Tummy Tuck Cost- Know All Steps (Updated 2024)

A tummy tuck is also known as abdominoplasty, a major surgery to remove the excessive fat and skin from your abdomen.

The surgery can also help in tightening the muscles.

It is quite right for women having pregnancies and the one who has lost enough weight, and it is why you should know about the tummy tuck cost.



How Much Does A Tummy Tuck Cost? 

According to the statistics for 2020, the average cost of the tummy tuck is about $6154.

It is the average cost in part of the total price as it does not include any anesthesia, operating room facilities, or other related expenses.

Always consult with your plastic surgeon’s office to determine the final fee.

The surgeon’s fee for tummy tuck surgeries will be based entirely on his or her experience with the kind of procedure used along with the geographical office locations.

Several health insurance plans will not cover tummy tuck surgeries and other complications, but several plastic surgeons offer financial plans to their patients.

So, make sure to clear your doubts.

The following are the factors that are included in the Tummy Tuck Cost:

  • Anesthesia fees
  • Hospital or surgical facility costs
  • Medical tests
  • Post-surgery garments
  • Prescriptions for medication
  • Surgeon’s fee

You should understand that the surgeon’s experience and the comfort you have with them are all vital things as the final cost of this surgery when selecting the plastic surgeon certified by the board.


What is a tummy tuck? 

Tummy Tuck Cost

Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is the process that flattens your stomach to remove excess skin and fat and tighten your abdominal muscles.

The surgical process is also known as tummy tucks.

A tummy tuck can be considered a mini or entirely involving treatment that depends on the amount of skin and the fat that is removed.

You will have analyzed your situation and taken enough time to land on your final decision since it is vital to educate yourself.

These treatments should not be used as an alternative process of weight loss.


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The suitable candidates for tummy tuck 

Tummy Tuck Cost

A tummy tuck is the best for both men and women who are in the best general health in its entirety and are their stable weight condition.

For this, it is important to become a non-smoker.

A tummy tuck should not get confused with liposuction or cosmetic surgeries used to remove fat deposits.

However, your surgeon should choose to perform the liposuction as part of the tummy tuck.

Women having skin and muscles stretched after many pregnancies would find this procedure useful for tightening the muscles and reducing the skin.

The tummy tuck is also considered an alternative for both men and women who were completely obese at one point in their lives.

However, having lost a significant amount of weight can still cause excessive fat deposits or loss of skin in the tummies.


When should you be avoiding a tummy tuck? 

Tummy Tuck Cost

You should wish to postpone the tummy tuck till you are done bearing with the kid if you are a woman who is still planning to have kids.

Your vertical muscles are quite tight during the surgeries, and future pregnancies will separate these muscles once more.

You need not have a tummy tuck right away if you still plan on losing some significant amount of weight. Wait till your weight is quite stabilized.

It is quite vital to note that a tummy tuck will cause scarring on the tummy.

The scar length along the bikini lines depends on the additional skin you have.

So by knowing the mini tummy tuck cost, the procedure will cause a short scar.

The plastic surgeon will be discussing every option with you while you enter into the consultation.

You, along with the surgeon, will be discussing the outcome you want, and the surgeons will determine the right kind of treatment during this consultation.


How is this tummy tuck process done?

The surgery will take about one to about five hours, depending on the outcome you wish.

Surgeries are specifically done as outpatient treatment.

You will be asked to stay at a hotel overnight if you travel out of town to a facility to get the procedure done.

Liposuction is also recommended at this time.

You will be getting general anesthesia that will place you to sleep while being operated on.

It is quite important to have someone with you who will drive you home.

You will also require the one to stay with you at least the initial night after surgeries if you live alone and are sent home after the process.


Complete abdominoplasty 

It is mainly an option for patients who require the best correction.

This incision is considered on the bikini line at a similar level as your pubic hair.

The length of this scar would depend on the amount of excessive skin.

The surgeon will then shape and manipulate the muscle and the skin required.

This procedure will also get an incision around your navel since it is important to free it through the surrounding tissues.

There are drainage tubes that would not be placed under the skin, and these are all removed in several days as the surgeon would see fit.


Partial or mini-abdominoplasty

There are shorter incisions done in mini-abdominoplasties that are often done on people who would have less excessive skin.

The belly button most likely will be in its place during this kind of treatment, and the skin gets separated between the incision lines and the belly button.

It is this process that specifically takes about one to two hours.

You may not have drainage tubes after surgery as with the entire abdominoplasty.


Circumferential abdominoplasty

The surgery will include the back region.

You may have liposuction at the back and circumferential abdominoplasty when there is a lot of excessive fat in the rear area and the abdomen.

The latter processes will allow the removal of both the fat and skin from the hip and rear ends that will improve the shape of your body from each end.

Your incision site will be bandaged and stitched after every partial and complete tummy tuck.

The surgeon will wear an elastic bandage or a compression garment after surgery. You must follow every surgeon’s instructions while wearing this garment caring for the bandage.

The surgeon will also be informing you about the ideal way to sit or lie down as you will be in less pain.

