The Brick Return Policy in 2024 (Updated)

The Brick is a famous Canadian retailer. They mainly sell mattresses, furniture, appliances, and electronics.

If you purchase any furniture, mattress, appliances, or electronics from the Brick but are not satisfied. You can easily return it by knowing the Brick Return Policy.



The Brick Return Policy

The Brick Return Policy

We value your satisfaction, and it is essential to us! If you’re unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us within seven business days of delivery.

We’ll be delighted to assist in making a single selection of a different product.

We will credit the purchase cost of the product and the extended warranty during the Satisfaction Guarantee period to the new product. 

The Brick Return Policy for Sealed Box

If the item is inside its sealed box, we will reimburse you the purchase cost and extend the warranty when you return the item in the first seven days after receiving it.

The Brick can’t apply the Satisfaction guarantee on the floor model, one-time purchase, ready-to-assemble, and unique order.

The Brick automatically adds Delivery costs to the purchase you made.

At any point, all deposits are refundable before the delivery or pickup of the product.

They are issued to the same credit or debit card the deposit was made with.

Cash deposits or debit cards when the cardholder does not exist are reimbursed by cheque and sent in 14 days to the person who made it.

Deposits made on Special Orders are not refundable when the manufacturer delivers the product.


The Brick Return Policy for Damaged Items

The Brick Return Policy Damage items

Damaged items must be reported within three days from the date of receipt of the item(s).

For the warranty to take place, the item must have been used for the intended purpose by normal usage. 

Damages caused by mistakes, negligence, accidents, or discoloration caused by sunlight, excessive wear and tear, or fading or shrinkage in any fabric, or if it is intended for commercial use are not covered by the warranty.

The Brick reserves the right to reject returns and charge fees if the item is not equipped with manuals, remotes, etc., or to charge an additional restocking fee.


Get your product in perfect condition.

The Brick offers a one-year warranty on most of its products.

The Brick will provide one if the manufacturer does not offer a one-year warranty.

The Brick extended their warranty on most of their selling product.

They offer plans like the Protection Plus plan or Full Circle extended warranty.

If your returned product is in its original sealed packaging, then we will accept your return.

Before authorizing a return, The Brick reserves the right to request a product evaluation.

Brick’s main aim is to provide the best value to its customers.

That’s why they source the highest quality products from all over the globe. We will gladly assist you if your product arrives damaged or in poor condition within 48 hours. 

Only the same product will be accepted for replacement.

No replacement or repair will be made for any damages or defects caused by negligence, misuse, accidents, or other causes. 

Once the product packaging has been removed, or your product is in an open condition, with the exceptions noted for mattresses/boxsprings and home decor accessories, we cannot offer refunds or reselections.

You could return a Brick SOFI exclusive product within 30 days if you purchased it.

The product must be in “like-new” condition. You can return the product to any Brick store.

There will be a pickup/delivery charge if you require our fleet team to pick it up.


The Brick Return Policy for Pillow & Mattress

The Brick Return Policy for Pillow

We offer a 90-day return policy if you are unsatisfied with your new sleep pillows.

We would offer the same 1-time reselection if you purchased a mattress protector and your sleep set.

This is up to 180 days after the date your mattress set was picked up or delivered.

We’ll give you in-store credit if your mattress selection is lower value.

It can take some time to adjust to a new set of mattresses.

It might take longer to adjust to a new mattress set if your old mattress did not provide enough support.

We ask that you use your new mattress set for at least 21 days before reselecting.

We will gladly assist you if you are unhappy with your selection after 21 days.

Note: Your first set of sleep sets is eligible for free delivery if purchased with Brick Visa Desjardins.

All mattress set reselections are subject to delivery charges.

The 90-day or 180-day sleep satisfaction guarantee does not apply to floor models and Assis products.


The Brick sets some Satisfaction Guarantee conditions.

In particular order items, open furniture, appliances, or electronics, satisfaction guarantees do not apply.

Bedding accessories like sheets, mattresses, and pillows are not returnable for hygiene reasons.

All of these products are considered final sale products. You can refer to your product warranty card if you need more information.

They don’t want any credit delivery charges. Delivery charges will apply for your selection.

Satisfaction guarantees do not apply to commercial or builder-contract pricing.


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