Zulily Return Policy in 2024 (Updated)

The return policy of a store is one of the most crucial policies.

A return policy is essential in any store, whether fashion, food, home, décor, or another type.

Return policies are typically comparable among companies in the same industry. The procedure is distinct in one of two ways.

These are designed to increase customer efficiency while still preserving the company’s reputation and trust.

Yes, return policies have an impact on these factors. We’ve outlined Zulily Return Policy in this post for your convenience.

As you read, look for specifics, such as terms and limitations.



Zulily Return Policy


Zulily has a straightforward return policy that many retailers share.

The first step is to identify the items you want to return and determine whether or not they are returnable.

The next step is to choose a return option and fill out the necessary information on the return request. Return and shipment information will be sent to you.

These must be printed for your records and sent to your shipping box.

Have any remaining reservations? A step-by-step guide can be found here:

• If your item is returnable, go to the Zulily app and the ‘My Orders’ area.

• Send in a return request with all of the necessary information. Once you receive shipping instructions, print the receipt and attach it to the package you want to ship.

• You will be issued a refund and a store credit once the package is received.

Returns have a 30-day window. This implies that you must submit your return request at least 30 days to receive a timely response.

Also, Zulily charges a 4.95$ return fee for single items, depending on the number of items returned.

Another snag is that the refund is issued as store credit to your Zulily account rather than in the original manner of payment.

Only purchases made directly from your Zulily account will result in a refund to that account.


Zulily Return Policy Restriction & Exception

Zulily Return Policy Restriction & Exception

Zulily return policy is subject to the following restrictions and exceptions:

• Holiday merchandise has a distinct return policy depending on the season and date specified on the website.

• Intimates and bathing suits are not permitted.

• It is not possible to return hygiene-related items.

• Zulily does not accept returns for cosmetics or food.

• Furniture and heavy things aren’t returnable.

• Returns are not allowed on customized goods.


How Does Zulily Handle Refunds?

Zulily reimburses unhappy customers with store credit, regardless of the original purchase method.

The funds are deposited into your Zulily account, and you can check your balance on the Invites and Credits tab.

Except for PayPal Express checkouts, Zulily will instantly process your leftover shop credit every time you check out.

If you paid for the item with a Zulily credit card, you are eligible for a refund.

Your Zulily credit card account will be credited with the funds.

Zulily will keep invoicing you until the return package arrives at their warehouse for Smart-pay orders.



Zulily’s standard delivery costs between $5.99 and $10.95 per order.

It is determined by the type and quantity of the things ordered.

Shipping is $5.99 for the first item and $7.99 for extra items for most products.

However, an extra shipping surcharge of $5.99 to $24.95 may apply to heavy or bulky items.

Oversized toys, strollers, baby gear, and furnishings are among the products that fall under this category.



Zulily’s delivery times differ based on whether things are shipped straight from the company’s warehouse or from a brand.

If a Zulily warehouse has an item in stock, it will ship within a week and arrive in 5-7 days. It will take longer if it comes from a brand.

In any case, an anticipated ship date will be displayed during the checkout process.

Look for the orange rocket indicator if you require an item urgently. These goods are currently in Zulily’s warehouse and can be shipped in 1-5 days.



“How do I avoid paying for shipping?” is the most frequently asked question I hear regarding Zulily.

Avoiding paying for shipping on Zulily is difficult.

Even if you do have to pay for a delivery, there are still a lot of great deals to be had! (Of course, while sharing our top Zulily buys with you, we always keep shipping costs in mind.)

There are, however, a few ways to save money on Zulily’s shipping.

Using their same-day and weekend shipping specials and shopping their free shipping events are two of the most prevalent strategies to save money on shipping.



When you place a paid shipping order at Zulily on Sunday through Thursday, you’ll get free shipping on subsequent transactions from the same account for the rest of the day! Orders must be placed by 11:59 p.m. PST and mailed to the same address to qualify for free delivery.

The weekend shipping promotion is even better.

