtain instructions and forms before sending your package back.


Does Talbots Offer Refunds?

You can be eligible for a full reimbursement if you satisfy a couple of requirements. If you return the product within 60 days of the purchase date, you’re eligible for full restitution to the payment method that you initially used. 

The only way to receive a refund is if you purchased the item with a gift credit, if you bought the object using the gift card, or if it was a gift.


How Long Does It Take To Receive a Refund?

Refunds on purchases made using credit cards are issued instantly and will be delayed due to the processing carried out by your financial institution. It could take between two and four weeks to see the money show on the bank’s statement. 

If you purchased the product by cash or cashier’s check, Talbots could issue the refund in the shape of corporate checks within seven to ten days.


Do You Need a Receipt?

If you have lost the receipt of an item that you’d like to return, you might be eligible for credit on the thing. You will need an official photo ID issued by the government for the return of a product that does not have a receipt. 

To be considered eligible, the product must meet the two requirements:

  • The purchase must be made within the 60 days of return
  • Original tags included.


How Do Returns Affect Style Points?

Talbots credit card customers who make returns will see their Style Points taken equally in addition to the refund. For instance, returning an item at $100 will result in an amount of 100 Style points.



Below we share some FAQs related to the question of “Talbots Return Policy”

1〉 Can I return something I bought on the internet?

The majority of online stores only accept returns for opened and unopened products. If it’s clothing, it is necessary to keep the tags on the garment to be able to return the item. Follow the directions on the website. Many online stores offer step-by-step instructions on how to process a return.


2〉 What is the deadline for returning an item I purchased on the internet?

Lawfully, when you purchase something on the internet, you are allowed fourteen days to exchange it. That’s 14 days after the moment it’s received. As per the Consumer Contracts Regulations, you have the right to view the product in its original shape and form (rather than simply taking an image) before you make your decision.


3〉 Can a Store Refuse to Give a Refund According to Federal Law?

There isn’t any federal law that requires a seller to offer a refund if the product they offer proves as defective, despite the Federal consumer protection law that the Federal Trade Commission enforces.



They’ll gladly alter the cost of an item if the price falls within 14 days of the original purchase or date of shipment. 

Talbots Return Policy says that Adjustments to fees will be following the current sale price about the original payment method or credit card unless a credit to the merchandise is preferable. Final sale purchases aren’t suitable to be adjusted in price.


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