TJ Maxx Vs Marshalls (Updated 2024)

You are possibly quite well aware if you have ever had a chance of being at Marshalls or TJ Maxx stores during the checkout time.

When your cart consists of several three-wick candles, Adidas sneakers, some type of fruit-shaped bag of gummies, or oversized bath towels.

None of the materials are required by anyone.

You instantly need to own it by checking out the dramatically cheaper price tags. So, our post today focuses mainly on TJ Maxx Vs Marshalls.

There is no type of judgment involved in things that you select as you are aimlessly wandering about the aisles, but the real truth is that both stores are identical.

These two stores stand way apart considering the discounts and goods.

We surely have the answer, but initially, let us check out a bit of history.

Marshalls opened up their doors for the very first time in 1956.

The brand had stores across 42 states, including Hawaii, by 1993, since Alfred Marshall gathered a group of like-minded businessmen together to open up a “Brand For Less” approach.

TJX is considered a company based in Massachusetts that launched its first store, TJ Maxx, in 1977.

TJ Maxx bought out Marshalls, which was their largest competitor, in 1995.

TJX Stores are also the owners of Sierra, HomeGoods, and Homesense.

The stores are noted to consist of different commodities and have entirely different layouts of the stores, although the buyers for both TJ Maxx and Marshalls are identical.



What to know about TJ Maxx Vs Marshalls? 

TJ Maxx Vs Marshalls

The product selection varies a bit during 2024, although TJ Maxx and Marshalls are owned by the same parent company.

Marshalls is offering extensive products across the men’s Department, while TJ Maxx sells way more accessories.

Marshalls and TJ Maxx are extremely comparable, while both are offering savings of about 60% off their retail prices, considering the product pricing.

Continue going through our post today if you wish to know more about TJ Maxx and Marshalls, the differences between the stores, the time when TJ Maxx attained Marshalls, and more!


How same are TJ Maxx and Marshalls? 

Both Marshalls and TJ Maxx fall under the umbrella of the same parent organization, Massachusetts-based TJX, which is also the owner of the brands in Canada and Europe.

The first baby of TJX was TJ Maxx, having been launched in 1977, right 21 years after its competitor Marshalls hung by its shingle.

However, TJX was surely able to acquire Marshalls in 1995, as noted by the NY Times.


The Real Difference between TJ Maxx & Marshalls

TJ Maxx Vs Marshalls

Marshalls, TJ Maxx’s main competitor, was purchased by TJ Maxx in 1996.

TJ Maxx, as well as Marshalls, have the same buyers, but the stores have been set out differently and feature different items.

You’ll note that Marshalls has a mini-shoe section with the exhibit shoe on top and several sizes beneath.

Marshalls is the place to go if you still need footwear for the whole family!

Marshalls also offers a section named “The Cube,” where the most fashionable things may be found.


Marshalls can differentiate itself from TJ Maxx with a complete footwear line for the family after expanding their men’s Department.

They are also known for featuring The CUBE, which is a specific department meant for juniors.

In reality, Marshall’s inventory of shoes, specifically the athletic men’s designer brands like Nike Jordans, is extremely amazing the store is where the “shoe flippers” usually head out to score discounts after reselling their products on eBay, Mercari, or Poshmark for some good profits.

Shoe MegaShop

It offers a variety of seasoning shoes for the whole family with the latest styles that arrive several times a week. They are known for arranging them according to the style with specific sizes that are found under every display.


Men’s Department

It consists of a massive selection of suits for men, with sports coats as well as the latest trending records.


The Cube

The Department for Juniors is similar to the boutique that is within the store.

It is the perfect one for young women who appear trendy yet with sophisticated styles. The Cube generally consists of the featured items across every Department in the stores that have been arranged by their style instead of the size, fancying themselves as the one-stop-shop.


TJ Maxx 

TJ Maxx Vs Marshalls

TJ Maxx, in the meanwhile, is where you will come across the fashionistas who refer to them being the #maxxonistas.

