Walmart Receipt Lookup? (N, X, O, R, H, UPC, GV ULT Mean)

In this article, we share detailed information on Walmart Receipt Lookup. Because first look, Walmart receipts may look complex, with many abbreviations and lines. The receipt encloses critical details.

The Walmart receipt indicates both tax status and sales tax compliance. Walmart receipt lookup will indicate the tax status of the purchaser indicated by letters N, X & O, and the letters A, B, P, R, & S represent sales tax compliance.



What is a Walmart Receipt Lookup?

Those using Walmart app on phones can scan the code from the receipt and conveniently store it online. Otherwise, the receipt can be retrieved only by the store.

But a Walmart store will look up only those receipts generated after purchases in a specific store.

Also, they need important information to narrow the search, including date of purchase, serial numbers of items, total price, and descriptions of stand-out items. 




How to Find Products Name From Walmart Receipts?

A Walmart receipt features product names, serial numbers, and total price, discounts, if any, with abbreviated codes. The receipt number can be seen on the page.

It is easy to find and print duplicate receipts using Walmart’s online receipt lookup tool.


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What does TC & C Stand For?

The ‘TC’ number represents transaction codes. The receipt’s unique identification number is C# and has high importance. Below the barcode, you can also see the date and time of purchase.


Meaning of Walmart Receipt Numerical Codes

Walmart Receipt Lookup

From top to bottom, Walmart receipts have an array of long and short numeral codes. The top line on the Walmart receipt begins with the store name and zip code. 

On the right-hand side, prices for each item are printed. The total cost and debit status indicating refunds or additional charges are also indicated.

If the payment has been made with cards, then the last four digits will appear after ‘U.S credit/debit.

If a refund request is pending, the customer and the cashier will see it. The merchant’s receipt reference (REF) number also appears on the same line.


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Why is 12 Digit Serial Code Important to Each Item Purchase?

The 12-digit serial code, unique to each item purchased, is listed in the middle of the receipt. Walmart receipts carry both long and short number codes.

The first horizontal number on the receipt indicates the store name and zip code. The following details of the Walmart receipt will be helpful.

ST# states the store number
OP# signifies the cashier
#TE is the number of the cash register
TR# denotes the transaction number

Next, analyze the 12-digit serial codes that are unique to every purchase.

Each price is listed on the right-hand side.
The abbreviation APPR means “Approved,” meaning the bank’s authorization is there to do the transaction.

If there is any AID code found, it means a chip card has been used.


Abbreviations show shortened product names

Among the abbreviations used at Walmart, receipts include names of items purchased in an abbreviated fashion. One example is “organic,” shown as “Org” and “vegetables” as “VG.” 

Remember that an item for sale carries a unique serial number. In the case of high-end products, such as televisions, tablets, smartphones, and radios, a serial code will be etched on the product as part of the product’s design. 

Just type that number into’s search bar to find the alphabetical name. 


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What do N, X, O, R and H mean in Walmart Receipt?

N means a non-taxable item, while X is a taxable item. O is a non-taxable sale item. And T is a taxable sale item. This is irrespective of state. 

Usually, H stands for products on healthcare, mainly from the pharmacy covering health and beauty. It might signify health items being paid with a special card for medical expenses.

F signifies food related to food stamps. Sometimes I also indicate food that could be produced items. A K suggests the cashier has to manually key in the number and not do any scanning. 


What is UPC in Walmart’s receipt?

The UPC or a universal product code gives valid product identification. But UPC is not an SKU number.

If a customer wants to find something about a product, look up the UPC by searching online at Walmart or other online retailers. The methodology of looking up UPC is crucial. 

Do a UPC lookup to find details about a specific product on Walmart’s website. Open in your browser. In the search bar, enter the product name or details about the product.

Scroll the search results and select the item that is the top match. 

Once you are on the product page, right-click the screen, and select “View Page Source.”

Then press Command+F on a Mac or CTRL+F on Windows and search “UPC” The number following the “UPC” must be noted. However, Walmart does not have fully visible UPCs for all the listings. 


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How do I find what I bought on a Walmart receipt?

For in-store purchases made with a card, use Walmart receipt lookup to view and download a copy of the receipt. If cash was used for a purchase, contact Walmart customer service to help find the receipt.


What does GV ULT 12 mg mean on a Walmart Receipt?

It might indicate the Great Value Walmart brand, and the detailed information suggests the product might be Great Value Ultra Soft toilet paper 12 Mega Roll or Ultra Strong toilet paper 12 Mega Roll. 


What does S mean in Walmart receipt?

The Walmart receipt has letters such as F, R, B, and S related to sales tax compliance, varying from state to state. In this example, you will sales tax specified.

A = Tax 1 OnlyB = Tax 2 Only
P = Tax 1&4R = Tax 1&6
S = Tax 1&7A is the tax rate applicable to an item purchased
Tax 1 stands for general merchandiseTax 2 is the food rate
Tax 4 is the rate of prepared food Tax 6 is the wine rate
 Tax 7 is the Beer rate of 7 percent tax


The discussion shows how comprehensive Walmart receipts are and brilliantly houses diverse and useful information.