Tom Thumb Money Order in 2024 (Cost, Requirments)

For the people in Texas, Tom Thumb is their go-to grocery store.

In Texas, more than 60 Tom Thumb stores are available for customers to purchase their required household products whenever needed, but that’s not it.

People also visit Tom Thumb quite regularly to utilize their money order services.

So if you are new in Texas and want to know more about Tom Thumb money order services, then to help you out through all your doubts and queries, this article about Tom Thumb money order is here to help you out.



How Tom Thumb Money Order Works?

Tom Thumb Money Order work process

In the present time, where people don’t have much time to waste, Tom Thumb is one of the best grocery stores people can ever go to support that situation.

There you can purchase your necessary items and get out of the Tom Thumb store as soon as possible or use their Curbside pickup, but there is another great service for what Tom Thumb is also known for: its money order services.

The Tom Thumb, money order service is very affordable and simple to use. As Albertsons is the parent company of Tom Thumb, that’s why like any other Albertsons-owned company, Tom Thumb provides money order services from Western Union.

To purchase:

To purchase the Western Union Money order from Tom, you must visit any Tom Thumb store near your location as they serve money orders at most of their stores.

Then at the store, go to the money service desk and ask the employee to provide you with your required money order services.

Then you have to provide the required information asked by the Tom Thumb employee.

After all the verification and payment are made, they will print out the money order for you, which you can use to pay your bill, rent, etc. 


To fill:

If you want to fill the money order you purchased from Tom Thumb, you must first notice the “Pay to the order Of” option mentioned in the middle of the money order, you have to write down the recipient’s name with no spelling mistakes.

Then you’ll notice “Purchaser’s address,” where you must mention your current residential address and write down your state and zip code.

After that, at the “Payment For/Acct.” In the segment, you can write down your account number or the reason for payment to help the recipient understand the sender’s information easily.

Then at the “Purchaser’s signature” option at the front of your Tom Thumb money order, you must put your signature in that area. 

And that’s how your Tom Thumb money order fill-up is done, and then from that money order, keep the original receipts to yourself.


To Cash:

If you want to cash your Tom Thumb money order, you must know that Tom’s Thumb doesn’t provide any money order cashing services, so to cash your money order, you need to visit other companies or banks for their financial services.


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What are the requirements to get a Tom Thumb Money Order?

Every company before you can purchase any money order or financial Service provided by the company, you need to fulfill their basic requirements so that they can verify your profile.

So to prove The authenticity of your identification, you must carry a government-issued identity proof such as a driver’s license, military ID, or passport.

If required, the employee can ask for your social security code, so keep documents related to that as well. 


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What are the Benefits of Tom Thumb Money Order?

Tom Thumb Money Order Benefits

When you start using a money order service from a certain company or Bank, you always think about what benefits you can get from that particular company.

So, in that case, if you want to utilize the money order service of Tom Thumb, then there are see-you benefits available that you can take advantage of,

As we know that Tom Thumb is a Texas-based company, so if you need to purchase a Tom Thumb money order, then you can visit any Tom Thumb store near you and ask for their Western Union money order. 

Then Tom Thumb offers you the excess of purchasing multiple money orders if you need to.

Many other limitations are $500, which is why many people can’t use the full potential of the financial Service provided by Tom Thumb.

And that is why you can purchase more money orders if you need to pay more than $500 to someone.

Then when you visit the Tom Thumb Store to purchase a money order, unlike other companies, the fee for each money order is very low, around $0.89. so if you need to purchase multiple money orders, it doesn’t cause an issue.

Then at Tom Thumb, as they use the money from other Western Union services, you can also take advantage of foreign money order transactions if you need to.

You can easily send money orders to your friends and relatives outside the country. 

Also, if you suddenly remember that you need to pay someone and purchase a money order as soon as possible, you can use the facilities Tom Thumb provides to the customer.

The store stays open for a long hour, so you can visit any Tom Thumb store between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. to purchase your money order. 

Etc. These are a few examples of the benefits of using the Tom Thumb money order.


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What is the Limitation of Tom Thumb Money Order?

Tom Thumb Money Order Limitation

For every single money order, there is a limitation beyond which the customers can’t purchase a money order for a certain place.

In Tom’s thumb, if you are thinking of purchasing a money order, then for every single money order, the highest limit is $500.

Still, the Tom Thumb money order service provides multiple money orders if the customer requires it. So if you need to pay $1200 to someone, then you can purchase two $500 Western Union money orders and a $200 money order from the Tom Thumb store.

