Target Employee Benefits in 2024 (Weekend Pay, Christmas)

In this article, we share “Target Employee Benefits.”

Target Corporation, headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is the seventh-largest retail chain in America. It is part of the S&P 500 Index.

The retail behemoth has evolved as a friendly workplace seeking talent retention with higher staff satisfaction.

In April 2022, Target announced that it would make the hybrid style of working permanently with teams and employees given the option to decide on when to work from home and on-site office.

Melissa Kremer, Target’s human resources head, called it a move to reshape the future of work.

Target also introduced flex floors featuring desk workers to occupy various meeting spaces.

In the stock market, competitors to Target include Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Costco Wholesale, TJX Companies, Booking,, Pinduoduo, Starbucks, and AutoZone.



What are the Target Employee Benefits?

As for the benefits of employees working at Target, there are many shops.

They can get a 10 percent general discount on all items sold by Target.

There is a bigger discount of 20 percent on All In Motion activewear and equipment.

The same discount rate applies to all fresh, frozen fruits and vegetables sold.

There is a liberal incentive through debt-free or low-cost education and reimbursement of tuition and book costs.

On the healthcare front, Target employees get free access to mental healthcare programs, including Tobacco termination programs.

Regarding travel bookings through the benefits website, there is an appropriate discount.

Target explains its employee benefits as holistic and aimed at the well-being of team members with an integrated outlook covering financial, mental, and physical security. 

The eligibility for programs and benefits depends on the job position, hours worked, and span of service. 


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Is Target a good company to work for?

Target Employee Benefits (Good Company)

Applying for a job at Target is easy, and it can offer some best days in a budding career with a lot of space for learning and growing.

Target is a nice place for beginners as the starting hourly rate is $15, and a hike can be expected.

Managers and workers work with harmony and team spirit. 

The schedule change is managed without hassles via an internal app.

It also gives the flexibility to notify your inability to work on a day, allowing others to accept the shift. 

The staffer can also ask other team members if they can do the shift. There are fabulous team member benefits. 


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Do Target employees get discounts?

Yes, Target offers liberal discounts on its products to staff members.

There is a 10 percent team member discount on all merchandise, with an extra 20 percent discount on wellness items.


Do Target employees get free Starbucks?

There are many Target stores with in-house Starbucks outlets where employees can get a 10 percent discount.

In short, Target maintains a pro-employee work atmosphere with several benefits to enjoy. 


Does Target pay extra on weekends plus holiday pay?

In a strategy to manage the staffing crunch in retail, Target offers certain employees an additional $2 per hour for certain weekends and holidays during the busy holiday season. 

Many hourly workers in stores, service centers, and certain headquarters employees will get a pay hike for work on Saturdays and Sundays. 


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Does Target give a Christmas bonus?

Target Employee Benefits on Christmas

Yes, Target and many of its subsidiary companies, like Shipt, have holiday bonus plans for its busy employees. The bonus is calculated based on the number of orders executed. 

Accordingly, contract workers with more than 50 completed orders in November and December are eligible for a one-time bonus.

Target has also announced bonuses for hourly employees at customer contact centers in the United States.

Target has also been offering $500 blanket bonuses to all hourly teams in stores, headquarters, field offices, and distribution centers as a token of gratitude for wrapping up a better business year.

Target Corporation pays an average of $4,007 in annual employee bonuses. Target Corporation’s bonus pay ranges from $1,011 to $15,445 annually. 

Employees with the designation Lead Software Engineer get the highest bonuses, with an average annual bonus of $15,445. Staffers with the name Retail Manager have the lowest bonuses averaging $1,011 annually.


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How many sick days do you get at Target?

Sick leave with pay is open to every one according to the merit of the cases. According to an insider, paid sick leave depends on the doctor’s recommendation regarding resuming normal work.

An ex-warehouse worker says there is no sick leave per se. It must be pre-approved. Missing three days in 90 days will call for a write-up. As long as there is a valid proof, all sick leave requests will be accommodated. 


How flexible is Target with hours?

Target’s working hours are flexible. For flexible staff, different hours will be allocated, but availability is checked. The flexible schedule helps to clock in maximum working hours.

The hours can vary within weeks. In some, it can be 20-24 while other weeks range in the 12-16 hours band.


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