TJ Maxx is extremely prominent for its designer jewelry across a few locations, such as The Runway at Maxx, a top-end designer section.

Even Celebrities like Sia, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, as well as Prince Harry are spotted shopping together among the other discounter’s aisles.

Women’s Shoes Only

There is always something for each woman across every occasion specializing in women’s shoes.


Expanded Accessories Department

It includes their fine jewelry with 14-kt gold, semiprecious stones, sterling silver, watches, and sunglasses.


The Runway

The top-notch designer fashions and accessories at the TJ Maxx prices include Gucci, Coach, Versace, and many more.


Does low price come with low quality? 

TJ Maxx Vs Marshalls

It is not so. Less than 5% of the clothing is being sold at either of the stores considered the “second-rate” items.

In reality, if the clothing has any type of defect, then the item can be easily labeled as such. In this manner, you can rest assured about the quality of the products with the overall comparison of the similar ones you can find at the departmental stores.

So, how can they offer such huge discounts? Let us check out the few ways that the TJX family, with its retail stores, is offering consistent discounts for about 30 to 50% of the retail prices!

The buyers can purchase items constantly as well as at the last minute.

It means that they can easily restore their stores with 10,000 new items every week, with most of the department stores placing their orders in advance for five to six months.

These are generally last-minute purchases allowing their buyers to come in a month before the new season’s arrival, making them deal easily with the major manufacturers.

Misorders are taken advantage of by TJX buyers. For example, suppose a maker unintentionally used silver buttons instead of the specified bronze fasteners on a designer jacket.

In that case, it is still a designer garment with no flaws in the craftsmanship. It just wasn’t produced to the designer’s exact specs. Buyers hurry in and make bids at a lower price.

Marshalls, as well as TJ Maxx, do not market name-brand items. Therefore they are not required to pay for advertising.

The open shop layout lowers merchandising costs.


Items That You Should Avoid

Both TJ Maxx and Marshalls are the ideal places for scoring some great deals due to how they source their inventories. However, they can easily live up to the old saying that if something is extremely good to be true, then it surely is. So today, we are prepared to share a few things that the Internet finds extremely easy for the hardline bargain shoppers whom it should give a hard pass!


Cosmetics and Hair Products

Since it’s an off-price retailer, both businesses grab all of their goods that higher-priced retailers don’t want or can’t sell.

Last year’s beauty and cosmetics lines are among these goods.

The main danger of buying cosmetics and hair care items from any store is that you may get something that’s been messed with someone or even used as a sample by someone else.


Furniture and Bedsheets 

These are the best bargains that you should be better off purchasing elsewhere, like Marshalls, TJ Maxx & HomeGoods carry the furniture, kitchen, and bedding supplies. Most types of furniture will be able to find at the stores that have failed factory inspection and are overstocked or rejected. As a result, they are often far from being the perfect condition.

They even carry sheets and bedding in various designs and colors, but you are better off offering these items a good miss.

The cheap sheets comprise inferior fabrics that are no longer lasting; therefore, you are off spending a bit more for long-lasting bedding that feels much better.


Appliances and Kitchen Supplies

You shouldn’t look at the appliances or kitchen supplies twice, as per the Internet, one that never lies. While not all of the store’s culinary products are weak and easily broken, its most affordable things are notorious for not enduring. The same caution applies to kitchen equipment from unknown companies, which might malfunction at any time.


Yoga Mats

You ought to be wrong if you thought that yoga mats would be the same almost everywhere.

A massive number of websites are dedicated to what you should be buying and what you should refrain from the family of TJX stores, along with the yoga mats that are a hard pass.

It is structured out of a thin component, which is pretty much slippery and is not held up for long use.

You are better off spending some additional dollars on good, well-known brands instead of trying to save a few bucks if you are a dedicated yogi.

Therefore, in the future, try to end up spending double since the mat you purchased initially as a bargain turned out to be quite bad, and a second purchase is required to replace the first one.