Apart from that, another thing that you should know is when you purchase a money order from Tom Thumb then for each of them, you have to pay a fee for utilizing the financial Service from the store.

So for each Tom Thumb money order, you have to pay only $0.89 as a Fee, and if you purchase multiple money orders, you have to pay one by one. 

It may make you confused why stores like Tom Thumb provide money order with such low limit; well, it’s because if Tom Thumb allow or provide the amount of money order and if it gets lost, then it will be an extra burden for the store, and that’s why instead of purchasing one single high amount money order you can purchase multiple of them.


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Are any alternatives available for Tom Thumb Money Order?

For any reason, if you don’t want to use the Tom thumb money order services or you want to know which money or Service is better to help you out, here are a few alternative money order services you can use,

Meijer money order

At Meijer, you can purchase a money order with the highest limit of $500, but like Tom Thumb, they also allow multiple money orders to the limit of $3000. And for each money order, you have to pay a $0.63 fee.


CVS pharmacy money order 

Then at CVS Pharmacy, you can also purchase your required money order; there, the highest value of money order you can purchase is $500, but if you want, you can purchase it. And for each money order, you have to pay a $1.25 fee. 


Winn Dixie Money order 

The money order services at Winn Dixie are quite good as well and you can purchase money orders under $500 or under $1000; it’s totally up to you.

And if you purchase a single money order under $500, then you have to pay a fee of $0.79, and if it’s higher than $500 to $1000, then for each money order, the fee is $1.58. 


Walmart money order

Many people highly prefer Walmart money orders.

You can purchase a money order to the highest limit of $1000; if you want, you can also purchase multiple money orders, but it has to be under $3000 for a single day. And to purchase a single $ 1,000 money order, you have to pay a fee of $1.

So as you can see, Tom Thumb does provide a decent money order service to its customers, as the money order fee is not that different than most of the companies that provide financial services. So if you live near Tom Thumb store and need to purchase a money order, you can easily do that. 


Frequenlty Asked Questions

Below we share some FAQs.

1〉 Where can I Purchase a Tom Thumb Money Order?

Tom Thumb is a Texas-based grocery store chain with more than 60 stores all around Texas.

So if you live in Texas and need to purchase a money order, you can visit any Tom Thumb store and purchase the amount of money you need.


2〉 How much time will it take to clear a Tom Thumb Money Order?

When you visit the Tom Thumb Store near you to purchase a money order, it only takes a few minutes to complete.

Before you successfully purchase the money order, the Tom Thumb stores money service employee verifies your profile, and that’s all the time it takes.

After everything is clear, they print out the money order for you.


3〉 Can I track a Tom Thumb Money Order?

Yes, The Tom Thumb money orders are provided by Western Union financial services, so there is no need to worry about how you can track your money order.

When you purchase the Tom Thumb money order at the money order of the original receipt, there is a number available called MTCN; it is a tracking number through which you can easily track the Western Union money order.

All you need to do is click the link, type your MTCN, and click continue.


4〉 Can I get a refund if I cancel Tom Thumb Money Order?

Yes, You can get a Money order refund when you cancel your Tom Thumb money order.

In any situation, you should always keep the original money order receipt to yourself.

So if you want to cancel your money order from Tom Thumb, then if you have the original receipt, the store will charge a $15 non-refundable fee, and for non-receipt cancellation $30 non-refundable fee.

Then after deducting the fee from the money order amount, the employee will give you the money back to.


5〉 Can I cash Tom Thumb Money Order at any Bank?

You can cash your Tom Thumb money order at any bank you like.

Most banks allow money order cashing at their branches, so if you want to visit your nearest Bank for Tom Thumb money order cashing, you can contact the Bank beforehand to have proper information about whether they will cash your money order or not.


6〉 Is Tom Thumb Money Order Safe?

Hundreds of companies all around the US are providing money o services to their customers.

TomTom Thumb is Texas-based, and that’s why many people doubt the authenticity of its money order service.

But know that you can blindly trust Tom Thumb’s money order as Albertsons owns this company, and not only the Service you get at Tom Thumb is from Western Union.

So there is no reason to doubt Tom Thumb’s money order.


7〉 What if my Tom Thumb Money Order is Lost or stolen?

If you lost your Tom Thumb money order, visit the store or contact the Western Union customer service number 1800-102-7111 as soon as possible.

Also, you must report the stolen or lost Tom Thumb money order to the police.

By then, if your money order is not withdrawn, then the company will seize your money order and help you recover the money.


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