Yandy Return Policy in 2024 (Costume, Accessories)

One of the most trendy brands in fashion apparel is Yandy.

As Yandy designs the clothes themselves, therefore the prices of their clothes are not so low.

So whenever the fashion freak people move forward to this brand to buy some items, confusion occurs in their mind regarding returning.

No worries, there is a Yandy Return Policy. This policy has made the return of every customer too easy. 

The brand is established in the year 2007. Evan Horstman and Chad Horstman – these two personalities expressed their desire to launch a brand, and Yandy is the outcome of their passion. However, it’s mainly an online site.

Their headquarters is in Arizona.

The major items of Yandy are – women’s dresses, lingerie, swimming costume, Halloween costume, etc. The company designs its costumes themselves.



What is Yandy Return Policy? 

Return policy is the most vital feature of every single brand.

Many people love to shop and present themselves in trendy wear in this fashionable and contemporary world.

But on the other hand, there is a matter of consciousness about whether the brand has a return policy.

A return policy is a piece of agreement where a buyer is assured that they can return their disputed or unsuitable product to the store.

However, instead of this, they will be given their payment back. 

Yandy Return Policy is an uncomplicated one.

If any of their customers are not fully happy with a purchase of a particular product, they can return it to Yandy.

The deadline is 30 days. The time will be counted after the date of their purchase.

However, there are a few conditions applicable. 

  • The returned product should be kept as same as the delivered one. 
  • Any worn or washed item will not be granted. 
  • All tags should be attached to the product.
  • One product is valid for returning for a single order.
  • Seasonal items should be sent back before the end of their seasonal sale.
  • An invoice is required at the time of return.


Yandy Return Policy for Shoes 

Yandy Return Policy for Shoes 

Yandy always delivers shoes separately from their other items. But you do not have the restriction. You can return it with any other product. But there are some conditions for returning a shoe.

You can’t use any tape or gum on the shoe box. Just with a piece of shipping paper, wrap the shoe well. Or you can also put it in a shipping bag. Mistakenly if there any disputes appear on the shoe box or you forget to send the box, $10 will be asked for.


How do I return to the Yandy?

There is a Happy Return Portal available on Yandy’s website. By giving your valid zip code and Order ID number to that portal, you can get access to the other process. You will be shown two options: getting a soft copy of the return label and connecting to a FedEx location. And the second one is visiting their Happy Return Bar.

Return Label:-

  • Your account is on Yandy’s portal as you have already purchased a product. Now request them via email to send you a return label.
  • After getting your appeal, they will immediately generate a return label and send it to you.
  • Print out the return label. $4.95 will be charged for the return label fee.
  • Start packaging your product. Attach all the documents, invoice, and the printout copy of the return label.
  • Now contact a FedEx location to deliver the product to your instructed destination.


Return Bar:-

  • First, pack your product will all the essential manuscripts and invoices.
  • Carry the parcel to your nearest Return Bar location in Yandy.
  • Click on Happy Return Bar on their portal to get access. After scanning the Express Code, your return will finally be approved.
  • After all these, they will start their refund process.


Yandy Return Policy for Christmas Gift 

Yandy Return Policy for Christmas Gift 

As per Yandy Return Policy, they have a few different rules for Christmas gifts. If a customer purchases from 1st November to 31st December, they will have the timeline of 31st January next year.


Yandy Return Policy for Halloween Costume and Accessories 

Halloween costumes are not dealt with in a whole season. It’s just retailed around. Happy Halloween Day. So purchasing Halloween costumes between 1st October and 1st November will be eligible for the return instead of store credit.


What are the Yandy Return Policy Exclusions?

Some items are not permitted for return in Yandy Return Policy.

  • The used or washed apparel.
  • Masks, gloves, underwear.
  • Sex-related items, oils, vibrators.
  • Wigs. 
  • Products with strains.


How long does Yandy take to refund?

First, they check the returned products. If the items are eligible for a return, they will begin the refund process soon. You can expect 14 to 30 days to receive a refund.


Can you cancel an order on Yandy?

If you want to cancel an item after confirming the order, you need to dial soon to their number 1-800-883-0860. Or you can send a mail.


Yandy Return Policy for Outside the United States 

Yandy Return Policy has not arranged any return label for their outside order. If customers are determined to return any product outside the U.S., they must contact Yandy directly with customer service.


How much does Yandy Charge for a Return Label?

If a customer wants to return an item by attaching a printout copy of the return label, Yandy will generate the label. But for this, they will charge $4.95.



Though Yandy Return Policy is quite strict, it’s as flexible as the other ones. You can clear all your queries after reading this article.


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