Winn Dixie Money Order in 2024 (Cost, Filling, Limit)

We can’t deny that day-by-day money order has become the easiest way to pay relatively big amount like $500 to $1000 for purchases, paying bills, etc.

And now, when you have access to Western Union money orders through Winn Dixie stores, you know you are getting one of the best services for money orders in the US.

So now, When you are willing to purchase a money order from Winn Dixie, there are a few things about the money order you should know, 



How to Get a Winn Dixie Money Order?

When you have to pay for a bill or other payment and don’t want to pay it using a check because they are quite risky, the best option is to purchase a Winn Dixie Money order to pay the bill. 

Western Union makes the Winn Dixie Money order, and that’s why when you try to purchase a Winn Dixie Money order, it’s actually from a multinational finance company.

So, to get the Winn money order, you must visit any Winn Dixie stores near you. Once you visit the place located at the Western Union or money service counter, ask the employee if you are willing to purchase a Money order.

Then the employee will ask you for identity proof, and after that, for the money order purchase, you have to pay for it using cash or debit card; at Winn Dixie. Credit cards are not accepted for money orders. So they will give you a Winn Money order after you pay for it through the given payment method.


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How much cost is Winn Dixie Money Order?

Winn Dixie Money Order cost

Well, when you go to Winn-Dixie to purchase a money order there, you have to pay a basic amount to purchase the money order.

There you can purchase a money order at the price of $500; the maximum limit for Winn-Dixie money orders is $1000, and you can only purchase up to this amount. 

But when you go to Winn-Dixie to purchase a money order there, you must pay a small fee for each order.

So when you purchase a Winn-Dixie money order that is around $500, the fee for it is $0.79, and if you purchase any Winn-Dixie money order from $501 to $1000, then for that, you have to pay $1.58 as the money order fee. So to have a secure payment like Winn Dixie Money order paying this nominal fee is fine.


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How To Fill A Winn Dixie Money Order?

Filling out a Winn-Dixie money order is relatively easy. If you have ever filled out a money order from any other company, you can also fill out the Western Union money order you can purchase at Winn-Dixie. 

So, to fill the Winn money order, at the “PAY TO THE ORDER OF” area, write the name of the payee’s name (person or company) and ensure the spelling is correct.

Then at the “PAYMENT FOR” segment, add your account number or the reason for payment, but it is better to add the account number.

Then at the “PURCHASER ADDRESS” line, write your current residential address and state and zip code.

Then at the given space, sign at the front of the money order, and don’t ever sign at the back because it’s for the recipient.

So after your Winn Dixie money order filling process is done, keep the attached receipt of the money order to yourself in some place safe and send the Winn money order by mail or give it in person. 


What is the Winn Dixie Money Order Maximum Limit?

Winn Dixie Money Order limit

In Winn Dixie, like any other Western Union money order Winn Dixie also has a maximum limit for their money order. So whenever you go to Winn Dixie for a money order, you will get a maximum of $1000.

And they don’t allow any amount higher than this, so for example, if you need to pay someone $1800 for something, you have to purchase a $1000 and $800 Winn Dixie money order. 


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Can I cash the Winn Dixie Money Order at any location?

No, you can’t cash Winn Dixie money orders from any Winn Dixie supermarkets. Winn Dixie will only allow you to purchase money orders, but if you want to cash a Winn money order, you have to cash it someplace else, like at Chase Bank, United States Postal Service, etc. 

And still, if you have any doubts, you can talk to Winn Dixie’s Western Union employees to give you some ideas about where you can cash them or Western union customer service number 1800-102-7111 for guidance.


What to do if my Winn Dixie Money Order is lost or stolen?

Losing money orders is something worse than losing cash. In money orders, the amounts are already paid in advance, and if it’s lost or stolen, there is a high chance that someone will cash a money order as soon as possible. 

So, to prevent any situation like this, you should contact the Western Union customer service number 1-800-999-9660 as soon as possible.

