Very Return Policy in 2024 (**Return Guide**)

In this article, we are going to have a look at the Very Return Policy in detail.

Very is a British online retailer headquartered in Speke, Liverpool, United Kingdom.

After purchasing anything from the Very online retailer. You can return a product within the given time frame. 



What is the Very Return Policy?

Very allows the customers to return their products on or before 28 days from receiving the product.

The product must be complete, unused, and in its original packaging, along with the security tags attached. 

As per the Very Return Policy, you may return your small items through Collect Plus stores and post office counters, but for returning large items, you need to request a return by calling their customer care, and they will arrange a home collection for you. 

What do I need to do before returning any product to Very?

Very Return Policy Return Conditions

Before returning a product to Very, you need to do the following things: 

● You need to return your product on or before 28 days. 

● The product you are returning must be unused, complete, and packaged safely in its original packaging, and the security tags must be attached to the product. 

● You need to write the reason for the return code on the advice note and place it inside every parcel you will return. 

● You need to visit their returns tab in my account or my orders in their app and select the items you want to return.

Then you need to choose your return method and get your return label from them. 

● For returning large items, you need to contact customer care within 28 days to raise your return request. You may return the product through the home collection. 


How to return a product to Very?

If you want to return a product to Very, you need to follow the steps that are given below: 

● You have to go to your account or my orders’ section visit the returns tab in their app before 28 days and select the product you want to return. 

● Then you need to choose to collect + or post office via which you want to send your return.

Then you have to click on the get a return label option and follow the instructions on your screen to get your code. 

● Then, you need to fill in the reason to return code in the given box on the advice note for every individual item you are returning, and then you have to pack the items and place the form in the return package. 

● Then, you need to drop the return package at your selected collect+ store or post office and show them your side so they can print your return address label. 


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What are the return options Very offer to their Customers?

Very Return Policy Return Options

Very offers them the following four return options: 

● Collect+

● Post office 

● Home collection 

● Direct Supplier returns 


How can I track my Very return?

You may track your return by the following options: 

● If the parcel was sent via Yodel, you may track your return by providing the reference number and the zip code. 

● If you have sent your parcel by post office or collected it, you need to track your return using your reference number. 


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What is the Very Return Policy if I receive a Faulty Item?

If you have received a faulty item, you need to may return the product by mail by following the steps given below: 

● First, you have to log in to your account. 

● Then, you must select the Returns tab online or the My Orders if you are using their app. 

● Then, you need to find your order and select the item that you want to return. 

● Then you need to select the return reason as faulty, and then you need to follow the instructions. 

● Then, you need to select your return option. 

You may visit their Products support hub to solve your issue without returning. 


To return multiple items, how many return labels do I need?

You may return all the items in one parcel. You have to click get label once and get one code.

If you are returning multiple parcels, you must take return labels individually as they have separate tracking numbers. 


What is the Very Return Policy for Promotional Offer Purchase?

They will review your item if you want to return a product purchased with a promotional offer like 3 for 2.

If you have broken the offer, you return your 3 for two items and keep the free one; they will reverse the offer automatically and charge you the correct selling price for the items you keep. 


When will I get my refund from Very?

You will get your refund within three working days in your original payment method from receiving your return package to Very. 



We have given the details about the Very Return Policy. Before purchasing from Very, you must know and understand their return policy.

It can help you during your return process.


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