Walmart Banned List & why they ban in 2024

In this article, we share detailed information on Walmart Banned List.

Walmart, one of the biggest hypermarket chains in America, also has its share of trouble.

In Walmart, some people can get banned for various reasons, where they can not enter.

And if any of them try to do something to break this rule, then Walmart has the right to take some legal steps.

Based on this, Walmart has faced many controversies throughout the decades, but they are clear about their rules and regulations, which they expect everyone to follow.



What is Walmart Banned List?

Walmart has its share of rules and regulations that are meant to be followed.

Still, some people do not follow the rules or do something improper in that case, to maintain the well-being of the Walmart store, the manager bans the person from entering the store for a short period or lifetime.

In that case, the person’s name was entered into a database that shows that the person is banned for entering the Walmart store, and the list of this database is called the Walmart Banned List.


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How can you know if you are on the banned list at Walmart?

Walmart Banned List

If Walmart Banned you from the store, then the manager or someone head of the store will tell you in person that they are not interested in continuing to do business with you.

Then they will take a picture of you and put a BOLO ( Be On Look Out) on you.

And if you still don’t understand your fault, the Walmart store employees will let you know.

And most of the time, the banned are made in local stores, and if it’s something serious, you can see your pictures as BOLO in various Walmart stores. 


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Why Walmart Banned You?

There are many reasons why Walmart can ban you. People are full of surprises sometimes, and there are many unique cases of why Walmart refuses someone. 

The little reason anyone can get banned for a few years or months is if any customer keeps pulling pranks on the employees or distributing other customers inside the store.

Then if you are charged with shoplifting, misbehaving with store employees, etc. 

The significant reason Walmart can ban someone is when they are caught stealing something; Walmart has a zero-tolerance policy in the matter of stealing; then harassment of any customers or employees.

And if someone tries to avoid the legal issues pressed by Walmart, destroying store properties, etc. 

There are many other reasons Walmart can ban you, so it’s better to shop and keep moving.


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How long do you get banned from Walmart?

Walmart Banned List

The response to this question relies on the store and the seriousness of your crime.

If the reason for banning you is minor, then Walmart can ban you for a few months or charge you a fine.

Then if it’s something like severe pranks for people or destroying something in the store by mistake, it can last for a year or two.

And if it’s something significant like stealing or harassing others in the store, then the ban is for life, and in this case, there is a possibility that the ban is not only made locally but on all Walmart outlets.


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Can you be banned from all of Walmart?

Yes, you can be banned from all Walmart but not for some minor reason. Walmart doesn’t ban anyone unless it’s necessary.

Walmart treats every customer equally and with respect, and in return, Walmart expects the same from the customers.

It may seem weird, but some people even break the rules, regulations, and laws by doing something wrong to please their needs.

When any customer comes to Walmart and is caught stealing products or demolishing an enormous amount of store property, there is no chance that Walmart will allow the person to enter the store again.

If the crime gets more severe than that, then the Walmart store will send the banned database to all other Walmart stores and put a BOLO on that offender.

Also, Walmart will take legal action against that person to punish them for the crime they have committed. 


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How does Walmart know if you’ve been banned?

Walmart Banned List

Walmart will put on a BOLO ( Be on Look Out) claim with a picture of you. So that whenever you enter the store, security will notice you.

And if the technology of the score is advanced, then it can do facial recognition, but Walmart doesn’t necessarily do that all the time. 

Besides that, often, if it isn’t something serious, the employees don’t care much about reporting on the customers or noticing everything they do; they keep an eye out from a distance.

Most employees are very polite and don’t want to make a big fuss about everything If it isn’t severe.

But there are also a few employees who like to report everything happening around them, so it’s better not to include yourself in something reckless. 

If any employee recognized someone banned for a serious reason and somehow managed to pass the security, they immediately reported it to the manager.

The manager took the next step, which was calling the police. 


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How Long Does Walmart Ban First-time Shoplifters?

Shoplifting is an offense in the eye of Walmart. Shoplifting is when a customer tries to steal some products by acting like a paying customer.

And it’s not something new in Walmart; intentionally or unintentionally do this very often.

When they put the product in the cart, sometimes small things get under the cart from where it’s tough to notice, and later on, while taking the cart out of the store, they get caught because of shoplifting, where it is a genuine mistake. Still, some do shoplifting intentionally, and that’s true. 

But when someone gets caught as a first-time shoplifter, and the product cost is less than $25, that person is just charged with a $100-$200 fine, and then they are free to enter the store.

But if the product costs way more than that, then the person has to give a fine which can cost more than $200, and be banned from entering the Walmart store for around one to five years. 


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