Then the next day, the police report that you lost your Western Union money order that you purchased from Winn-Dixie. This process will ensure that the money order thief can’t guess the amount.

Then to get a refund, you must keep the original receipt of the Winn Dixie Money order and fill out a form for the missing money order.

After that, by paying a $15 non-refundable processing fee, you can get back your money order amount.

And if you don’t have the original money order receipt from Winn Dixie, then to complete the process of getting a refund, you have to pay a non-refundable fee of $30.

So to avoid these unwanted situations, keeping your Winn money order safe is better. 


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How do I track a Winn Dixie Money Order?

When you purchase a Western Union Money order from Winn Dixie and mail it to the recipient’s address, there are still thoughts stuck in your mind, whether they get the Winn Dixie money order or any other information about the money order status. 

Now to track the western union money order from the Winn Dixie store, you need to follow a few basic steps. First, you must contact 1-800-999-9660 to confirm the Western Union money order is available and out for delivery. 

Then if you have the money order receipt, through the call, you can ask for a Money Order Tracing/Refund request, and then you have to wait around 30 days to know or track anything about the Western Union money order from Winn Dixie. Or you can know about it earlier, but you have to pay a $15 to $30 processing fee.

And this is how you can track the money order you purchase from Winn-Dixie. Or if you want to know if it reaches the recipient, you can directly contact them personally and ask them to let you know.


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Can I get a refund on a Winn Dixie Money Order?

It’s true that sometimes after purchasing the Money order we don’t find the need or aren’t required to send the money anymore or there are many other reasons.

In that case, we only want a refund for our Winn Dixie Money order. And getting the refund at Winn Dixie’s Western Union money order is the easiest, as you can apply for it online and offline.

Then to get the refund for the Winn money order, you have to fill out a Money Order Refund Request Form. After feeling it with the necessary information, you must submit it at the Winn Dixie store or the Western Union website.

But while applying for the Winn Dixie money order refund, having the original receipt is very important as you must also attach it.

And then, in the offline method, the Western Union employee at the counter will check all the information and let you know if they need anything more.

And online, you have to accept some terms and conditions, and then, if you are eligible, you can get your refund back for your Winn money order.


Can I get a Winn Dixie Money order with a Credit Card?

Many people prefer purchasing money orders using a credit card, even though paying for money orders using a credit card is available at many stores and financial companies.

Still, at Winn Dixie, to purchase Western Union money orders, you can’t use a credit card to purchase it.

The most obvious way to purchase a Winn-Dixie money order is by using cash, as not all places have arrangements for debit card payment.

Still, now more or less, most of Winn-Dixie has a debit card option available for money orders, but before that, you should contact them.

Suppose you are thinking of paying using a credit card as something while purchasing a money order using a credit card.

In that case, the money order gets canceled due to the credit card limit, the capability of the credit card, etc. And that’s why Winn Dixie doesn’t have access to a credit card for purchasing the money order.


Are there any fees for Cancelling a Winn Dixie Money Order?

If there is no requirement or need for the money order and that’s why you want to cancel it, you can easily do that for the Western Union money order from Winn Dixie. 

The easiest way is to visit the Winn Dixie store, go to the Western Union counting, and ask the employee to cancel the Winn Dixie money order and give you a refund.

After showing the identity proof original receipt and filling out the Western Union money order refund form, you can cancel your Winn money order and get a refund. 

If you want to apply for cancellation online, visit the Western Union website, fill out the money order refund form attached with the original money order or receipt, and send it through email or fax. Then after your request is accepted, the company will cancel your money order and send you a refund.



So, in the end, as you can see, purchasing and canceling a Winn Dixie Money Order is very simple and convenient; also, with their services, you can easily get your Winn money order status.

But no matter what happens, always remember to keep the original receipt of the Winn-Dixie money order so you can use it if any situation occurs.