Tempur Pedic Return Policy in 2024 (Mattress, Pillow)

This article will explain the Tempur Pedic Return Policy in detail.

Tempur Pedic offers customers an easy-to-use return policy so they can be completely satisfied and happy with their purchase from Tempurpedic.

The customers get a 30-night trial period for the mattresses.

They will be able to quickly check the quality of the Mattress by using it for 30 nights.

If, after using it, they do not like the Mattress, the company promises to take back the Mattress and initiate a full refund for you. 

Tempurpedic is a famous manufacturer of mattresses and pillows made from viscoelastic foam.

The company was set up in 1992.

This company’s headquarters is situated on the Coldstream ResearchCampus, Lexington, Kentucky, in the United States.



What is Tempur Pedic Return Policy? 

Tempurpedic promises to offer you a quality mattress that will help you to have a sound sleep.

You will be able to get your best night’s sleep by holding the hands of Tempurpedic.

They always produce quality products by using premium quality materials.

They never compromise the quality of the product. 

If you still face any issues, they will stand by you by providing a customer-friendly return policy known as the Tempur Pedic Return Policy.

It offers you a 30-night free trial period to feel comfortable with your mattresses.

They understand your choice and issue. That is why you can return your Mattress if unsatisfied with it. 


Tempur Pedic Return Policy for Mattresses

Tempur Pedic Return Policy for Mattresses

95% of customers are completely satisfied with their purchase of mattresses from Tempurpedic.

They want to make you feel comfortable with your Mattress.

That is why they offer a 90-night trial period.

You may use the mattress fit for 30 nights.

If you do not feel comfortable with your Mattress after the first 90 nights, you may contact them at 800-821-6621.

You will be able to tell them your issues.

If they fail to make you happy, they will take your Mattress back and issue a refund with a small shipping charge.

If you feel comfortable after the 90 nights, you may stay out of tension and have a sound sleep as your Mattress is protected from product defects by their 10-year limited warranty on mattresses. 


Tempur Pedic Return Policy for Foundations, TEMPUR-Ease, TEMPUR-Ergo

Tempur-pedic does not allow you to make a return for foundations, Tempur-Ease, and Tempur-Ergo.

They guarantee the quality of the product.

Also, they have a convenient warranty period.

These products have a 3-year complete part and labor warranty with a 25-year limited warranty on the frame.

As soon as you face any issues with your power base, you may call them at 800-821-6621.

You will be able to talk to the Tempur-Pedic specialists at the manufacturer.

They are always available to answer all your queries, whether simple questions or warranty-related issues. 


Tempur Pedic Return Policy for In-store Purchase

Tempur Pedic Return Policy for In-store Purchase

Tempur Pedic offers you a 30-night trial period for your Mattress.

If you do not like the Mattress for the first 90 nights, you may call them at 800-821-6621 to tell your issues to customer service.

They will take back your Mattress if you are not happy with it.

You will also get a refund by providing a very small amount of shipping charges. 


Tempur-Pedic Return Policy for Accessories like Pillows, Bed Frames

Tempurpedic only allows returning accessories like pillows, bed linens, bed frames, mattress toppers, travel, and home products if the item is damaged at the time of delivery or there is a defect. They offer a warranty for each product, so your Purchase does not go to waste. 


Can a Tempur Pedic mattress be defective?

Tempur Pedic Return Policy

Yes, a Tempur Pedic mattress can be defective. Tempurpedic offers a 10-year warranty for the new Mattress. So they are bound to repair or replace your Mattress if it is defective. 


What is the average life of a Tempur Pedic mattress?

The average life span of a Tempurpedic mattress is up to 6 years. But an expensive and higher-quality Tempurpedic Mattress has a life span of 8-10 years, whereas a lesser quality Tempurpedic mattress can last for 5-8 years. 


What happens to returned Tempur mattresses?

All the returned Tempurpedic mattresses are recycled and repurposed as material for the home furnishings, along with the rebound carpet padding. Some selected returned mattresses are donated to various charitable organizations. But Tempurpedic does not resell the returned mattresses. 


Final Words

To have a sound sleep, you must find a good quality mattress. Tempur Pedic is such a kind of Mattress. To return a Tempur Pedic mattress that you have purchased directly from the company, you will get 90 days from the date of purchase. If you have purchased the Mattress from the company itself, you may return it through a flagship store, online, or by phone. 


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