Winn Dixie Vs Publix in 2024 (Store, Product, Price, Salary)

Winn Dixie and Publix are two giants in the US market.

Hence, several opinions are there regarding the policies and services of the two.

Here is the discussion on Winn Dixie Vs Publix involves the perspectives of the employees and the customers.

Pay Package: When asked, several employees commented that Publix’s pay package is better than Winn Dixie’s.

Freshness: Moreover, the food items at Publix are always fresh.

Customers will always have a fabulous experience by choosing Publix over Winn Dixie.

But on a few points, Winn Dixie can also be preferable.

To eliminate all the doubts, please go through the comparison here.

You will have plenty of reasons to understand the best option for your needs.



Winn Dixie Vs Publix

Winn Dixie Vs Publix can be described with the help of the following comparative points.

Both supermarkets are operating now worldwide.

Hence, the services are no longer limited to the US market only.

Concerning the global perspective, we can select some crucial points to describe both companies’ advantages and limitations.

Are you ready to understand the essence of selecting any of these supermarkets? Please be on this page for a detailed discussion.


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Winn Dixie & Publix Company store range (in USA & international)

Winn Dixie Vs Publix store range

Winn Dixie: You can find over 515 stores of Winn Dixie in various parts of the USA.

The most famous locations include Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Louisiana.

But the headquarters of the brand is in Jacksonville, Florida. Among the US supermarket chains, the rank of this company is 5.

In Texas, you can find around 71 stores of this brand. However, apart from the places mentioned, Winn Dixie does not operate in other countries.

Publix: Publix is a famous store in the Southeastern United States. Currently, it is operating in the following states;-

– North and South Carolina

– Alabama

– Georgia

– Virginia

– Florida

– Tennessee

So, that makes the total number of Publix stores across the country more than 1,300.

Chainwise, Publix is a larger brand than Winn Dixie. It is still expanding to many other parts of America on public demand.


Winn Dixie & Publix Product Category Range

Winn Dixie Vs Publix (Product Range)

People consider the two highly popular US brands to be supermarket chains loaded with almost all types of products you need.

The wider varieties often confuse people of America about which store to choose from. Regarding the product range, we can differentiate the two in the following way.

Publix: This brand offers more than 18 categories among various product ranges. So, you have several options for shopping.

The choices of ethnic food will surely become your favorite instantly. Furthermore, Publix is famous for its delicious cheese and Deli meats.

The shop often gives away freebies and makes every occasion special for the kids. Irrespective of what and how much you buy, the friendly and helpful staff will always extend a helping hand to carry the merchandise to your vehicle.

This is appreciable, and they do not take any tips or extra charges. Publix also arranges for 36,000 other different products, which you will not find in the case of Winn Dixie.

Winn Dixie: On the other hand, Winn Dixie sells around 15 categories of products. Therefore, comparatively, the range of products is low here.

It also does not offer any other special categories like Publix. So, if you are inclined towards more options, please go for Publix.


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Winn Dixie & Publix Price Range

Winn Dixie Vs Publix (Price Range)

The next crucial factor for shopping is the price range. Here is the comparative discussion.

Publix: The products of this brand are often more expensive than many other brands. But they never sell inferior quality.

Moreover, although you will likely spend some more bucks on Publix items, they will not be too extravagant.

If quality is the priority, Publix is the best place to buy your desired products. But in the case of some of the items, Publix charges lower prices than Winn Dixie.

Winn Dixie: The price range for Winn Dixie products is comparatively low, and people go for this company, especially because of this reason. So, in terms of affordability, Winn Dixie should be the first choice.

The prices for Beverages, Personal care products, and Dairy items are quite affordable at Publix. On the other hand, Winn Dixie is best suitable to buy products under Canned food, Baking products, Dry and frozen food items, and cleaners.


Winn Dixie & Publix Salary Range

The employees of both brands earn a good amount from working full-time. But do you know which of the companies pay more attractively? Here is the information.

Publix: It offers impressive salaries to both full-time and part-time employees. However, it depends on the job positions whether the pay is more than the Winn Dixie or not.

This is one of the essential points of Winn Dixie Vs. Publix relevant more from the workers’ perspective than the customer’s.

Moreover, the employees are happy working here as Publix provides appraisals and raises for favorable work. The full-time associates also enjoy holiday pay, sick leave, and vacation. These policies help the company to retain more employees for years.

Publix pays $10/hr to the Cashier, $47,000 p.a. to the Assistant Manager, $53,000 p.a. to the Store Manager, and $9.50/hr to the Stocker.

Winn Dixie: The salary range of Winn Dixie is generally more than Publix. However, the range is not the same for every position.

While the Stocker and Cashier pay $10/hr and 11.50/hr, the Store Manager gets around $36,619 p.a., and the Assistant Manager receives $12/hr as salary.

So, we can see that in some cases, Publix is paying more, while for some others, Winn Dixie gives a better salary.

But Publix treats the employees genuinely very well and provides incredible perks.

The salary can vary according to the policies of different states. The above figures are only estimated amounts.


Is any connection between these two companies?

Publix and Winn Dixie are the main grocery centers of America. However, the primary connection between the two brands is regarding a lease.

Winn Dixie gave a site belonging to Paradise Isle Shopping Center on lease. Recently, Publix acquired this plot this lease and thus created a connection with the competitor grocery store.



Hopefully, the above discussion will help you decide which brand will be better for a great shopping experience.

It is thus important to read every point of Winn Dixie Vs Publix very well and understand the benefits and drawbacks of both stores.

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