Tamanu oil for hair & Skin: Its possible benefits (2024)

Although our skin is a bit rough on other body parts, our skin is extremely sensitive.

It becomes our initial line of defense against any invasion.

There are times when the skin uses a bit of help, and it is where oils like tamanu oil come into action.

Our post here focuses mainly on tamanu oil for hair and the benefits you can expect it to have, as it depends on what you are using it for.

Carrier oils, fragrance oils, and essential oils are a few kinds of ancient and highly natural products that are in existence today.

Humans love the use of them forever.

These oils are specifically known for interacting with our body, spirit, and mind.

There are various cultures along with the faiths having the sacred oils, set apart, and sanctified.

Let us now dive into what this oil is all about!



Benefits of Tamanu Oil for Hair & Skin 

Benefits of Tamanu oil For Hair

Tamanu oil has been believed to have the beauty and health benefits of healing wounds and delivering healthier hair for a long time.

There are several scientific research that have claimed significant benefits.

Treating acne 

According to a study, tamanu oil is derived from the five different areas of the South Pacific.

The oil is found to have exhibited higher levels of wound-healing and antibacterial activities against the strains of bacteria that are involved in acne, including the Propionibacterium acnes as well as the Propionibacteriumgranulosum.

There is evidence of the properties of being anti-inflammatory.

Combined, they can destroy the P.acnes as well as P.granulosum as the oil is beneficial in treating the swelled acne.


Removal of acne scars 

In a medical environment, tamanu oil was effectively utilized to cure scars.

Tamanu oil has been established in several scientific investigations to have wound-healing and skin-regeneration effects.

It’s been proven to enhance cell proliferation and create particular skin components, notably collagen and glycosaminoglycan (GAG), both of which are crucial for scar repair.

Tamanu oil also contains antioxidants that have since been demonstrated to be efficacious in preventing scars and acne.


Treating athlete’s foot 

It is believed that Tamanu oil is an effective treatment for the athlete’s foot, treating contagious fungal infections affecting the skin on the feet.

There is a lot of evidence that backs the antifungal properties, although the effects of tamanu oil are specifically used for treating the athlete’s foot.


Helps to prevent wrinkles 

Numerous creams, including anti-aging lotions, contain tamanu oil as an active component.

The oil is high in fatty acids that can also help keep your skin hydrated.

It also includes antioxidants, which protect the body from free radical damage.

Anti-aging effects on skin regeneration are aided by the oil’s capacity to boost collagen and GAG synthesis.

Furthermore, tamanu oil may aid in the prevention of sun-induced wrinkles.

According to a 2009 in-vitro research, the oil may absorb Energy and prevent 85 percent of DNA damage caused by UV radiation.


Helps in preventing dark spots 

There is no kind of evidence currently in existence as it shows that tamanu oil can help reduce the appearance of darker spots, although a few people are using it for this purpose.


Helps in treating dry skin 

The dryness in the skin is a common condition that is treated commonly with oil.

Tamanu oil is noted to have higher levels of fat. Therefore, it helps moisturize the skin.


Helps treat eczema 

There is research that states that tamanu oil is known for having anti-inflammatory properties.

There is more research that is required to know their role while there are individuals who are using the tamanu oil for treating inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema.


Helps to fade the stretch marks 

Most individuals try to remove stretch marks using moisturizing, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory therapies, much like they do with acne scars.

While tamanu oil possesses these qualities, there isn’t enough evidence to tell if they have any effect.


It moisturizes the skin 

Several of us require more moisture levels on hair, although we often neglect these to do since the higher levels of moisturizing products.

It is quite true if you have fine strands.

The ideal thing about this tamanu oil offers moisture that is completely weightless as it penetrates deeply into the hair’s inner cortex to moisturize it throughout the whole hair shaft.


Effective for ingrown hairs 

The ingrown hair, most of the time, becomes irritated and inflamed.

Since tamanu oil retains its anti-inflammatory healing properties since it is possible to treat ingrown hairs, it is noted to have several benefits due to its anti-inflammatory properties.


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What do you understand about Tamanu oil? 

Tamanu oil for hair

If you have been to any natural food store or a shop selling health products, then the chances are that you have come across tamanu oil earlier.

The oil is extracted from the seeds growing on an evergreen tree known as the tamanu nut tree.

Tamanu oil, along with the other parts of the nut tree, is generally used medicinally for several years by a few the cultures such as Asian, Pacific, and African.

Traditionally, individuals have understood that tamanu oil brings about many benefits to the skin.

These days, you will come across anecdotal stories regarding the use of tamanu oil on the skin.

A few studies have suggested that tamanu oil prevents the growth of tumors in cancer patients for treating vaginitis and helps reduce the symptoms in people dealing with HIV.

Specifically, tamanu oil is not blended into Western medicine.


