Walmart Background Check in 2024 (Requirments, Time Take)

Walmart Background Check is a crucial point to note when you are applying for any job in this international organization.

The entity verifies each candidate’s background before hiring them for any post.

As a result, there is no place for any fraud within the organization as the company is very particular while employing the personnel in each department.

Walmart focuses on any past criminal records of the concerned applicant and confirms the identity from various proofs.

They also check whether the documents submitted are genuine and issued from authorized sources.

After complete verification, the company gives a green signal if it believes everything is alright.



What is Walmart Background Check?

Walmart Background Check is a verification process that the company carries out before recruitment.

The candidates must also show other relevant documents along with the criminal records checking.

Walmart may be interested to know additional information to be satisfied that you are genuine for the job.

The primary reason to conduct such a background check is to reduce the risks for the company and ensure that only authentic persons serve the public having a clean record.

Always be truthful while you are applying for any job at Walmart.

If the company later finds out that any of the information you provided earlier is false, things will not favor you.

The company can even sue you in court for misrepresentation.

Furthermore, it can also ban you from working in this organization if you suppress anything or conceal any conviction record.

Give the interview honestly and ensure you are true in whatever you say.


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What information is required for Walmart Background Check?

What information is required for Walmart Background Check

Information that Walmart requires during the background check process is;-

Criminal Records

These are the most crucial pieces of evidence that Walmart searches to ensure that no employee has an unwanted criminal record.

Therefore, this point comes at the top of the required information for Walmart Background Checks.

The records will involve any incident of convictions or arrests during the immediately preceding seven years.

Violent criminals involved in drug dealing, sex trafficking, etc., are not qualified to work at Walmart.


Sex Offender Registry

The next point which needs examination is any record of a sex offense.

However, any sex crime committed more than seven years later will not be revealed during the check.

The convicted person is not eligible for employment on both federal and state levels.


Confirmed Identity

Identity confirmation is also an important factor at the time of background check.

The process includes verification of the Social Security Number and the shortlisted candidate’s address history.

However, if there is any change of address, for instance, the address of your high school days and the present residence, you must disclose that in front of the company executives.

If you do not bother to mention the reason for such a difference, the company will disqualify you immediately.

So, please ensure that your application and interview are true in every aspect.


Employment History

Besides the personal information check, Walmart will also consider your history regarding education and past employment.

Only writing on your application form does not mean that Walmart will believe it instantly and will not perform cross-checking.

Only you can join the organization when the entity knows your records and employment history.

Dishonesty can lead to disqualification. So, be very specific and write only what is true.


Credit Score

The last point in the list of the Walmart Background Check is Credit Score checking.

The scores vary as per the specific rules of every state of the US or Puerto Rico.

However, Walmart can check the Credit Score only when it receives express permission from the candidate.

In the case of recruiting for the accounting department or hiring personnel for the money-handling position, a high credit score is essential.

Therefore, if your credit score is weak, you may lose the chance of working for Walmart.


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How Long Does Walmart Background Check Take?

How Long Does Walmart Background Check Take

No fixed schedule is there to complete the Walmart Background Check. In most cases, the checking is over within two or three days.

However, in case of any complication, the duration can be 16 days or more. Furthermore, some employees also stated that their checks took only one day.

It depends on the circumstances and the case of each employee. The clean and clear cases will surely be completed within a day or two.

The company will provide you with a website; the checking will start once you give permission. After this, you need to pass through a telephone interview.

Please fill out the form quickly with the appropriate information and submit it. If everything is fine, the HR of Walmart will initiate a small interview and confirm your employment.

As soon as you express your desire to work with the company, you become eligible for employment and are hired immediately.

You will receive the instructions from HR through email. According to the hiring managers, the average time to complete the background check is between 7 to 10 days.


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How Long Does First Advantage take to do a Background Check at Walmart?

Walmart outsources the responsibility of background checks of the shortlisted applicants to First Advantage.

The duration is not the same for every candidate, as the background check for each individual is different.

Moreover, the source of information is also crucial to determine the timeframe for First Advantage.

For instance, if they want to verify the genuineness of the candidate’s educational institution, they will call the university or make a physical visit.

So, the duration of the full check will depend on the response time from the different sources.


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Why does Walmart do Background Checks?

Why does Walmart do Background Checks

To check the job eligibility of several candidates, Walmart will conduct a thorough background check after a person is shortlisted for a position in the company.

It helps the organization pick only potential individuals for employment.

Moreover, such a step also limits the possible risks of hiring people with past criminal records.



Walmart Background Check is one of the important parts of the hiring process of Walmart.

Every applicant must disclose facts to prevent disqualification.

Do not ever try to manipulate the true facts in any way.

Otherwise, the company has all the right to take serious steps against you.


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