Winners Return Policy in 2024 (New Updated)

Winners is a well-known clothing retailer in Canada and a member of the TJX family.

It has similar products to the United States counterparts of T. J. Maxx, Marshall’s, and HomeGoods.

Although the Christmas return policy is difficult to locate, we offer suggestions for returning any gifts from Winners you received during the holiday season.

So, what’s the Winners Return Policy? Winners allow returns after Christmas, provided you have an original gift receipt.

Some stores will not accept returns until the day after Christmas, and you might need to wait until December 27.

Returns may be exchanged for a gift card of the same value as the returned item.

Although the Winners website does not provide the specific dates to return Christmas presents, The U. S. counterpart retailer Marshall’s has a deadline for returns on January 25 for all purchases made between October 10 and Christmas day of last year.

Since they are member of the parent corporation, winners could have the same policy.

Contact the local retailer’s customer service rep to inquire about their policy on dates.



About Winners Return Policy

Winners Return Policy

Returns must be in the original condition. This means it must be in a re-saleable state. If not, returns are rejected.

Tags must be connected. Otherwise, returns could be rejected.

If you’re not interested in an immediate cash refund, you can request to use the gift card instead.

The greatest benefit of The Winners Gift Card is they don’t expire.

The returned merchandise and gift receipts can be exchanged for another item or get the store credit only.

Other restrictions could also be applicable to return.


What Products Cannot Be Returned to Winners?

  • Products damaged due to misuse or wear signs.
  • The products have not been tested.
  • Particular categories include fragrances, beauty products, socks, free clothing, etc.
  • Products that have been altered or have unreadable serial numbers.
  • Anything not included in the box you received, such as the price tag, tags, labels, the original packaging, freebies, and accessories.
  • Fragile Items, hygiene-related items.
  • Cosmetics like lipsticks, makeup, lotions, etc.
  • Lingerie, undergarments, socks, and swimwear cannot be returned for hygiene reasons.
  • Jewelry disposable items like nappies, nursing, or bottle warmers if the packaging has been removed.
  • Toiletries, fragrances, and cosmetics.
  • Mattresses, bedding, bath products, children’s sheets, pillows, comforters, bed-in-a-bag duvets, duvet covers, memory foam, bathrobes, towels, and towels that have been taken out of their packaging.

Items that have been constructed in the event of a manufacturing defect.

The winners will not accept any item that isn’t sellable. For example, any item damaged or broken might not be acceptable for return.

They can also decide not to take items that don’t include tags still in place or lack the purchase receipt.

They will take on defective products when they believe that the cause of the problem lies with the manufacturer and not with the consumer.

If the product is assembled, the Winner cannot accept returns unless there is an issue with the manufacturer.

The majority of Winners won’t take back beauty and health products like socks, underwear, socks, bathing suits, or perfumes as returns due to reasons of hygiene. They cannot be sold again after they have been returned, as they could be affected by contamination.

Certain items may not be acceptable to return if they’re not in their original packaging, such as toys for children, sheets, mattresses, bathrobes, comforters, pillows, and towels.

Contact your nearest Winners store in advance If there’s an item you want to return, but you aren’t sure which store will accept it.


Winners Return Policy Limitations

Winners Return Policy

The winners Return Policy has some limitations in accepting the item you return.

If the item you are returning is not by the policy’s requirements, they may not apply to you, and those products won’t be accepted.

The items in which the item is not in a saleable state can never be accepted when you return the item.

Any harm to the product could result from the refusal to be accepted by Winners.


Winners Corona Virus Response

Corona Virus is challenging to manage, and the fact that it can rapidly spread makes it hard for retailers to open.

It is imperative to counter it and ensure we keep a distance from social interaction.

Thus, stores are closed until the atmosphere is brought under control.


Can I Return an Item to Winners Without a Receipt?

Winners Return Policy

Winners Return Policy accepts the product if it is returned with an original receipt.

However, if you return the product with no receipt, it is possible that the business could refuse your returns.

If you are returning the product without a receipt for the Register you must present a valid government-issued photo ID will be required.

The refunds will be issued in the form of gift cards.

