Chase Debit Card Coverage Limit (Daily Limit, Exceed)

In the present world, everyone has a bank account, and using a debit card now becomes necessary. And to fulfill the necessity and provide other useful services, Chase Bank is one of the top banks all around the USA.

To simplify the transaction journey, Chase Bank has a debit card coverage limit, which is a very important part of the debit card.

The chase debit card can be used in two ways: to withdraw cash from the ATMs and pay for products and services. Now for many financial reasons like security, bank storage, etc.

Chase Bank maintains a daily limit, which renews every 24 hours at the time of 11 pm. And already reached the limit, the further transaction before the day gets very difficult.  

Chase Bank branches and ATMs can be found in many parts of the country. So, with the wide amount of Chase Debit card limits, you can use it anywhere you want. 



Chase Debit Card Coverage Limit compared with other banks?

Chase bank is a very preferred Bank all over the USA, and many people have accounts in Chase Bank. But its Debit Card withdrawal limit has become an issue as it has a $400 to $500 limit. 

In the case of withdrawal limit, other renowned Banks such as Bank of America have a $1000 withdrawal limit, Citibank has a withdrawal limit of $1000 to $2000, PNC Bank has $100 to $1500, SunTrust withdrawal limit is $500 to $2,500, etc. So, we can see that the withdrawal limit on a Chase Debit card is lower than most other banks in the USA.

Now it’s time to discuss the purchase amount. For those who have chase debit cards for them, the daily purchase limit is around $400 to $3000, so the range of purchase limits is quite extensive.

In other banks like Bank of America, the daily purchase limit is $5000; in BB&T bank, it’s $3,000-$6,000; then in HSBC, it’s $3,000; in Citibank, the purchase limit is $5,000 to $10,000, in Regions Bank, it’s $5,000, in SunTrust, it’s $3,000 to $30,000, etc.

So as we can see, the Chase Bank debit card gives you a decent purchase limit, but it’s not as great as the top banks like Citibank or SunTrust.


What factors affect the Chase Debit Card Coverage Limit?

What factors affect the Chase Debit Card Coverage Limit


Well, Chase Bank provides different types of debit cards to clients, and based on their financial and spending structure, they can choose which one is relevant for them. 

● So, the basic chase debit card has a purchase limit of $3,000, then in Chase in-branch ATM, the account holder Can withdraw $3,000, and in other Chase ATMs and Non-Chase ATMs, the withdrawal limit is $500 to $1000.

● Then, in Chase Skyline Debit Card, the purchase and withdrawal limit is $3000, but the withdrawal limit is $1000 to $500 per day apart from Chase in-branch ATM.

● In Premium Platinum Debit Card, the purchase limit is $7,500 per day; in Chase ATMs, the withdrawal limit is $3000; in non-Chase ATMs, the withdrawal limit per day is $1000 to $2000.


These are some examples of Chase bank debit cards, and based on the account, the coverage limit in that Debit card is different.

Another reason debit card limits differ from other Chase Debit card holders is that the account holder chooses to keep the limit low on purpose.


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How can I increase my Chase Debit Card Coverage Limit?

Increasing the debit card limit at Chase Bank isn’t that difficult. You may increase your Chase debit card limit in a few ways.

● Go to your Chase Bank branch where you created your account; ask the staff to temporarily or permanently increase your debit card purchase and withdrawal limit. Limit increase temporarily is easily available, but for permanent service, it can take some time.

● You can withdraw money from Chase ATMs in the branch there, and you will get the highest limit of withdrawal amount based on your debit card account.

● Contact the Chase Bank customer service number at 1-800-935-9935, and they will guide you to all your queries and demands there.


What happens if I exceed my Chase Debit Card Coverage Limit?

Every Chase debit card has a purchase and withdrawal limit for each day, and when any account holder exceeds the coverage limit, they have to pay an extra fee.

And as a Chase Debit card holder, if you reach the limit of your debit card, then you can only withdraw more cash at the Chase Bank branch using the debit card.

Apart from that, if you try to withdraw more money from any other ATM than your regular limit, it won’t work. 