Are the Items at TJ Maxx or Marshalls Cheap? 

TJ Maxx & Marshalls are almost the same in terms of pricing.

With all being said, both stores are passing on their savings to the customers and are constantly offering lower prices.

Surely, there are good circumstances where you will come across a few shirts for a few dollars cheaper at one of the stores. But, you will make it quite less.

Furthermore, Marshalls and TJ Maxx are both selling products that are between 20-60% lower compared to their regular prices.

As already mentioned, TJ Maxx and Marshalls are owned by the same parent firm; therefore, the prices are pretty comparable.


What is the number of TJ Maxx locations? 

There are around 1,200 TJ Maxx stores in the United States, divided into four primary segments: Marmaxx, HomeGoods, TJ in Canada, and TJ International.


What Is the Number of Marshalls Stores? 

There are currently over 1,000 Marshall stores located across the United States. As a result, there is most certainly a Marshall’s shop near you!


What Products Does Marshalls Get? 

Marshalls has a staff dedicated to finding sellers from whom the corporation may purchase clothing.

Marshalls promise to acquire items from major companies as well as boutique designers.

Marshalls transfer the savings to you as a customer after negotiating even the lowest prices.

As you can already note, it is the reason why the product selection at the Marshalls constantly varies since the company purchases from varied vendors throughout the year.


Which is a better store – TJ Maxx or Marshalls? 

It surely depends on very personal preferences in terms of the store that is a better one.

The selection of products and the savings available at almost every store varies a bit since the parent organization wishes you to visit both the shop and the stores.

Overall, you can come across a few unique products at both the Marshalls and TJ Maxx stores; therefore, it is worth shopping for every store.

Keep in mind that Marshalls sells a few products like shoes for men that TJ Maxx does not.

But, if you search for accessories like sunglasses and watches, TJ Maxx is offering a massive variety.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Below we share some FAQs related to TJ Maxx Vs Marshalls

1. Which is better, TJ Maxx or Marshalls?

TJ Maxx distinguishes itself from Marshalls by offering a larger selection of fine fashion pieces, as well as The Runway, a lower discount designer section in selected shops. Marshalls sets itself apart from TJ Maxx.


2. What is the difference between TJ Maxx and Marshalls?

TJ Maxx, as well as Marshalls, are sibling stores with a comparable presence across the United States. TJ Maxx has an even more upmarket look than Marshalls and often offers a greater range of fine accessories. While their pricing is virtually comparable and their shop layouts are similar, TJ Maxx has a far more upscale image than Marshalls, which typically provides a larger.


3. Are TJ Maxx & Marshalls more affordable?

Maxx is superior to Marshalls in terms of quality. Other shoppers believe that Marshalls has lower pricing.

While both stores have comparable price patterns and even some inventory overlap, they both have areas where they are better than the other TJ.


4. Does the same business control TJ Maxx Ross & Marshalls?

Ross Shops, Inc., which operates under the brand Ross Dress for Less, is an American network of off-price clothing stores located in Pleasanton, California.

TJ Maxx and Marshalls, both owned by TJX Companies, are the second and third largest off-price retailers in the United States.


5. How can Marshalls sell garments for such a low price?

Marshalls does not a repurchase program for manufacturers since it buys its merchandise for the long haul. Suppliers are sometimes eager to sell merchandise to Marshalls at a lower price because they won’t still have to purchase it back later. Marshalls may then pass on the savings to their clients.


Parting thoughts 

While analyzing TJ Maxx Vs Marshalls, both companies are owned by the same company; however, their stores vary in terms of the selection of products.

With all being said, Marshalls provides a greater number of men’s products, including sneakers and sports coats.

But, TJ Maxx has an extensive section of accessories that offers designer brands like Coach and Gucci.

Additionally, TJ Maxx and Marshalls are known for selling their clothes, shoes, and accessories at identical prices that can be about 60% off from their retail prices.


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