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You may wonder what is going on if you are a shopper at TJ Maxx and have come across the name TK Maxx. Is the spelling done completely wrong to the store? Is there any other store that is extremely like TJ Maxx in an all-different universe? So, let us dive in deeper in revealing all about the TJ Maxx vs TK Maxx, explaining all about the detailed comparison!

We have checked out the entire TK Maxx vs. the story of TJ Maxx and have arrived with a few fascinating facts, and here is what we have found!



Understanding the difference between TJ Maxx Vs TK Maxx in 2022 

TJ Maxx Vs TK Maxx

The TK Maxx and TJ Maxx stores have a common owner under the name of TJX Companies, and the real difference between the two is the location at which these stores are situated. The TJ Maxx stores are located in the US, while the TK Maxx stores are present in Europe as well as Australia.

The commodities sold in both the stores are extremely identical, considering the outlook of their logos along with the layout of the stores, as noted in 2022.

Continue reading for several fascinating details that shed more light on the difference between TJ Maxx and TK Maxx and what these stores share in common links!


Difference between TJ Maxx & TK Maxx stores 

The TJ Maxx stores are located in the US, while the TK Maxx stores are situated in Europe, the UK, and Australia sharing the common owners, the TJX Companies.

Apart from the locations, the main difference between the TJ Maxx and TK Maxx stores is their name, and it has a reason behind it.

The TJ Maxx stores located in the US have been since 1977, while the first TJ Maxx store commenced in the UK in 1994 under a new name that was used for these stores.

The new vocation was used since there were some rising concerns that TJ Maxx would get confused with the other store located in the UK under the same name of TJ Hughes.

TJ Hughes is the notable discount retailed, although it functions on a notably smaller scale. As a result, the TJ Maxx stores in the UK have been named the TK Maxx store.


Which are the stores owned by TJ Maxx? 

TJ Maxx Vs TK Maxx

The TJX Companies owns the TJ Maxx stores. TJX operates under the name of TK Maxx stores in the UK, Germany, Australia, Poland, and Ireland.

The TJX Companies has more than 4500 stores in nine countries until 2020.

The TJX companies include the HomeGoods, Marshalls, Sierra, and TJ Maxx is also owned by the same company in the US.

There are more than 590 stores of TJ Maxx located globally, with over 1200 TJ Maxx stores only in the US.

The TJX Companies also functions with four e-commerce sites in the US, such as,, and &

The TJX Companies in its Canada region is known as TJX Canada, and they also are the owners of HomeSense, Marshall’s stores, and Winners.

TK Maxx is the owner of the TK Maxx stores in Ireland, the UK, Poland, Austria, Germany, Australia, and the Netherlands.

The TK Maxx stores also make up the TJX International along with HomeSense in Ireland and the UK, along with an online store at in the UK.


How real is TK Maxx? 

There’s a reason it’s named TK Maxx. The brand is known as TJ Maxx in the United States, but the name was changed for European customers to avoid misunderstandings with bargain chain store TJ Hughes.


What was TK Maxx’s previous name in Australia? 

2015. TJX buys Trade Secret, an off-price retailer with 35 locations in Australia (it changed its name to TK Maxx outlets in 2017).


What is the origin of the TK Maxx stock? 

TK Maxx, a favorite of bargain seekers, buys largely in-season clothing that department shops, brands, and high-street businesses have failed to sell. This stock is primarily surplus manufacturing, canceled orders, or overstocks from 21,000 various suppliers worldwide.


Does Homesense own TK Maxx? 

In 2008, Homesense launched the off-price housewares idea to the United Kingdom, then again in 2017 to Ireland. This network contains freestanding stores as well as superstores that integrate Homesense and TK. Maxx. TJX International is the parent company of Homesense.


What’s the secret behind TK Maxx’s low prices? 

They purchase from the original manufacturer. By purchasing in volume, they are able to negotiate lower costs. TJX may arrange cheaper costs by purchasing a significant quantity of items from a supplier, and they’re a massive corporation with several outlets in certain countries.


Is there a phony TJ Maxx? 

Maxx, as well as Marshalls, sell items that are often considered to be genuine. The paucity of lawsuits filed by companies in accordance with the selling of pirated products by these sellers also acts as a telling indicator of the products’ legitimacy.


What makes TK Maxx so inexpensive? 

TJ Maxx manages to keep its costs low by employing a variety of techniques. In accordance with the company, most of it is simply because of the way TJ Maxx purchases its products. It buys excess inventory from manufacturers and department retailers that overstock, taking advantage of end-of-season sales.


TK & TJ Maxx Stores Layout, Stocks & More

Both TJ Maxx and TK Maxx stores fall under the same company’s umbrella; however, their similarities do not end here.

The stores themselves have a similar layout as well as the logo. They even stock almost similar items and have an approach of modest displays.

Both TJ Maxx as well as TK Maxx stores have their cosmetic as well as beauty sections that become messy since customers tend to be opening up the packaging without having to try out the products themselves.

Both of these stores consist of a modest choice of goods that includes branded and fashion-labeled clothing, accessories, shoes, toys, gifts, beauty, home goods, and gourmet foods.

A few of the TK Maxx stores consist of a section gold-labeled with top-notch apparel by prominent designers. There are even sections under the Gold label for men and women.

The correspondent boutique section is known as The Runway, especially in the TJ Maxx stores in the United States. It denotes some high-end fashion clothing for both men and women.

Not all the stores at TJ Maxx are similar to the Runway stores. You can check out TJ Maxx’s online list featuring The Runway.


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Frequently Asked Questions 

TJ Maxx VS TK Maxx

Below we share some FAQs related to the “TJ Maxx Vs TK Maxx”

1. How TK Maxx & TJ Maxx is different?

To prevent misunderstanding, the American store renamed itself TK Maxx. TJX Companies owns and operates 590 TK Maxx locations in Europe and Australia. TJ Maxx isn’t the only retailer that has had to modify its name to prevent misunderstanding.


2. The reason behind the formation of TK Maxx and TJ Maxx stores?

Bernard Cammarata opened up a TJ Maxx store in 1976 in the Framingham region of Massachusetts, US. The first international low-priced stores opened in Bristol in the UK in 1994. In order to prevent any type of confusion, T.J.Hughes, the company transformed its name to TK Maxx.


3. How is TJ Maxx similar to TK Maxx in the United States?

The TJX Companies is a multinational department store chain with over 4,500 stores worldwide. It’s the parent company of stores like Marshall’s as well as HomeGoods. TJ Maxx is the company’s flagship shop in the United States. The chain is known as TK Maxx in the United Kingdom.


4. Is high-end cosmetics available at TJ Maxx?

That’s right, and your favorite discount retailer is around to assist you, babe, on a budget with designer products from manufacturers including NARS and Milk Makeup for a fraction of the cost.


5. What makes TK Maxx so popular?

TK Maxx focuses on fostering a treasure hunt atmosphere so consumers feel as though they’ve earned a good deal. Every day, new supplies arrive, with retailers collecting an estimate of 10,000 new goods every week.


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The Concluding Thoughts 

While checking out TJ Maxx vs TK Maxx, both fall under the shield of the same company, TJX. After being opened in the UK, the TJ Maxx store with its vocation altered to TK Maxx.

The TK Maxx stores in Europe, Australia, and the UK are quite identical to the TJ Maxx stores in the United States in almost every corner except for its name.


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