Walmart Discount Card in 2024 (Register, Requirments, Foods)

Walmart Discount Card is available only for Walmart associates.

The company hires staff with this attractive benefit facilitating the associate and their spouse to get around a ten percent discount on any purchase from Walmart.

However, the card activation occurs only after the employee completes 90 days of employment.

After getting a job in this world-famous company, Walmart employees obtain this tremendous advantage.

If you are also part of this organization, be assured of a lovely discount by holding the Discount Card.



What is a Walmart Discount Card?

Are you working at Walmart or planning to join a reputed organization?

If yes, you must know about the benefits of a Walmart Discount Card.

It ensures that every company associate can obtain the product of their choice at a discounted rate.

Presently, this is 10% and tends to change in intervals.

There is no need to submit a separate application to get this card.

After confirming their appointment, the entity registers every employee’s name under this beneficial scheme.

However the activation does not take place on an immediate basis.

The employee needs to wait for 90 days to receive the facility.

The discount is initiated only from the 91st day.

Therefore, if an employee leaves the company before completing the 90-day employment period, the person will never receive the benefit.

There are facilities for periodical renewal after the validity of one card is over.

However, in case of renewal, one must apply for the option individually by fulfilling the conditions attached to the card.


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How do I register my Walmart discount card?

Register for Walmart Discount Card is the web portal where you can check out the validity and all other details of the Discount Card allotted to you.

But you need not register the card separately on this portal.

You should also check the eligibility for a Long-term Service Discount.

If your card has that facility, you need not take additional tension as the option will automatically activate.

The system of Walmart keeps records of the employment length of every employee.

Therefore, the upgrade will happen automatically after the employee reaches the particular stage for activating the Long-Term Service Discount facility.

In such a case, the said employee can continue to take the benefits even after leaving the organization.


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What does the Walmart discount card do?

Their Discount Card is valid at any store of Walmart throughout the United States.

However, the applicable discount holds good for online orders from

However, the facility is for Walmart employees only and not for outsiders.

It implies that a Walmart Associate can get the option of availing of an attractive discount of ten percent on a purchase from Walmart by showing this Associate Discount Card.

The items on which the discount is valid are fresh produce and general merchandise, which are available at regular prices.

There is no difference in the discount amount available in physical stores and online portals.


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Are any requirements for getting Walmart Discount Card?

Requirments For Walmart Discount Card

The conditions for availing of the discount at Walmart for associates are not very stringent.

An employee of Walmart is bound to get this benefit without any separate application for the same.

The only condition for activation of the card is completing a service period of only 90 days with the company.

Thus, you can avail of the discount of 10% from the 91st day onwards and enjoy a great time while shopping different merchandise and fresh produce from Walmart.

Besides, the employees completing a long service period of 20 years automatically become eligible for the Long-Term Service Discount.

They are not required to fill up any form for updating the same.

As soon as the employee crosses the year of eligibility in his job, the card will automatically upgrade itself to the Long-Term Service Discount Card.

Moreover, such a card will be valid after you retire from Walmart.

The eligibility criteria also state that any holder of the card with 15 years of service in the company consecutively can enjoy the discount if they take the leave at 55 or above this age.


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How do I get a replacement Discount Card at Walmart?

The process to obtain a replacement for the Walmart Discount Card is very simple, and you can do so over the web portal.

Besides, replacing the old card is also valid in every Walmart store.

If you are uncomfortable using the internet, the Walmart staff will always help you replace the card for elongated benefits.

But you must be aware of the ID number on the existing card.

Just tell the officials this ID number or enter the same in the respective space on the website. Your new card will be readily issued.


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Can You Order a New Discount Card On Walmart One?

Walmart Discount Card

Yes, definitely. If you visit the official website of Walmart One, you can learn about the facilities and validity period of the Walmart Discount Card.

Moreover, an associate of the company can order a new card by going through a certain sequence of steps. The steps are hereunder for your reference.

· Visit the website

· Go to the section of Money and then click on Money Savers

· Pick the name of the Walmart and Sam’s Club Discounts from the available choices

· Open the Discount Card Application

· Fill in all the required information in the correct spaces and tap on the Submit button

No other application is necessary to get the new discount card from Walmart.

If you have lost the previous card, please intimate that to the official at Walmart. You will receive the new card through the postal mail.


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How do I get a new associate Walmart Discount Card?

A new associate is easily available by contacting the Human Resource Manager of Walmart.

Please inform the manager about your ID number on the existing card and tell him why you want a new card.

The new card issue will occur automatically if you are a new employee.


How do I add an associate discount card to Walmart app?

The Walmart app is an added advantage if you want a Discount Card with immediate effect.

The Walmart Associated discounts are available on both the app and the website of Walmart. First, you have to create an account on the website.

Go to the Wallet option and select Walmart Associate Discount. For adding the discount card, it is mandatory to enter the WIN and card numbers.

The profile button on the app will show all the options to add the discount card. The WIN number is present in this section only.


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Does Walmart Discount Card Work on Foods?

Yes. Their Discount Card gives a 10% discount on purchasing any food item from the store by its associate who has worked for at least 90 days.


Does Walmart Discount Card Work on Electronics?

The taxable items of Walmart, in the category of non-grocery products, are available for a maximum discount of ten percent on using their Discount Card.

If the electronic item falls under general merchandise priced at regular rates, you will receive a discount of 10%. Christmas time can fetch some more discounts on these products.


Where is the security code on Walmart Discount Card?

The security code is on the backside, beside the signing panel. It is a 3-digit unique code to protect your identity and prevent fraudulent activities.


Does Walmart Discount Card work on Sam’s?

The Walmart Discount Card applies for Walmart associates to avail of attractive discounts. However, the employees of Walmart cannot get any value from Sam’s Club by showing this card.


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How long do you have to be at Walmart to keep your discount card?

The minimum period you must stay in Walmart to activate the discount card is 90 days.

But the Long-Term Service Discount Card is applicable after retirement if the employee completes a consecutive service period of at least 20 years.


Can my mom use my Walmart discount card?

Only an eligible dependent of a Walmart associate can use the Discount Card, apart from the spouse.

Only the dependent children fall under this provision, so your mom will not be eligible to use the card to make any purchases from this brand.



The Walmart Discount Card is thus a great option for company associates. Be happy with the amazing discounts and special offers during the festive seasons.

The legal spouse can also get the same 10% discount and enjoy shopping immensely from offline and online Walmart stores.


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