In certain situations, the returns might be denied or reduced if you can return the item.

The merchandise can able returned to Winners without receipts from the purchase.

You will need to present the photo ID card granted by the government.

Also, you can only get a gift card equal to the amount of the merchandise returned.

Returns made without receipts cannot be eligible for a cash refund or exchange.

Winners can reject any item for return, and it is much more probable that they will accept any item that is returned without a receipt.

To increase the chances that Winners will permit you to return the item, make sure that it is in good working order and is wearing the barcode or tag sticker that came with it.

It is required to provide a signature when you return the item, and if it is not in line with the name on your ID card, they can – – and likely will – – refuse the return.


Winners Exchange Policy

The process of exchange by visiting the Winners store at any location is now easy for the buyer.

All you need to carry is the original receipt and keep the product in pristine condition.

You can swap or exchange the opened product.

In exchange for the item for exchange, you must provide the details about each item’s item number, the description of the item you wish to exchange, as well as the amount that includes the item’s number, the description of the item as well as the number of the items you wish to exchange to exchange.

Ultimately, the price difference in your bank account is charged or credited.


Winners Return Policy Process

Two ways to buy your product are similar to the two options listed in the Winners Refund Policy: return the product to receive a complete refund.

 For In-Store Purchase

The items you purchase through The Store Winners may be exchanged with the retailer in a single transaction. All you need to do is keep the product in its Original Condition.

  • All tags need to be secured.
  • The Original Packaging for the return of the item.
  • The Original Receipt needs to be supplied.
  • Store Purchased items are not to be sent by mail.


For Online Purchase

The products purchased on are to be sent to the Returns Department. This is what you must do to send the item.

  • The product should be packed if you wish to return it.
  • If possible, provide the Original Packaging and the Original packing slip together.
  • Be sure there isn’t any damage has been done to the material.
  • In return, you must mention the reasons behind the return.
  • If you get any additional product in the original, you should return it with the actual product for a full refund.
  • When you receive the product, you should be able to receive an item labeled Return Label in the package.
  • Place the return label with the returns. The address to ship the item must be included on the Return Label.


Winners Refund Policy

The Winners Refund Policy can be simple to comprehend, and the refunds you receive will be contingent on the payment method you used to purchase.

Returns will be handled once you are sure that the Return Department will receive your product.

After this process is completed, the refund will be sent to you.

Return the item with the original receipt for a full refund under the original payment method.

If you don’t have the receipt, you can still return the product if you present the government-issued photo ID. Your refund is made as a Gift Card.

You will receive a complete refund on the return of your item if the item is still wearing its tags, you show the original receipt, and you submit the return within ten days after the purchase.

If you paid cash, you could receive a cash reimbursement.

If you made a payment using a credit or debit card, your refund is added to the account on the card that you made the payment with.

Alternatively, you may get a reimbursement for your return purchase in the form of a gift card from Winners if you request one, return an item with no receipt, or return an item handed to you in exchange for the gift receipt.

If the product remains available, the seller will be able to provide you with an exchange by way of the tender using the payment method you initially made in exchange for a gift card that can be used in the future.



Below we share some FAQs related to the “Winners Return Policy”

What is the Winner’s Return Policy?

We’ll gladly reimburse the purchase within ten days, with the original receipt for registration and the tickets attached to the product.

After that, refunds are given as tenders. Customers can also choose an option to gift card the amount they want.

If you extend the validity beyond ten days, there’s no problem!


What can I do to return something I bought from Winners at HomeSense?

Return Policy

If making a rush to the HomeSense location to make a return isn’t feasible, you can always go to the other stores like Winners or Marshalls, and they will gladly accept returns on HomeSense products.



Winners have many amazing products; however, there are times when you have to return something you’ve purchased or received as a gift.

For Christmas and other presents, you may be able to exchange the item for the gift card as a replacement but make sure to present the gift receipt.

So I hope that you are all clear about Winners Return Policy.

Winners can accept returns for full refunds within the first ten days after the sale, provided they have the purchase receipt.

Other returns could result in an e-gift card if you accept the refund.


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