TJ Maxx Payroll in 2024 (Payment Schedule, Employee Salary)

Before you start somewhere, you should always try to get some information about that place from an existing or former employee.

In the case of TJ Maxx, knowing about the work, their salary, and the process to access your payroll-related information is quite important.

As TJ Max is a multinational clothing company, that’s why all around the world, thousands of employees are there every day.

In the US alone, TJ Maxx has more than 1000 stores, so when a place is this popular among customers, then you should read this TJ Maxx Payroll article to get useful information.



How to access my TJ Maxx Payroll information?

TJ Maxx Payroll

Well, TJ Maxx is a multinational company and is available in major countries. So if you are looking for information about your payroll as a TJ Maxx employee, they have a very easily accessible process.

If you are from Canada, you can easily use TJX Oracle Ultipro through your phone or laptop to access all the necessary information you need.

But if you are from the US, then they don’t follow an associates page in Canada but still straightforward.

So to know about your payroll information and any other information related to the Employees, you have to log in to the TJ Maxx associates page or directly click on the link

There, you have to enter your registered TJ Maxx name and four-digit AIN number; after, you can open your associate page to access and see your payroll information schedules, etc.

If you are facing any issues with your account, contact 1-866-573-3233.


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What is the payment schedule for TJ Maxx employees?

Having a will to maintain a proper pay schedule is something that keeps the employee motivated toward work.

So that’s why if you are working at TJ Maxx, keep the will simple and keep the employees motivated; the payment happens every week on Friday, and the next day on Saturday, your work period will renew.

So based on your working hours all over the week, you get paid, and if you are working at the corporate part of TJ Maxx, then the system may not be the same, but the per-hour work will still get counted.


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Is Tj Maxx have an employee discount program?

Generally, most companies provide employee discount programs for their employees, and following the same rule TJ Max also provides their customers with employee discounts on their products.

So as an employee, for each purchase, you’ll get a 10% employee discount, and On special occasions, the discount can increase from 15% to 20%, but those days are very rare.


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Types of Employee Work in TJ Maxx and their Salaries

TJ Maxx Payroll for employee

TJ Maxx is one of the biggest departmental chains, and there are hundreds of work positions available at the company, and thousands of employees work there every day. So let’s find out the employees’ work and salaries at TJ Maxx.

1〉 Retail work,

Based on your qualifications, you can apply for the job at TJ Maxx as

A retail manager with a salary of $11.23 per hour and around $46,945 yearly.

General manager with a salary of $141,650 annually and $60 per hour.

Assistant store manager with a $56,500 annual income and $28.20 per hour.

Operation manager around $49,000 annually, and hourly income is $22


2〉 Distribution work,

Stocker earns at TJ Maxx Around $10.69 hourly and $25,150 annually.

Warehouse associates with $14.70 per hour of work and $30,000 annually.

Warehouse supervisor with a salary of $38,499 annually and $20

The market analyst has a salary of $43,242 annually and $21.64 per hour of work.



3〉 IT segments,

If you have the qualifications, then,

As a Senior network engineer, it’s $90,278 for an annual salary and $45.15 per hour of work.

Software architect with a salary of $98,000 annually and $43.74 for each hour.


4〉 Corporate work,

Accountants with a salary structure of $13.83 per work and $36,345 annually

Managed project engineer with a salary of $68,601 annually and $34 hourly.

These are a few major positions of work from different departments mentioned here; apart from that, there are so many other positions that you can work for at TJ Maxx, but you have to search for them.


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What benefits does TJ Maxx offer to employees?

TJ Maxx Payroll & Employee benefits

TJ Maxx has so many benefits for the employees that they can have all the security they require. So

At first, the employees get health insurance; through this, you can cover their prescriptions and many other things, but health insurance is only available for full-time employees.

TJ Maxx offers dental and pet insurance for your pets’ treatment, medication, etc.

Then TJ Maxx has flexible work hours for full-time and part-time employees.

Based on your comfortable work schedule and timing, you can choose your preferred, that you earn after you work at TJ mode for a while. And then apply for paid time off.

What employees like about TJ Maxx is its generous snacks-giving system.

Tj Maxx loves to pamper the employees, so they always raise some tax for the working employees.

Also, TJ Maxx offers around 10% employee benefits for shopping at TJ Maxx.

Keeping all these major options aside, you can always keep extra bonuses such as weakly bonuses or monthly bonuses, etc.

Then to support the employees TJ Maxx Day Care for kids through which the employees don’t have to worry about leaving their kids behind at home alone.

And also, to think about retirement plans, TJ Maxx is the best.

So these are some major benefits you can get from TJ Maxx by working there.


Does TJ Maxx offer paid holidays?

TJ Maxx has the best services for both part-time and full-time employees.

If the holiday is like Christmas or any other special day like this, then the holidays are paid.

But if you ask for paid time off, you can easily get that, but before applying for paid time off, you should work there for a while.