Walmart Order Filler (Work, Salary, Distribution Center)

Walmart Order Filler refers to the employees of Walmart who carry out the responsibilities of filling up the orders received from multiple customers.

They get all the specifications and individual instructions through the voice-picking device.

Hence, the chances of errors in the orders are much less as the staff work dedicatedly per the directions of the device.

The job vacancies for Walmart Order Filler are also posted by Team Associate, Freight Handler, etc. So, if you are applying for any of these positions, be sure that the ultimate work will be that of the order filler at any Walmart store.


What does Walmart Order filler do in the Walmart distribution center?

Walmart Order Filler work in Walmart DC Center

A Walmart order filler needs to visit almost all the departments of Walmart distribution centers to deliver the correct packages to their destinations.

Moreover, they need excellent speed to ensure no customer is unsatisfied with the services.

These responsible persons spend considerable time in the respective departments and collect orders for the clients placed online.

Furthermore, they keep the customers engaged with prompt replies and effective communication.

This releases the customers’ tension, and they get confidence that their orders are arriving soon.

After filling the orders, they dispense the same according to the delivery addresses.


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What is Walmart online order filling? 

Walmart Order Filler Mean

Walmart online order filling means filling the respective orders of different customers in suitable containers like bags, boxes, etc.

Today, most people prefer to get items from Walmart at their homes without visiting the stores physically.

Hence, they place the orders online and expect timely delivery of the products. 

Walmart Order Fillers are very serious in their jobs and work quickly to make things reach you without delay.


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What does online order filling mean?

Several customers prefer to give online orders to reduce their time to visit the shops.

However, if the order filling is not done properly, the customers will not receive the orders on time.

Therefore, the responsible staff of the concerned company always indulge in effective online order filling.

It implies a timely collection of the orders and filling them up in proper boxes and containers.

The Team Associates take these orders and carry out the job of distributing the packages to their correct addresses.


What is a Walmart DC order filler?

Walmart DC recruits employees to look after the orders received online. They are referred to as the orders fillers of Walmart.

These employees visit various distribution center departments and fill up the boxes with the orders placed on the web portal.

However, they get thorough instructions from the managers and supervisors.

The voice-picking device also makes them aware of the orders of customers and when they are supposed to deliver the packages.

Furthermore, the order forms or sales slips also mention the customers’ names.

The Walmart DC order filler ensures that the customers receive the correct orders at the pre-fixed time.


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How much does Walmart pay online fillers in Texas?

Walmart stores are present in every state of the United States. Therefore, you can expect convenient shopping from Walmart if you live in Texas.

Walmart Order Filler receives a good amount of salary for packing, collecting, and distributing the orders that people place online through the Walmart site.

The salary calculation depends on the respective state and ensures that it meets the national average. Moreover, it is based on hourly rates.

In Texas, Walmart pays around $16.26 to a Walmart order filler. So, it is according to the national average. However, in many states, Walmart pays more than the national average for online fillers.


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Does Walmart charge more for online orders?

This statement is not always true. It means that Walmart does not always charge more for placing an order online than physically visiting the store.

However, the additional charges for online orders are only for delivery to your doorstep.

But such an amount is not compulsory to pay depending upon your membership with Walmart.

Walmart Plus members do not have to pay anything for delivery for a bill of more than $35.

However, if the total amount of the bill is less than $35, you have to pay some amount for the deliveries. But the minimum amount in such cases starts from $5.99.

It is pretty low compared to the non-Plus members. If a customer is not a Walmart Plus Member, around $7 to $9 is the average delivery charge for every order.


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How much do Walmart DC order fillers make?

The average annual salary of the Walmart DC order fillers begins at $40K.

However, it can also rise as high as $80K per annum. Often, they have to work overtime to fulfill the orders on time. For that, PTO is an additional incentive for hardworking guys.

PPTO is another health benefit for Walmart Order Fillers for their protection. Besides, the employees also receive a hefty bonus at an interval of three months.

The employee discount card ensures that the Walmart Order Fillers receive a discount of 10% on any product they purchase from the store for personal use.

A separate website is there for them from where they can buy any item at great discounts.



Walmart Order Filler receives many benefits and a good amount of money as salary and perks.

However, after learning about their job process and nature, it will not be wrong to say that these people deserve the benefits Walmart provides.

They work really hard and deliver your orders at a fabulous speed without giving you any time to complain.

Therefore, every happy customer must write feedback about their experiences after receiving the order on time.


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