Top 15 TJ Maxx Similar Companies (Updated in 2024)

TJ Maxx is the most highly-famed chain of retail stores in the United States, selling items at cost-effective prices compared to similar companies and retailers.

It is spread across the entire US with over 1,000 outlets making it one of the massive apparel retailers in the country.

So, you may often wonder about TJ Maxx similar companies, and we have the answer enlisted here in this post for you!

TJ Maxx is renowned for selling shoes and clothing for men, women, and children, along with selling baths and cosmetic items, toys, accessories, and home décors products such as cooking appliances and furniture. The orders generally take about 5 to 10 business days to deliver through daily deliveries.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, then they also have 30 30-day return policy behind their purchase with the registered invoice for a refund or exchange through the original mode of payment. Each TJ Maxx location sells clothing, shoes, fragrances, bags, and cosmetics through authentic designer brands.

TJ Maxx is a renowned, respected retailer with great internet access.



Top 15 TJ Maxx Similar Companies 

We have performed an intense and extensive amount of research for our post today for enlisting companies similar to TJ Maxx, offering you a massive range of bargains and selections.

The stores are amazing, and yet they are bargaining retail outlets that will not create a hole in your pocket.

So let us look into the main topic of discussion for stores like TJ Maxx!

1〉 Nordstrom Rack 

TJ Maxx Similar Companies Nordstrom

Nordstrom Rack ranks the highest in our list of TJ Maxx-like stores, although they have some of the best closest competition.

It is an off-cost departmental outlet company in the US that was formed in 1973 as a branch of the high-end retail store Nordstrom.

Consumers across the United States and Canada can get their branded clothing and accessories for men, women, and children at great discounts at the Nordstrom Rack.

As a consequence, you can avail about 70% discounts out there. It has some premier apparel, accessories, and unmatched cosmetic collections.

You should surely check them out since they are known for their uniqueness and great money worth.

Number of Employees: 62,000

Average Annual Sales: $564 million


2〉 Sierra 

TJ Maxx Similar Companies Sierra

Sierra retailers aim mainly to supply top-notch items of great quality required by people who are out around nature.

They do not have one store outlet, and they sell tens of thousands of materials globally.

All you need can be purchased here at a considerable amount of prices, reputed brands, and cheaper costs.

Each of the orders for $89 and above can avail of free delivery.

They are not yet shipping abroad. However, they are planning to get it done sooner.

You can check out the massive discounts they offer at great costs.

It serves as the one-stop retail shop to avail a plethora of items such as clothing, footwear, and accessories.

Number of Employees: 1,000

Average Annual sales: $25-100 million


3〉 Ross Stores 

TJ Maxx Similar Companies Ross

A customer who visits Ross Stores enjoys the well-organized and simple shopping experience that the shoppers love.

Check out the website of Ross Store or head out to the retail shop near your location to benefit from the amazing discounts on the top brands and the variety of styles they have in their offerings. Ross Dress for Less stands to its name, and it offers some greatest deals on the latest fashion apparel, home décor items, shoes, and more.

The company now operates with over 1600 outlets spread across 40 states in the US.

Ross has become the giant for selling discounted clothing and home fashion across the states.

It is a great alternative to the TJ Maxx store; therefore, make sure to check them out for some great pricing and bargains on your favored styles.

Number of Employees: 88,100

Average Annual sales: $14,984 million


4〉 Burlington 


Burlington was once remembered as Burlington Coat Factory, and it is a US-based national discounted retailer department store.

It is yet another store similar to TJ Maxx for buying a massive range of actual inventories.

The store has a massive range of clothing, purses, household goods, and even pet products.

It consists of over 500 locations spread across 44 US states.

You will be eligible for free delivery from Burlington’s official eCommerce website if your total purchase order is $35 or more.

You can also get hold of designer handbags and some genuine leather products. Also, check out their incredible costs and offerings.

Number of Employees: 40,000

Average Annual sales: $802 million


5〉 Target 

TJ Maxx Similar Companies Target

Target Corporation is considered one of the massive American retailers with its headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

It is the 8th of the largest retailers in the US, and it has a plethora of shopping sections.

We will check out the clothes sector since it is yet another beautiful place to head out if you search for recent trends and discounted pieces.

You can select from Drive Up or Order Pickup and enjoy free standard delivery on purchases over $35 or same-day delivery.

Target is noted to produce its clothes across several countries, including India, China, the United States, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, which adds to its reach of alternatives.

Look through their best bargains and costs, which you will not find elsewhere.

It is considered the finest shopping destination in the US.

Number of Employees: 409,000

Average Annual sales: $104.6 billion


6〉 Saks Fifth Avenue 

Saks Fifth Avenue 

Saks Fifth Avenue is considered the most luxurious shopping departmental store and is mainly not a competitor to TJ Maxx.

It is considered a globally renowned shopping destination allowing people to express themselves through exciting and current clothing.

The store has made its mark out of the competition in terms of offering some great online and in-store shopping experiences.

You can head out to their store and explore what they have for you.

The professionals noted that it is a great destination to purchase since the items are well worth every penny!

Number of Employees: 12,000 

Average Annual sales: $1.41 billion


7〉 DDS Discounts 

TJ Maxx Similar Companies DDS Discount

DDS Discount is generally owned by Ross store, having a network of retail stores with off-priced departmental stores offering great savings on their bed & bath, clothing, home décor products, and more. It is a prominent store that has gained some great feedback from its clients.