When you place a paid shipping order on Zulily on Friday or Saturday, you’ll get free delivery for the rest of the weekend. This entails free shipment for up to three days.



Free Delivery Events are also an excellent way to save money on shipping.

Free delivery is usually available at Zulily during a few events.

Some of these events don’t require a minimum order, while others do (for example, free delivery on orders of $14.99 or more).

Let’s say you’re participating in a free delivery promotion.

In that instance, the same-day free delivery offer will be applied to any subsequent orders placed on the same day (or that weekend if you placed an order on Friday or Saturday).



Zulily Return Policy

Most Zulily purchases can be returned for shop credit within 30 days after delivery (unless you have a Zulily credit card). A return fee will be taken from your store credit as well. The price ranges from $4.95 to $19.95, depending on the number of things being returned.

The product page will indicate whether or not an item is returnable. Swimwear, personalized items, and items too large or bulky to return are non-returnable items.

Check to see if your item is returnable:

You must first check whether your Zulily item is returnable before proceeding. Due to health and hygiene concerns, not all products can be returned.

  • Underwear,
  • swimwear,
  • personalized items,
  • perishable goods,
  • luxury items,
  • cumbersome items,
  • and some electronics

These are among the items that are not eligible for return.

You can check your Zulily online account to see if your item is eligible for a return. To do so, go to the ‘My Orders’ tab after logging into your account. The product description will specify whether or not your item is returnable.

It’s also worth noting that Zulily does not give refunds, and any purchases returned will be replaced for shop credit.


About Zulily

Zulily is the place to go if you want to shop for something general but ethereal.

They offer a diverse range of appropriate products for any event or person.

They have everything you need, whether a gift or some housewares.

They have a vast choice of things to choose from, even though they do not specialize in any.

Everyone, including men, women, moms, newborns, and even your homes, is something for everyone.

This is an excellent place to go if you want to do essential and high-quality family shopping. Zulily also has a variety of groceries.

Trends, fashion, designs, and many more are at the top of the list.

Everyone likes to test new ideas since they are constantly growing and improving.

Adults, children, and even toddlers love to dress up and follow the latest fashion trends.

Companies are pushing the boundaries to match the new style criteria and make a statement.

It is vital to be able to adjust to all of these. Customers and employees alike must learn how to manage and style their items to elicit a more comprehensive response.

This is accomplished by keeping the company and its policies up to date.

Brands and products take customers’ desires and requirements into account.



Below we share some FAQs related to the “Zulily Return Policy”

1〉 When can I expect a Zulily refund?

Zulily will reimburse your money in shop credit in 5 to 10 business days. Once your return is received and processed, this period begins.

Unless the transaction was made with a Zulily card, Zulily only offers store credit as a refund.

The reimbursement will be delivered to the Zulily account in these circumstances.


2〉 What can I do with my Zulily store credit?

Zulily, on the whole, keeps track of all orders and store credit. As a result, the store credit option will display during the checkout process or maybe deducted automatically.


3〉 What is the turnaround time for returns, and are there any additional costs?

Returns must be made within 14 days of the item’s arrival.

Furthermore, the corporation will not reimburse the original delivery fees unless the item was damaged in transit.

Other restocking fees, however, do not apply. Items will be returned to customers if they are returned without prior authorization from customer service.


4〉 Is Zulily accepting returns outside the United States?

No, Zulily does not accept returns outside the United States. They accept returns only for the United States Members.


5〉 Can you return the gift to the Zulily?

Before any gift is returned, you have to contact the customer service team by calling 877-779-5615.


6〉 How many days do I have to make a return?

You have 30 days to submit a return request and ship your items to the United States.



While Zulily Return Policy is straightforward, it is also quite formal and detailed, ensuring that undesired returns are avoided.

Their primary focus returns due to damage, incorrect items, and other issues. This is one of the reasons they charge a restocking fee.

To avoid unwanted returns, the goal is to be cautious when purchasing. This is true for all stores, not just Zulily.


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