Tire Rack Return Policy in 2023 (Tire, Wheels, Damage)

Tire Rack has a unique consumer-friendly Tire Rack Return Policy so that the customers can shop with Tire Rack without having any confusion in their minds. 

There is a big question – why are people searching for a return policy? The return policy lets a customer shop without the tension of wasting their money. It may have happened that a customer may dislike a product after investing money in it. The return policy helps the customer get their cash back if they return the item to the brand.

Tire Rack is a privately held company that is popular for selling tires, wheels, and car accessories. It is headquartered in South Bend, Indiana, in the U.S. Peter Veldman founded this company in 1979.



What is the Tire Rack Return Policy? 

Tire Race accepts all returns within 30 days from the date of delivery. The product must be unused, and it should not be driven on. 

If the distribution center picks up the return, you will get an immediate return or exchange on the same day they are picked up. They will review your returns before giving you an exchange or a refund. Per the Tire Rack Return policy, processing your refund may take 2-3 business days.


Essential steps in Tire Rack Merchandise Return Procedure 

Tire Rack Return Policy Return Procedure

The steps for the Tire Rack merchandise return procedure are as follows: 

● You must inspect the package to check if there is any damage once you get the delivery. If any item has arrived without packaging or found any damage without removing the package, you should refuse the delivery. 

● You must check the package after opening if there is any damage or if you have received the same product. 

● If any damage is found, you should not install or dispose of the packaging materials. Otherwise, the company will not accept your claim for the damage. 

● You must call 88-981-3953 to inform customer service about the damage.

● You must take a return authorization number from them, and they will instruct you on how to repack the items. 


Wheel Packaging Instructions for Tire Rack Return 

If you want to return wheels, you have to call 888-981-3953 to get your return authorization number. You have to follow the wheel packaging instructions that are given below for Tire Rack Return: 

● You need to remove lug nuts or bolts and discard them. Your package may be damaged if there is loose hardware. 

● You have to secure the center cap on the wheel or in an individual package and seal it with tape properly. 

● You need to place a foam sheet over the face of the wheel to protect the wheel from cardboard chafing. 

● The wheel must be returned in two boxes. You may call for new packaging material if required. 

● If you are returning two wheels in a single box, you must place good and protective cardboard between the wheels. 

● You must remove any stakes that may scratch the wheel. 

● There should be no damage to the box, and the flaps must be secured. 

● Then, you have to ask them for a return authorization number, which should be written outside the box. Shipping labels or UPS call tags must be attached to the package. 

● The copy or RA is to be placed in the box. 

● Then ship the package. 


Tire Rack Return Policy for Tire & Wheels 

Tire Rack Return Policy for Tire & Wheels 

To make a return for tire & wheels, you must call customer service at 888-981-3953 to get a return authorization number. The original stopping must be attached to the product. Each tire or wheel must be labeled with your return address and Tire Rack’s address. The packing slip and return authorization number must be taped properly on the tire. 


Tire Rack Return Policy for Wheel and Tire Package

● You have to remove lug nuts or bolts and discard them. The wheel can be damaged if there is loose hardware in the package. 

● The center caps must be secured with tape. Otherwise, it may damage a wheel’s finish. 

● You have to place a foam sheet on the face of the wheels and layer all cardboard bounds. Then you need to wrap them tightly with tape.

● On the package, you must attach the address’s shipping or UPS Return service label. 

● You must take a return authorization number. You have to with RA# on the address label on every package. 

You must place a copy of the printed return authorization form with your shipment. 


Tire Rack Return Policy for Canadian Customers 

If you have received a damaged product, any item missing from your package duties and taxes will not be charged up to re-shipping. You need to ask for a return authorization number and the details on the return information.

Canadian PST, duties & taxes will not be refunded on items returned for reasons other than those mentioned above. 


Tire Rack Return Policy for Damaged or Faulty Items 

If you have received a damaged or faulty item, contact their customer service at 888-981-3953. They will report the damage to the shipper and arrange a replacement or exchange for the product. You must reach the damaged item in the original package.



You must read this article to know more about the Tire Rack Return Policy. If you have any slight doubts, you can keep them away by reading this article.


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