Disney Gift Card Balance in 2024 (Uses, Where To Purchase)

Have you heard of Disney Gift Cards? If you don’t know.

Don’t worry; we share step-by-step how you check the Disney Gift Card Balance and other related important information about this gift Card.

Disney is a place that is full of wonders.

Disney stores, parks, resorts, etc., always attract people when there is a special holiday and when you love a place so much, then having a gift card from such a place is an exciting feeling.



How to Check Disney Gift Card Balance?

How To Check Disney Gift Card Balance

Having a Disney gift card is a great wonder, but if someone gifted you a gift card before you run to the store or Disney amusement park, you should check the Disney gift card balance so that you can plan your trip accordingly.

So if you want to check your Disney gift card balance using the website, then there are a few steps to check your Disney gift card balance;

First, you need to open the Disney official website or click on the link to open that gift card page, https://www.disneygiftcard.com/ directly.

Then on the new page, you will see the check balance option, click on it, and a new page will open.

Enter your Disney gift card number and the PIN/EAN number mentioned in the gift card, then tick the option ‘I’m not a robot,’ which you are not, and finally click into the check balance option, and just like that, your gift card balance is available on your screen.

Apart from that, you can try other ways to check your Disney gift card balance, one by visiting any store and the other by calling the Disney customer service number 1-877-650-4327; you can try any of these options, which you find easy.


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What is a Disney Gift Card?

We all know Disney is a place of Dreams, especially for kids.

We all love watching Disney movies, and we grew up cherishing those movies, so for kids and adults, having Disney items is not unbelievable.

Having a Disney gift card makes the urge to buy any Disney items more exciting.

Not only that, if you have a Disney gift card, apart from purchasing Disney products, you can also use it at Disney amusement parks, resorts, and restaurants, so all over the Disney gift card is a pack full of surprises.

So when someone gifts you a Disney gift card if something very amazing, and if you want to gift someone a Disney gift card, then you are gifting them the gift that they will enjoy, and to purchase the gift card is even easily available at many places.

You can purchase a gift card between $25 to $500.


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Where can I purchase a Disney Gift card?

Disney Gift Card Balance

Disney gift card is always in demand; many parents and adults want to purchase Disney gift card for the kids and children they know so that their parents can use them to purchase something the kids would like when they lose one of their favorite toys.

So to purchase the Disney gift card, you can buy it from the Disney website or stores, where you can choose digital and physical gift cards of different designs and amounts.

With the digital gift card or Disney e-gift card, you can customize it with the theme, personalized message, etc.

And if you want to purchase a physical gift card as soon as possible, then you can purchase it from Target, Walmart, Amazon, etc.


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Can you buy Disney gift cards in-store?

You can purchase a Disney gift card from the Disney Store.

Even in Disneyland, Disney stores are available where you can purchase these gift cards.

In the stores, you can purchase a physical gift card of different themes and amounts to choose whether you want to purchase a Disney princess or Star wars gift card.


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Can Disney gift cards be used at Disney parks?

Disney Gift Card Balance

You will be amazed to know where to use the Disney gift card.

Having a Disney gift card ensures an amazing journey and proves that you can use the Disney gift card at Resort Theme Parks, Walt Disney World, Walt Disney World Water Parks, Disney Springs, and Walt Disney World Resorts.


Can I use a Disney Gift Card for Disney Plus?

Unfortunately, you can’t use a Disney gift card to subscribe to Disney Plus.

Please use the Disney gift card for Disney Plus, but the gift card is mainly made for use at Disney stores to purchase amazing toys, games, etc.

And Disney parks give gift card holders an amazing journey of fun. 


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Can I use Disney Gift Card at Walmart?

Disney Gift Card Balance

You can use the Disney gift card specifically at Disney-owned places or websites, such as stores, Disney Cruises, Disney resorts, etc.

Apart from these Disney-specific places, you can’t use the gift card. So if you want, you can purchase a Disney gift card from Walmart, but there is no chance to use it there.


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Can I add a Disney gift card to my Apple wallet?

Yes, you can add your Disney gift card to your Apple wallet.

So if you get a gift card through email, then there is a chance that you can see an option under the page that mentions “Add to Apple Wallet,” and if there isn’t something like this, then you can manually add your gift card to the Apple wallet.

For that,

● Go to the Apple wallet 

● Then select the ‘ + ‘symbol, 

● After a few different payment methods will show up 

● Select Debit or Credit Card

● Then, use the Camera facility to fill in the Disney gift card information automatically, or you can type the card information manually.

● Then, your Disney gift card is ready to use after verification.


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Can I use a Disney Gift card at Disney Springs?

Yes, the Disney card can be used at Disney Springs.

Disney Springs is a part of the Disney company.

You can try Disney’s delicious food and entertainment and shop for interesting Disney items there.

And all these experiences you can get by using the Disney gift card.


Can I reload a Disney Gift Card?

Yes, you can reload the Disney gift card, so if you think you might need more balance on your Disney gift card, you can easily reload through any Disney Store or website. 


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How to add a Disney Gift card to the app?

If you want to add the Disney gift card to your My Disney Experience app, you can easily do that so that you can use it later when you need it.

So, to do that, you can additionally go to your payment process and add the Disney gift card or at the checkout process on the payment page.

You will find an option “Use a Different Payment Method.” there, you can add your Disney gift card; to do that enter your 16-digit Disney gift card number and pin, and it’s done. Now you can use your Disney gift card by using your phone.


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Can I use a Disney Gift Card at Target?

Unfortunately, you can’t use the Disney gift card at Target.

Target is a retail store chain different from the purpose of Disney gift cards.

Disney gift card is only available to use at Disney-owned places.

That’s why the Disney gift card won’t work at Target stores. 


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Do Disney Gift cards expire?

The good news for you is that the Disney gift card never expires, so if someone gifted you or your child a Disney gift card, you could keep it for as long as you want until it’s time.

But try to keep the gift card as safe as possible because it is equal to cash, and if somehow you lost your Disney gift card or it got stolen, then contact Disney customer service number 1-877-650-4327 as soon as possible.


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