You should never miss to check them out and buy the things that suit you, and it comes as no wonder that the name mainly refers to the deep discounts they have in their offerings. You can also check out their official e-commerce website for purchasing products online!

Number of Employees: 1783

Average Annual sales: $139,749


8〉 Dillards 

TJ Maxx Similar Companies Dillards

Dillards is considered the most prestigious department store chain based in the United States in Little Rock, Arkansas, with about 282 shops spread across 29 states.

You can find some amazing stock here regarding apparel, dresses, shoes, cosmetics, bedding, and more. They are ranked about 12th among the websites of Department stores.

Customers can enjoy shopping here since they offer bag-full deals a great variety of apparel and a great customer experience with seamless shopping both in-store and online.

You should never fail to check them out since they are bagging some great offers and sales.

Number of Employees: 40,000

Average Annual sales: $6.624 billion


9〉 Bloomingdale’s 


Bloomingdale’s is noted as one of the most prominent departmental outlet stores in the US, established for 150 years.

It also is known for selling some top-notch premier inventories across various departments.

You can even find the highly famed trends that are best for the season apparel, cosmetics, skincare products, and more, as it is famous for its top beauty brands.

Their main store is located in New York, which is the famous one as they have their locations scattered over several states.

You may even check out their stock for a massive range of products.

Number of Employees: 7,664

Average Annual sales: $1.072 billion


10〉 Kohl’s 

TJ Maxx Similar Companies Kohls

Kohl’s Corporation is a retailer of retail stores across the United States.

As of December 2021, it was the world’s largest retail chain in the country, with 1,162 locations in every region except Hawaii.

Kohl’s provides free shipping, quick returns, and unbelievable discounts on clothes, footwear, toys, home furnishings, appliances, and electronics every day. Kohl’s vision is to encourage and motivate families to live happy lives; that is just another great reason to shop there.

Number of Employees: 110,000

Average Annual sales: $8 billion


11〉 Five Below 

Five Below

Five Below is considered a globally reckoned rapidly-developing bargain store with top-notch goods that teens can enjoy, and everything is priced between the range of 1-5 dollars. You can also avail yourself of some best-buy-for products that go beyond $5.

There are various locations for the Five Below stores scattered across power, lifestyle, and community regions.

Five Below is noted to have been founded in 2002 and based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with over 1200 stores across 40 states and a massive range of products at some great price ranges.

You can check them out online and even in-store to avail some great specials and bargains.

Number of Employees: 16,600

Average Annual sales: $2.848 billion


12〉 Amazon 


Amazon is a multi-technology organization headquartered in Seattle, Washington, that specializes in e-commerce, cloud technology, and multimedia streaming, including machine learning. This Corporation sells books, entertainment, film, furnishings, equipment, toys, and a range of other things either directly or through intermediaries.

According to this article, Amazon sells low-cost footwear, clothes, and trendy accouterments for men, women, and children. Of course, we’re all familiar with Amazon and everything it has to offer, such as Prime membership benefits, prime video, audio, and entertainment, among other things.

Number of Employees: 1.1 million

Average Annual sales: $386.064 billion


13〉 Big Lots 

TJ Maxx Similar Companies Big Lots

Big Lots is a shop offering home essentials and is noted as one of America’s most famous wrapped-up merchants.

The store is noted to sell items that help people enhance their living surroundings by customizing their homes.

In almost every category and season, you will find the right apparel, décor, and furnishings, as they are committed to offering some great service, great value, and cost-effective solutions. It also consists of higher-cost items; therefore, make sure that you check them out!

Number of Employees: 22,900

Average Annual sales: $6.15 billion


14〉 Macy’s

TJ Maxx Similar Companies Macys

Macy’s is a renowned American departmental store business that was established in 1858 by Rowland Hussey Macy.

They sell an almost massive variety of goodies, including women’s, men’s, and children’s apparel, cosmetics, home furnishings, and other items.

As noted by the reports, it is an amazing store where people love to shop, and the reason behind you visiting them in-person or online during your spree is quite recommended.

Number of Employees: 130,000

Average Annual sales: $8.67 billion


15〉 Urban Outfitters 

TJ Maxx Similar Companies

Urban Outfitters, headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a multimillion-pound luxury business.

It sells outfits, apparel, accessories, and apartment furnishings.

It primarily targets teens and young adults for sales and profits.

They may stimulate and track client feedback regularly throughout their social media platforms.

To be completely credited towards the payment method, returns should be completed within 30 days of the order’s delivery date.

Check out their great deals and offers; it’s a great place to shop.

Number of Employees: 24,000

Average Annual sales: $311 million


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Frequently Asked Question 

Below we share some FAQs related to the question “TJ Maxx Similar Companies”

1. Who are TJ Maxx’s competitors?

Home Goods, Marshalls, Macy’s, Ross Capital, and Saks Fifth Avenue are among TJ Maxx’s competitors.


2. What are the names of stores like TJ Maxx?

Because it is undoubtedly their closest competition, Nordstrom Rack comes out on top of the list of retailers similar to TJ Maxx.


3. What other store is comparable to Marshalls?

Stores including Nordstrom Rack as well as Bloomingdales Outlet are among Marshalls’ major competitors.


Concluding thoughts 

So, today we have shared a complete list of TJ Maxx similar companies with you. We have researched a lot and curated this list to offer you significant help with your shopping. Go through our post and enjoy shopping!


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