Valor Essential Oil: Its Uses & Benefits (2024)

Single essential oils can help in boosting physical and mental health as they are potential compounds.

Essential oil consists of a blend that combines the best oils offering a few distinctive health benefits.

Valor essential oil is considered one of the most prominent essential oils now available.

It is a blend featuring a woodsy and earthy scent that safeguards mental health and enhances confidence.

Continue reading through our guide today to find out more about their blend and how to use it as well as make one!



What do you understand by Valor Essential Oil? 

Valor essential oil is a potential compound and a blend of oils manufactured by Valor Essential Oil Young Living.

 It is manufactured bearing the combination of black spruce essential oil, Frankincense essential oil, blue tansy essential oil, and geranium essential oil.

Before April 2017, valor essential oil had used rosewood oil as an alternative to camphor and geranium essential oils.

So, where to buy valor essential oil? There are several online sites that you can use for purchasing valor essential oil!

Valor essential oil is used topically or as part of the aromatherapy program.

It is often used in the morning or at the start of the day with a positive outlook or even before bed to increase relaxation and unwinding.

It is similar to nature along with health benefits to the essential oil of Living’s Peace & Calming.

There are calming and balancing effects regulating the temperament and mood benefits brought about by valor essential oil.

The oil would increase Courage helping in overcoming the emotional struggles that hold you back. So, you may now ask what valor essential oil is used for.

We are going to explain it all to you below!


The Constituents of Valor Essential Oil

The Constituents of Valor Essential Oil

Frankincense Essential Oil 

The Frankincense essential oil is considered by the botanical vocation known as Boswelliacarteri.

The oil is extracted from Frankincense, the native trees of India.

In recent times, trees have been commonly grown in Somalia for generating essential oils.

The oil is extracted through the resin of the frankincense tree that uses a technique of steam distillation.

The fragrance of frankincense oil is woody, earthy, and slightly fruity.

It features a warm, spicy aroma that invigorates the senses.

Frankincense oil improves mood and boasts anti-inflammatory properties that fight off bacteria.

This oil can also reduce signs of aging, perform as a sleep aid, and streamline digestion.

The fragrance of the frankincense oil is earthy, woody, and a bit fruity.

It features a warm, spicy aroma refreshing the sense.

The frankincense oil is considered for improving the mood and enhancing the anti-inflammatory properties for warding off bacteria.

The oil can help in reducing the signs of aging, works as a sleeping aid, and helps indigestion.


Black Spruce Essential Oil 

The black spruce essential oil is specifically extracted from the needles of the Piceamariana tree.

The tree is mainly discovered in Canada, where a massive amount of essential oil is produced.

The Lakota Indians, the native tribes, use the scent of the oil to communicate with spirits.

The essence of the essential oil is used this day in saunas and spa baths.

The aroma from the black spruce oil is woodsy and evergreen.

The scent is refreshing and cleaner with a mild finish.

Inhaling this scent will invite visions of the delicate pine needles and visions of freshly fallen snow in dense forests.

The Black spruce oils will reduce the feelings of tiredness and thereby increase memory recalls.

It can also induce calmness, peace, and uplifting emotions.


Camphor Essential Oil 

The camphor essential oil is generally extracted from the tree of common camphor, known scientifically as Cinnamomumcamphora.

The camphor tree is cultivated in China extensively, being native to Asia.

The primary chemical compounds in the essential oil include terpene, pinene, and camphor.

The compounds can lend camphor its sharp aroma and fragrance.

The fragrance of the camphor essential oil is penetrating and cool.

The oil is used as an anesthetic and decongestant.

The cooling properties of the camphor oil can alleviate Pain in the local areas.

The oil can also soothe the nervous system, reducing disorders, including epileptic attacks and anxieties.


Geranium Essential Oil 

The Geranium essential oil is mainly extracted from the leaves and the stems of the geranium plant known as Pelargonium graveolens.

This variant of the geranium plants mostly features a lot of rose notes than the other variants.

The plant is also known for its positive fragrance boosting mood and energy.

The geranium oil in the valor essential oil consists of a blend that is native to South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique.

Geranium oil has its own uplifting, calming and peaceful aroma.

The oil can exude the lemony green scent that has hints of roses.

A few of the geranium oils have a bit of peppery scent, but in its entirety, the fragrance is airy and floral.

The oil was mainly used traditionally for treating nervous and circulatory system issues.

Today, it is in use in aromatherapies to reduce negative thinking and support a positive attitude.


Blue Tansy Essential Oil 

It is from the leaves, flowers, and stems of the Mediterranean plant that is botanically considered Tanacetumannuum as Blue Tansy is an essential oil.

The plant is considered colloquially the Blue Tansy and even Moroccan Tansy.

The plant is cultivated mainly in Morocco and is native to the Mediterranean region.

The primary chemical component present in this essential oil is chamazulene giving the oil having its distinctive blue shade.

This essential oil enhances a balsamic, fruity, and mellow fragrance.

The essential oil is specifically beneficial for the skin with the ability to reduce blemishes and offer an even skin tone.

For topical application, blue tansy oil is commonly applied with the carrier oil known as fractionated coconut oil.

The scent also aids in uplifting the mood and enhancing self-esteem.


Valor Essential Oil Benefits & Uses 

Valor Essential Oil Benefits & Uses

The following are the benefits and the valor essential oil uses:

Induce Courage 

Valor essential oil was also developed to increase self-esteem and balance emotions, allowing you to conquer every day.

The essential oil consists of a blend of scents to elevate confidence and enhance mood.

The scent’s positive elements can help make you feel better about yourself and allow you to make some hard decisions.