If you are quite physically active, you will have to seriously limit the stressful exercises for about four to six weeks.

Your doctor will be recommending this as you undergo the healing process. Specifically, one week away from work after this surgery will be enough for every person to recover entirely.

Your doctor will be aiding you in determining this.


Preparing for tummy tuck 

Smoking will increase the potential for risk of complications and delay the healing process.

You need to stop for a certain period as determined by your doctor if you are smoking.

It is not enough when you stop smoking. You need to completely stop the intake of nicotine, e-cigarettes, patches, and gum for about a month before surgery and about two weeks.

Ensure to consume well-balanced and complete meals.

Never try dieting excessively before the surgery. You need to take proper nutrition, which is vital to healing.

As part of the pre-operative consultation, the surgeon should instruct you to stop taking a few of the other medications that thin your dietary supplements and blood for a specific period before and after the surgery.

It would include nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories or NSAIDs as well as aspirin. You should be allowing your surgeon to know whether you are taking the blood thinners or not.

Ensure that you are setting up the safest and most comfortable region for recovery to meet your needs before you undergo this surgery.

The following are the ones that should be included in your home recoveries:

  • Supplying loose, comfortable clothing can be placed on and taken off quite easily.
  • A telephone should be kept easy to reach
  • A hand-held showerhead along with the bathroom chair.


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Risks and benefits associated with tummy tucks 

You will be having swelling and pain after surgery, as expected. Your doctor will be prescribing pain medications as required.

For many weeks the soreness will last.

You might be having bruising, numbness, and overall tiredness for a similar period.

Some risks are associated with the surgeries.

If you have poor circulation, heart, diabetes, liver, or lung diseases, or if you are smoking, you will be subjected to the risk of complications.

The complications would include the following:

  • Scarring.
  • Hematoma (bleeding).
  • Infection.
  • Seroma (accumulation of fluid).
  • Poor wound healing.
  • Blood clots.
  • Numbness or other changes in sensation


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What is the recovery process?

Specifically, several people adore the new look after they have undertaken this kind of procedure.

But, it would not appear like your normal self for several months after this kind of surgery.

You have been through a lot to make this happen, and it is quite a major emotional, financial, and physical commitment.

You must be following the right kind of exercise and diet to maintain your new appearance.


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Below we share some FAQs related to the “Tummy Tuck Cost”

1〉 How long does a tummy tuck last?

Your tummy tuck would be the result that would last for a lifetime, especially while leading a reasonably active lifestyle and consuming a nutritious and healthy diet.

If you become inactive or make bad choices causing weight and health issues can instantly have adverse effects of these treatments.


2〉 Which tummy tuck effects are going to last for a lifetime?

A few people are experiencing the numbness and the pulling sensation for weeks and months after a tummy tuck, but it is mainly quite normal, often fading with time.

It would take about three months for bruising and swelling that would eventually go down, as it would be taking a long time for the scar to fade.


3〉 How worthy are the tummy tucks?

The answer is yes, as this is a well-worth treatment.

Several patients would start noticing the result right after three months, and by six months after the treatment, they would be amazed at how different their bodies would appear.


4〉 Is the tummy tuck recovery process painful?

You should be prepared for about one to two months of recovery if you plan to have a tummy tuck, as you will be experiencing the pain throughout that time.

However, pain is quite mild to moderate after the tummy tuck generally.

There is rarely any kind of pain and sensory abnormalities that would persist for months and even years after this kind of process.


5〉 What does the scar from the tummy tuck appear like?

The tummy tuck scar would appear like a longer squiggly line the inverted T shape and the anchor shape.


6〉 What happens a couple of months after a tummy tuck?

There are about two weeks as there is still a swollen treatment area as the pain, bruising, and feeling of tightness would start to ease out.

The patient should continue wearing the compression garments.


7〉 Which is the perfect time to get tummy tucks?

Therefore it is vital to get a tummy tuck in the winter as well as fall, allowing your body time for bouncing back.

You will be expected to wear the big bandaging after surgeries, and the layers you wear in the fall and winter are ideal for masking the bulges it creates.


8〉 Who would not be getting a tummy tuck?

Those overweight or obese cannot undertake this process through the body mass index over the age of 30.

Any other issues with clots and surgical complications would lead to this issue.

You should be taking any kind of medications, supplements, and anticoagulants that would be interfering.


9〉 What would be happening at the pre-op for the tummy tuck?

The pre-op appointment would be taking place with the nurses.

They would be reviewing the consent, medical history, any medications you take, currently offering you the prescriptions for the required medications and several others.


10〉 Will, I get a smaller waist with a tummy tuck?

Traditional tummy tuck processes will not make your waist size smaller, and it removes the saggy skin from the stomach.

But, when combined with liposuction, we can effectively remove the fat from the love handles, around the waist, and the lower back.


Final Words For Tummy Tuck Cost

Suppose you need to know about the tummy tuck cost.

In that case, this guide will help you understand whatever goes into this treatment process if you wish to have a flat, firm-appearing stomach since the tummy tuck surgery is elective cosmetic surgery.

Several issues are required while deciding if this is the right kind of treatment.


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