Why Dollar General Is Bad in 2024? (!!WHY!!)

This article focuses on the question “Why Dollar General Is Bad.”

Many of us want to work in retail stores or a variety of stores to start our careers or earn money to pay for our rent or education, and working at Dollar General crosses many people’s lives.

But according to many employees in Dollar General, the store is not suitable for employees; working at Dollar General is traumatic, so let’s find out how.



Why Dollar General Is Bad?

Working at Dollar General is not only bad for working but is also problematic for many other aspects, so here we will discuss how Dollar General is bad, 


1. Understaffed stores 

One of the Main reasons Dollar General Store is considered a bad store is how it maintains the number of employees at the Dollar General Store.

In Dollar General, the employee number percentage is so low in individual stores that if any customer requires assistance, then they have to roam around the store to find an associate to help them out.

Things like that stress the employees as they must maintain all their work and do one thing after another without any break.


2. Extra shifts 

The employee shifts in Dollar General are not at all pleasant.

In the morning, employees who work at Dollar General must maintain a book where all the previous day’s data are installed.

After that, they have to do all the work at the store, like arranging the products, attending to and assisting the customers through the checkout process, etc.

But even after that, as Dollar General stores are understaffed, when the workload increases or any employee misses their shift, all the work falls into those fewer Dollar General employees.

Instead of working 6 to 8 hours, the employees have to work around 10 to 12 hours. 


3. Underpaid employees

Dollar General follows the model where it is built to have employees at a low salary.

Many of the dollar general stores are built in rural areas.

In those places, after most of the local stores got shut down because of the store, there weren’t many options available for them.

So they can either work there at a low salary or move to the City for more earnings. 


4. Rude customers 

Even though most of the systems in Dollar General are flawed, and it’s not the employee’s fault, they still have to endure many traumatic situations.

The store running system in Dollar General is not so great, and it irritates the customers.

In exchange, they shout at the employees instead of understanding the rules and product choices made by Dollar General.

And the employees in Dollar General Stores have gone through these situations frequently.


5. Shoplifting 

Another reason Dollar General is bad is because of its shoplifting incidents. Most of the cheap $1 products are small.

As Dollar General started having a self-checkout system, using this to their advantage at the Dollar General stores, customers put unpaid things into their bags.

Even though Dollar General is facing severe losses, they are still not doing anything about that. 


6. Target Audience 

Dollar general target audience is mainly people from undeveloped or small areas; they focus their stores in such places so much that they don’t have many stores in big cities.

In undeveloped and small areas, people may prefer to buy dollar products, but its marketing strategies are not good for all citizens around the US.


7. Store condition

The store condition in Dollar General Stores bothers its customers and employees.

Those who work at Dollar General complain that once any issue like air conditioning, lighting, broken shelves, etc., occurs in a Dollar General store, it takes months to repair.

After experiencing it all day, if customers say that Dollar General is bad, they won’t be wrong. 


8. Bad quality item

If you buy any product from a Dollar General Store, you will notice that the product doesn’t last long.

The products in Dollar General stores are of very bad quality, like clothes, household items, kitchen accessories, etc.; they stay useable for 1 or 2 months maximum.

But They aren’t a good deal. If you try to find things outside Dollar General, you can buy better quality items at the same price or by paying a few extra cents.


9. Poor quality food 

Dollar General has food products at $1, but those foods are not fresh and highly processed.

Consumption of highly processed food is not suitable for your health.

So even though foods in Dollars General are pretty cheap, regular consumption of Dollar General food can cost you even more than the money you saved by having Dollar general foods.


10. More than a Dollar product 

Most stores got shut down from rural areas to small towns because of Dollar General.

Hence the local citizens don’t have many options to go and buy necessary items near their location, so even though in Dollar General many products are above a dollar, the rural people have to purchase them or wait and buy them from the City.


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Why Dollar General is bad for the Community?

Why Dollar General is bad for the Community

● Unnecessary store build 

Dollar General builds its stores in rural places of America where there are already local grocery stores, clothing stores, etc., available.

Dollar General not only makes a small store but creates a warehouse-sized store that harms the Community.


● Destroying the Community 

Then Dollar General had no contribution to the Community; they established their store in small towns.

After making a store in such places, the government there has to pay for the dollar General Store using the tax money paid by the local citizens there. 


● Create conflicts

When a Dollar General Store is built in rural America, it threatens the local stores, as people can get things cheap at Dollar General.

That’s why the citizens reduce visiting the local stores, creating serious conflict and suffering among the stores or businesses.

Ultimately, those businesses that couldn’t survive the pressure had to shut down. 


● Food desert 

Dollar General chose the place for its store where no other companies would try to do business.

The places Dollar General made its stores are primarily Undeveloped, and people out there go through difficult situations to earn their money.

Still, due to Dollar General, most of the local people lost their businesses.

, it creates suffering for food, and ultimately people don’t have any other option than relying on Dollar General.


● Zero Jobs 

Due to dollar general stores, people from small towns and rural areas lose their businesses.

both the owner and the employees in a local area have to suffer financially.

Ultimately, the local people don’t have many alternatives where they can work and earn money, so either they can work at Dollar General at a low salary or go to the City for work. 


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