How to Use:

  1. Dab on Skin or Raindrop TechniqueSimply dab a few drops of this essential oil behind your ears or on your wrists to increase your Courage.
  2. Take a whiff, and you will be back in this game if you start feeling stressed out or low.
  3. Use the raindrop technique if you need the Courage to deal with stressful moments.

The founder of Young Living developed the raindrop technique.

The technique included dropping the essential oils from 6 inches above the skin by simulating the raindrop effects.

The technique can also help in grounding emotions and improving vitality.


Balance Emotions 

Valor essential oil can help balance emotions by generating positive thoughts and reducing negative thoughts.

The evergreen and cool scents of the camphor oil and black spruce can help boost your mood, while geranium oil can reduce and remove all kinds of negative emotions.

The Valor essential oil can help in boosting the mood and also reduce anxiety.

It is tough to stay calm and centered in a world that has growing demand and is filled with stress-inducing agents.

The Valor essential oil can help in keeping depression, anxiety, and Stress at bay due to its uplifting fragrance.

  • How to Use: Massage Oil

You need to rub the valor essential oil on the bottom of your feet or even at the base of your spine.

The valor oil rub can work wonders in reducing the stress tension, while the aromas can aid in balancing emotions.


Treats Wounds and Burns

Several essential oils in valor blend in, containing antibacterial and antiseptic qualities.

The black spruce and camphor oil mainly feature cooling properties to help minimize the pain at the site of the cuts and bottoms.

The antiseptic qualities of Frankincense can help in pacing up the healing process and preventing the infection.

There are skin-related benefits of blue tansy oil to help in reducing the outlook of the scars and regenerating the cells for a speedy recovery.

  • How to Use: Skin Salve

You can mainly apply the valor essential oil as the skin salves the burns and wounds.

You can rub the oil for a few seconds allowing it to soak in. Keep the wound sterile and clean by covering it with a Band-Aid.


Soothe Achy Muscles and Reduces Pain

Valor essential oil is good for mental health, but it is also good for reducing any physical ailments.

Valor oil can aid in lowering jaw pain, joint pain, or back pain that is caused due to Stress or tough workouts in gyms.

Swelling that causes irritation and pain can also be reduced with the anti-inflammatory properties of valor essential oil.

  • How to Use: Massage Oil and Skin Oil

You can apply the valor oil to the soles of your feet and the base of your spine about twice a day to relieve pain.

You can even rub the oil on the muscles and sore joints after a session in the gym.

Combine with carrier oil massaging in a circular and gentle motion.



Valor essential oil can also spread the scent in your body or home.

It has healing properties in the essential oil that work overtime to keep your feelings at best and smell great.

The earthy aromas would make up a delightful fragrance that is not pungent or overwhelming.

  • How to Use: Perfume or Diffuser

You need to add a couple of drops of essential oil directly to the skin behind the ear, neck, and wrists.

You can even make your perfume with the combination of valor essential oil with rose oil, eucalyptus oil, and some other favorites.


Reduce Snoring and Get Better Sleep 

Valor oil can also be used to reduce the incidence of snoring and improve the quality of your sleep.

Snoring often takes place with higher levels of Stress.

The calming properties of the oil can aid you in sleeping faster and resting peacefully.

There are chemical compounds in the valor oil that help in triggering the release of melatonin, the sleep hormone regulating your sleep cycles.

The outcome is more time in deep sleep, allowing you to wake up feeling more rested.

  • How do you use valor essential oil for snoring

To alleviate snoring, you can apply the valor oil to your big toe before heading to bed.

You also get to diffuse valor oil as part of your bedtime routine to induce calmness.


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How to Make Valor Essential Oil 

The valor essential oil is the most popular oil manufactured by Young Living.

Young Living mainly restricts the purchases of two bottles every account each month.

It does not mean that you have to go without it if you adore this oil.

You also get to make your valor essential oil right at your home using the recipe we have shared below:

Ingredients You’ll Need

  • One empty 10 ml essential oils bottle
  • 60 drops of spruce essential oil
  • 28 drops of Frankincense essential oil
  • 24 drops of blue tansy essential oil
  • Eight drops of rosewood essential oil
  • Four drops of balsam fir essential oil
  • 28 drops of sweet almond oil

You need to combine every ingredient in about 10 ml of a glass bottle.

You can buy a dark glass bottle and reuse the old essential oil bottles.

The bottles containing the dropper lids are ideal as you can easily dispense a few drops at a time.

Also, make sure to shake the bottle of Valor essential oil well before you use it.



Below we share the FAQs related to the Valor Essential Oil

1. What is the valor essential oil used for? 

Valor essential oil is generally a blend that aids in promoting the feeling of self-esteem, Confidence, and Courage.


2. With what can I substitute for valor oil? 

The alternative to valor oil is four drops of Stress Away, one drop of Frankincense, and one drop of Idaho Balsam.


3. Will valor essential oil be diffused? 

Valor has some of the best blends for dabbing onto your wrists or even the base of your neck, or you can diffuse them in your home if you need a boost to your self-esteem.


4. Is valor good for anxiety

Valor is the best balancer. It can help balance the energy and instill confidence, Courage, and self-esteem.


5. Are migraines a side effect of essential oils? 

The body is capable enough to absorb more in this manner, enhancing your chances that they will be interacting with the medications leading to toxic and allergic reactions.


6. What is rosewood essential oil? 

Rosewood oil is a valued essential oil mainly used for its perfumery. It is known to contain the substance linalool and has several uses.


7. How good is valor essential oil good for sleep? 

There is a recent product that has gained immense global prominence as valor essential oils can significantly prove advantageous to your health.


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