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Types of hair that benefits from Tamanu oil 

A few specific hair ingredients work for a different type of hair that is better than the rest.

However, this is not the case with tamanu oil working over all different types of hair.

There are dry and coarse hair types that specifically benefit from penetrating the moisture along with having the soothing effects of the oil.

People are dealing with sensitive skin and delicate types of hair should be reaching out for the tamanu oil-based products to deal with their daily hair routines due to their nourishing and healing properties.


Uses of Tamanu oil 

Tamanu oil is applied directly on the skin treating health and cosmetic ailments.

They are combined with creams, as well as essential oils along with other ingredients in terms of creating your own hair and facial masks, shampoos, conditioners, and moisturizers.


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Side Effects & Precautions of Tamanu Oil 

The labels of Tamanu oil generally warn against swallowing the oil that allows it to contact the eyes.

There are companies selling tamanu oil warning against the use of it in open wounds. Always be sure to ask for the right treatment from your doctors if you have a larger wound.

Always be aware of the tamanu oil that is considered a health supplement, and it is therefore not under the regulation of the US.

Any disease can be treated and cured as the FDA backs the supplement.

As a fact, FDA has filed lawsuits against the companies in Oregon and Utah claiming the several skin benefits of the tamanu oil.

According to research, they should be contacted in case of any allergies in people.

People being allergic to tree nuts are to be avoided as they are derived from the type of tree nut.


Tamanu Oil Alternatives 

Although tamanu oil is nut oil rather than an essential oil, the following key oils can be used in place of tamanu oil.

Which one you select is determined by the impact you want to achieve.

Follow the directions carefully since certain essential oils must be combined with carrier oil without first being placed on the skin to avoid irritation.

Here are three options and what they’re doing.


Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil was already widely studied. It contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial characteristics, useful for small wounds, itching, and skin diseases, including eczema and acne.


Argan oil 

It is also known as Moroccan oil, argan oil that has been shown to bring about several benefits such as tamanu oil, including anti-aging effects, wound healing, UV protection, along with treating acne. They work effectively as a moisturizer for skin and hair.


Castor oil

Castor oil is a low-cost substitute that has many uses and advantages.

It possesses Diflucan, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, making it useful in treating fungal infections, mild skin irritation, and small cuts and abrasions.

It hydrates the eyes and scalp as well.


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Below we share some FAQs related to the Query of “Tamanu Oil For Hair & Skin”

1. Can tamanu oil be used on a daily basis?

For individuals looking for genuine tamanu oil, Gonzalez recommends this product. “It should be used as a daily cleanser to relieve dry skin all across the body or simply on the face,” she explains, adding that it can also be blended in together with makeup to give a glowy effect.


2. How quickly does tamanu oil take to start working?

Many people who have tried this oil have reported that it works for diminishing scars. However, it takes a bit of time for the benefits to appear. After almost two months of usage, you should notice an improvement in the appearance of any red acne scars.


3. How can tamanu oil lighten skin?

Tamanu oil has a richness of antioxidants that are proven to contain the capabilities of a skin-whitening formula.


4. How long would it have taken for tamanu oil to work?

Many people who attempt this oil have reported that it works for diminishing scars. However, it requires time for the benefits to appear.

After only two months of usage, you should notice an improvement in the appearance of your red acne scars.


5. What is your method for applying tamanu oil to your forehead?

Mix tamanu oil with argan or olive oil in its natural state. Warm the combination in your palms before gently massaging it into your scalp.

Smooth any residual oil over onto hair until the scalp is completely saturated.


6. Will tamanu oil help to clog pores?

It can help treat acne unlike any other comedogenic as tamanu oil will not be clogging any pores.


7. Does tamanu oil have antifungal properties?

Biological activity investigations revealed tamanu oil treatment’s skin-active properties, including microbial (antiproliferative and antimicrobial) protection, anti-inflammatory, healing, and extra-matrix cellular stimulation (production of GAG and collagen).


8. Is tamanu oil considered a heavy oil?

Tamanu oil is similar to coconut oil in that it is rich, viscous, and solidifies when exposed to cold temperatures.

It’s adaptable, and it may be used alone or in combination with other components to create DIY beauty treatments. It’s worth mentioning, though, that tamanu oil is pore-clogging.


9. Does tamanu oil require any carrier oil?

Tamanu oil is mainly nut oil but not an essential oil as the following essential oils work as alternatives to the tamanu oil.

It completely depends on the effects that you will have later.

As with a few of the essential oils that have to be diluted with the carrier oil being applied on the skin to avoid irritation you need to be sure to use them as directed.


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  • Tamanu oil for hair has been used for several centuries for treating several hair and skin conditions.
  • There is research that suggests that tamanu oil has a few properties that can work effectively in treating or healing wounds and several other skin conditions.
  • There are a few people, including those dealing with allergies to tree nuts should not use this oil.


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