How does the coverage limit impact the security of my Chase Debit Card?

For security, having a limit on debit card spending is very important, and Chase Bank believes the same thing.

The account holders keep a lot of their savings in the Chase bank account, and if their Chase debit card is lost or stolen, it creates a huge mess. 

So by having the purchase and withdrawal limit, the customers don’t have to worry about huge money loss. Also, as the debit card limit renews the next day, the account holders have a whole day to take action for their lost Chase Bank debit card. 


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How does the coverage limit affect my purchasing power with a Chase Debit Card?

Well, the purchasing limit of the Chase debit card is quite comfortable for most of the account holders, and if they want, they can choose different Chase debit card plans that extend their purchase limit even more. 

But by using Chase debit cards, the account holders can purchase any services or product they want, as it is easily accepted everywhere.

And as the Chase Debit Card’s purchase limit is $400 to $3000, shopping within the budget is easily possible. Also, not only using chase debit cards for purchases has its benefits, like rewards that too excited the Chase debit card holders.


Can I request a higher coverage limit for my Chase Debit Card?

You can ask for a higher coverage limit for your Chase Debit Card if you are a new customer of Chase Bank, and there is a chance that you might not get the limit increase instantly.

But if you have a good relationship with the bank and are an old customer, then after requesting, they will increase the Chase Debit card purchase and withdrawal limit from the usual Chase debit card limit. And if the bank declines, no worries; you can ask for a higher coverage limit later.


How can I monitor the Chase Debit Card Coverage Limit?

When you get your Chase debit card at that time, the bank will let you know about the debit card limit you have per day. So, if you have around $800 withdrawal limit to monitor the limit, you must maintain or count the amount you are withdrawing.

Then you can check your transactions and withdrawals through the Chase Bank App; then, you can call the bank to inform you about your leftover debit card limit for the day.

If you feel the limit will exceed or has already been exceeded in that case, you must consult the Chase Bank branch for guidance.


What happens if I have a negative balance on my Chase Debit Card due to exceeding the coverage limit?

Well, in your savings account, while using the Chase debit card, the only way for your account to go negative is only if your account doesn’t have any balance left.

If you try to withdraw money beyond the average debit card limit, you can only do that from the branch.

And it may just cause you a fee, but it won’t empty your account. And if you try to purchase something, the transaction will decline. 

So if you think your account can have a negative balance, you should deposit some money into the bank account.

And if it’s about Chase’s daily debit card limit, then after you exceed the limit and cause a fee the next day, it will again have the same debit card limit under which you can purchase or withdraw. But for that, your account needs to have a balance. 


Can I still use my Chase Debit Card if I exceed the coverage limit?

The answer is both yes and no. You can’t use the Chase Debit card after it reaches its daily limit, and if it does, there is no point in security.

But they are situation that occurs when you need money for emergency purposes. In that case, if possible, you can visit any Chase Bank branch. 

And if it isn’t possible, call your chase bank branch or the chase service number 1-800-935-9935, and ask the staff to temporarily increase your debit card limit for personal and emergency reasons.

Provide them with your account details, and after your information is approved, you can use your Chase debit card after it exceeds the daily limits.


Is Chase Debit Card Coverage and Chase Debit Card Limit the same?

No, the card coverage and debit card limit are not the same. They seem quite similar, but when you apply for debit card coverage, it will authorize or pay for overdrafts caused by regular debit card purchases, such as for groceries, Gas, food, etc.

And the Debit card limit or coverage limit is the daily limit you have on your debit card for purchase and withdrawal purposes. 


What are the terms and conditions for the Chase Debit Card Coverage Limit?

When people get a Chase Debit card for themselves, they need to follow some rules and terms. 

● The debit card holder must maintain their chase debit card purchase and withdrawal limit. Based on the card plan, the amount will be different. 

● To take full advantage of the Chase Debit card transaction limit, you should maintain a sufficient balance for the account.

● You should know that whenever you use the Chase debit card at a non-Chase ATM, you have to pay an extra fee of $2 to $5.

● Consult the Chase Bank branch if you need a debit card limit increase.