Walgreens Pharmacist Salary In 2024 (Bonuses)

In this article, we share detailed information on Walgreens Pharmacist Salary.

One of the top national retail pharmacy companies in the United States, Walgreens, has hundreds of pharmacy technicians working for them.

The exclusive pharmacy computer system used by the Walgreen Company is called IntercomPlus.

Pharmacy technicians at Walgreens may work in retail, CPO (Central Pharmacy Operation), or various places.



What Is Walgreens Pharmacist Salary (ON AVERAGE)?

The average yearly salary at Walgreens Pharmacy is $96,188.

The annual salary range at Walgreens Pharmacy is $43,194 to $136,634.

The national average for Walgreens pharmacist hourly compensation in the United States is roughly $54.72.

How Much Money Do Florida Walgreens Pharmacists Make?

The hourly wage for a Walgreens pharmacist in Florida is about $54.58, which is in line with the national average.


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How much money do pharmacists at Walgreens make throughout New Jersey?

Walgreens Pharmacist Salary in New Jersey

The hourly wage for a Walgreens pharmacist in New Jersey is roughly $39.00, which is 30% less than the national average.

The average yearly salary for a Walgreens Staff Pharmacist in New Jersey is about $119,896, which is 6% more than the national average.


How much money do California-based Walgreens pharmacists make?

The typical pay at Walgreens ranges from $18,974 for a Pharmacy Clerk to over $130,000 for a Staff Pharmacist.

California has an average Walgreens pharmacist salary of $126,908, which is 9% higher than the national average.


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Do pharmacists at Walgreens receive bonuses?

Walgreens Pharmacist Salary & Bonuses

Amid a persistent labor shortage, Walgreens is enticing pharmacists with a sizable signing bonus.

In some US cities, the pharmacy chain was providing a sign-on bonus of up to $75,000.

According to the Journal, to qualify for the incentive, the new employee must work at their position for a predetermined amount of time, usually at least a year.

Despite the $75,000 compensation illuminating Walgreens’ employment issues, which started during the epidemic, the Journal reports that average Walgreens bonus payments are roughly $30,000 or $50,000.which is within the norm for the country.

For pharmacy techs, Walgreens is offering a $1,250 bonus, paid across the course of a full year.

In September of last year, the business declared that it would give a $1,000 prize to everyone who earned certification to deliver COVID and flu injections.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that in 2021, the median annual pay for pharmacists was $128,570.


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Which Pharmacy Is Superior, Walgreens Or CVS?

Customer feedback suggests that Walgreens is indeed the superior drugstore when contrasting CVS vs. Walgreens.

In contrast, CVS has a competitive advantage over Walgreens in other areas like price and rewards programs, which puts it marginally ahead of the latter in these categories.


What Conditions Must You Meet To Work As A Pharmacy Technician At Walgreens?

A few limitations may prevent you from becoming a pharmacy technician at Walgreens. You must first be 18 years old.

Any pharmacy technician must meet this requirement on a national level. The second requirement is a clear background check.

People who have been convicted of the majority of felonies and all drug-related offenses are ineligible to become pharmacy technicians.


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What Qualifications Do Walgreens Pharmacists Need?

Walgreens Pharmacist Salary & need Qualifications

You will have many options for career progression as a Walgreens pharmacist or pharmacy assistant and various locations to select from.

A few opportunities include working as just a community pharmacist at one of our store outlets, an onsite pharmacist, or inside a hospital or business.

It’s an opportunity to enhance your career in a firm that values pharmacists in a particularly special way.

The response to that question is contingent upon your state of residence, your level of experience or qualification, and the available jobs in your neighborhood.

1. The initial step is to look for available positions on Walgreens.com. To view the stores in the desired area, use the filter functionality.

2. Pharmacy Technician job opportunities will be published on the store website along with the duties and perks of the position.

3. To apply for the open position, click “Apply.”

4. After submitting your online application, the next step is to visit the Walgreens location where you’d like to work to take a computer-based in-person skills exam.

5. After completing the online stages, you will be told to complete your registration in person at any Walgreens location.

This will involve testing your skills on a computer within the store.

You can be called in for an interview right away if you perform well on the skills test & make a positive impression on the manager.

Don’t get upset if it’s not. You will receive a call in a few days if any of the shops you applied to have openings.


Is a certification required to apply for employment at Walgreens as a pharmacy technician?

Applying to work as a pharmacy technician at Walgreens is quicker, but if you demonstrate potential, Walgreens will train you.

No certification is required. You will receive training between six and twelve months.


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