Ulta Gift Card Balance in 2024 (Where To Purchase, Uses)

Who doesn’t know Ulta beauty stores and salons?

There are many Ultastores available, and even in target, we often come across the Ulta store.

When you go out shopping with friends and shop at Ulta Store, you might want to gift something to your friend on a special day; in that case, an Ulta gift card is an amazing option.

What if someone gifted you an Ulta gift card? Then before using it, there are a few things that you should know about the Ulta gift card.



How to check Ulta Gift card Balance?

How To Check the Ulta Gift Card Balance

Skincare and makeup are things that every woman loves, and when you get a chance to purchase your favorite makeup for free from Ulta beauty, then it’s a golden chance that you should enjoy to its full potential.

But it is also important to check the Ulta gift card balance to buy the products you can afford through the gift card. 

So the easiest way to take the Ulta gift card balance is from its website. So open the Ulta website on your mobile or PC.

Then go to the menu icon and see your new options show up on the screen; scroll down, and under the shop segment, you will notice an option named gift card; click on it.

Then scroll down, and you will notice space for your Ulta gift card balance check. Enter your Ulta gift card numbers and pin, and on the Ulta page, click check balance. And soon, the gift card balance will show up on your screen.

The next method to check your Ulta gift card balance is by calling Ulta beauty customer service number 1-888-566-2736.

By calling the Ulta customer service number, you can ask the customer service staff to help you with the Ulta gift card balance.

Then answer all the necessary questions asked by the Ulta customer service staff, and then when it’s time, give them your Ulta gift card information, and they will check the balance for you.

Finally, if you are comfortable checking the Ulta gift card balance in person, go to any Ulta beauty location and go to the payment desk or customer service. Ask the Ulta beauty employee to check your gift card balance, and they will do that for you. 


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What is an Ulta Gift Card?

Fashion is nothing without proper makeup, and the best place to purchase your makeup and skincare products is Ulta beauty.

Also, beauty is a store and salon chain where you can purchase any beauty products you like, and when you purchase makeup products from a place, you know a few friends who like to purchase makeup as well.

In that case, if an occasion is coming and you want to give your friend something special, then an Ulta gift card is a great option.

You can purchase both physical and digital gift cards for your friend, between $25 to $200, so you can easily choose the amount you are comfortable with.


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Where to purchase Ulta Gift Card?

Ulta Gift Card Balance

Ulta Beauty is a famous beauty store chain, and there are more than 1,300 {in the United States, many of which are in major retail stores, so if you want to purchase an Ulta beauty gift card, it isn’t an issue.

So if you want an Ulta gift card, you can easily purchase it from the Ulta beauty stores and the Ulta beauty website.

On the Ulta Beauty website, you can purchase both physical and digital gift cards and customize the digital gift card with a personalized message.

At the Store, you can only get the physical gift card.

You can also purchase Ulta beauty gift cards from Ulta beauty-authorized places, from ulta.cashstar.com, etc.

You can also buy a gift card from Ulta beauty at Walmart, Target, Amazon, eBay, etc.

There is a chance that those gift cards might have an expiration date.

So the best place to purchase Ulta beauty gift cards is its website and Store.


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Can I use Ulta Gift Card at Target?

Unfortunately, you can’t use the Ulta beauty gift card at Target or the target website.

When we came across an Ulta beauty store in Target, we normally thought that we could use the Ulta beauty gift card at target.

Still, the Ulta beauty gift card is only for its official Store and website, so if you want, you can purchase Ulta beauty products from target but using the gift card out there is prohibited.

But if you have a target gift card, you can use it at the Ulta beauty store.


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Why is my Ulta gift card not working?

Ulta Gift Card Balance

There can be some errors related to the Ulta gift card while checking the balance or purchasing a product.

So, in that case, try not to use the gift card again and again and contact Ulta customer service number 1-888-566-2736 or visit the Store, and the customer service staff will help you solve that issue.


Do I need to activate my Ulta Gift Card?

No, there is no additional way or reason to activate the gift card.

You can easily redeem the gift card while purchasing any product or service from the Ulta Store or Ulta website. 


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How to add Ulta Gift Card to an app?

Ulta gift card at the Ulta is very easy. You don’t need to add the gift card when you get it; you just at the Ulta gift card during the app’s checkout process.

All you need to do is at the checkout process. While choosing the payment method, choose the gift card, enter the Ulta gift card number and pin, and proceed with your payment. 


How to add Ulta Gift Card to Apple Wallet?

Ulta Gift Card Balance

Adding the Ulta gift card to your Apple wallet is similar to adding any other gift card to the Apple wallet, so you have to follow a few simple steps.

● Open the Apple wallet app to add an Ulta gift card to your phone. 

● Then check whether you are logged in to your Apple wallet account. 

● Then click ‘Redeem a gift card.’

● Then add your Ulta gift card number and pin manually, or use the camera icon to scan the gift card information automatically.

● And then, the Ulta gift card will be added to your Apple wallet account. 

And if it’s a digital gift card, then under the gift card email, there will be an option to add the Ulta gift card to your Apple wallet.


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How long does the Ulta Gift Card Last?

Well, the Ulta gift card has no expiration date, so you can have the gift card as long as you want.

But treat the Ulta gift card as cash because if it’s lost, then you can’t ask for a replacement.


Can I use an Ulta Gift Card at the Salon?

Yes, you can use your Ulta gift card at the Ulta salon, but if you try to use it at any other salon, the gift card won’t work.

So apart from using the Ulta gift card at the Ulta beauty store, you can also use it at a salon.


Can I use an Ulta Gift card at Sephora?

No, you can’t use the Ulta gift card at Sephora as Sephora and Ulta have no business connection between them, so you can only use the Ulta gift card at Ulta stores and salons.


Can I Use Ulta Gift Card on Amazon?

No, you can’t use the Ulta gift card at Amazon, but you can purchase the Ulta gift card from Amazon if it is available.

To purchase anything from Amazon, you need an amazon gift card.


Can I use Ulta Gift Card to pay Credit Card?

No, you can’t use the Ulta gift card to pay off your credit card. You must pay off your credit card through the bank, and if it’s an Ulta credit card, then through the Ulta store or website.


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