Does Kroger Accept American Express in 2024?

All supermarket chains and retailers have their preferences regarding accepting credit cards from different companies.
To the question, does Kroger accept American Express credit cards?

Kroger accepts Amex credit cards as it understands customers’ profiles of varying financial backgrounds.

This article looks into the dynamics of credit card companies, merchants’ discretion in selecting their favorites, and how the customer feels the impact.

Grocery purchase is a big happening area with heavy spending by all households.



Does Kroger Accept American Express?

At Kroger, American Express cards are used at stores, on the website, and mobile app. 

Shoppers can pay with a card and use cash, checks, gift cards, and debit cards.

There is also scope for contactless pay via Kroger Pay with digital wallets, although at times, Apple Pay and Google Pay face curbs in some places.

However, Kroger does not accept money orders, foreign currency, and foreign checks in grocery purchases.

Personal checks are also banned for grocery pickup or Kroger delivery orders.


Why does Kroger have an array of payment methods?

Does Kroger Accept American Express

Kroger has various payment methods to keep its customers happy and comfortable.

One reason for souring relations between credit card companies with super retail chains could be the additional payment provisions on merchants.

This varies with all credit card companies. 

In the case of American Express credit cards, the charge on merchants ranges from 2.5 to 3.5 percent of the total billed amount, deemed high by many merchants.

So, many natural merchants are averse to credit cards from American Express.


Does Kroger accept American Express gift card?

All gift cards are fine with Kroger. 

However, Kroger is not hesitant to remove any credit card from its payment modes.

For example, Smith’s Food and Druga Kroger subsidiary stopped accepting Visa cards in April 2019 because the interchange fees looked excessive.

However, the Visa ban was reversed later.

It suggests such hard decisions cannot be ruled out in the future as well.

So, any credit card, including American Express, can be kept out. 

Another scenario for Kroger can be applying the Costco model of signing a deal with a specific credit card company, making it the preferred partner, and pushing out others.


Does Kroger Fuel take American Express?

Kroger has fuel points for encouraging the use of Shoppers Card, redeeming them at select fuel centers, and saving fuel payouts.

But this does not restrict the use of other credit cards. But purchases made at Kroger Company Family of Stores Fuel Centers will not earn benign Fuel Points. 

Fuel Points last until the last day of the month they were earned. There will be no carry-over to the succeeding month.


What are the other Credit Cards Kroger is accepting?

Kroger accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

For free groceries, Kroger Rewards Mastercard is the best way to pay.


Does Kroger count as a grocery store for American Express?

In all families, groceries eat up the bulk of the monthly budget. That is why a grocery rewards credit card is best for maximizing rewards.

 American Express credit cards earn bonus grocery rewards, mainly at U.S. grocery stores. 

 The website has details of many eligible brands:


· FreshDirect

· Kings Food Markets

· ShopRite

· Smart & Final

· Stop & Shop

· Vons

· Whole Foods

· Winn-Dixie


Can I earn rewards by using American Express at Kroger?

The credit card rewards calculator maximizes rewards by finding the best credit cards, including American Express, for monthly and yearly spending. The parameters include the spending category and place of purchases as in a supermarket or grocery store. 


Why is American Express not accepted everywhere?

American Express is one of the credit card companies not widely accepted, like Mastercard and Visa. 

Amex has an enviable position of having millions of customers across the U.S. and the world. And sometimes, using Amex can cost the customer more.

Credit card companies charge a fee to merchants to accept credit cards for deals with an interchange fee levied by the credit card issuer on the merchant, costing them good money.

That leaves merchants to have a discretionary choice in selecting the credit cards they want to work with. Many merchants, mainly small businesses, do not accept American Express as the interchange fee is high in their perspective.


Is American Express catering to affluent customers?

 According to data, there are 304 million Visa cards in circulation in the U.S. and 545 million cards outside the U.S.

Mastercard has 191 million cards in the U.S. and 576 million outside the U.S., way ahead of Visa globally. 

Although smaller than the other two, American Express has 54.9 million cards in the U.S. and 57.3 million cards in other parts of the world, and commands an affluent customer base, making transaction volumes in the U.S. bigger than Mastercard.


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