How Long Does Birkenstock Take To Ship in 2024

After ordering the footwear from Birkenstock, if the question comes to your mind, how long does Birkenstock Take To Ship?

The answer is it takes around 2 to 5 Business days to reach your shipping address.

Birkenstock is a German shoe company manufacturing brand and a subsidiary brand of LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton.

This company was first founded in 1774. So, this is one of those old legacies that has survived for so long.

And now, with time, the company has evolved, and their demands have also increased.

Apart from the store, Birkenstock has online delivery services as well.

And for online services, Birkenstock has a proper Shipping system.

And here to know more about that, this article about Birkenstock Shipping is the best place.



How Long Does Birkenstock Take To Ship?

For basic standard delivery of Birkenstock products, it will take around 2 to 5 span of business days to reach the shipping address. 

Birkenstock is one of the best places to get the perfect shoe size, and you also don’t have to compromise comfort. 

At Birkenstock, there are so many options you can choose for yourself. Hence many people prefer using the website.

Now as has quite some demand; therefore, they have many payment options for customers. 

And through this method, based on the location, customers can get their order as fast as possible, within two days. 

But the order must be placed by 12 pm EST to ship the same day.

And apart from that, there is nothing to be worried about as you’ll get your Birkenstock items in 5 to 7 working days.

 Another thing you must know is that Birkenstock uses UPS shipping services at their company, and they process and ship orders from Monday to Friday.

So if you ordered your item on Saturday, it could take longer to get delivered.

Then if you are from outside U.S. domestic states like Alaska and Hawaii, at those places, the order can take 5 to 12 days to get delivered. 

Also, The Birkenstock company has international services, mostly based from country to country. 

So in the United States, Birkenstock doesn’t have the proper access or need to send the items internationally.


What method did Birkenstock use to ship my order?

What method did Birkenstock use to ship my order

Birkenstock offers a huge variety of shopping options to its customers.

There you can purchase footwear for different needs and styles.

And Birkenstock also has special shipping methods available. 

The first we will talk about is UPS Ground Shipping.

This is a standard delivery option for all Birkenstock delivery in the United States.

Plus, you will receive your ordered product in 2 to 5 span of business days.

And the delivery time mostly relates to the location of the Birkenstock order. 

Then comes the Birkenstock 2-days shipping.

This shipping service is best for those who order their products late and want them delivered as soon as possible.

The two days The UPS service ships shipping of Birkenstock, so you will get your thing on time. 

Birkenstock also has UPS SurePost for their deliveries.

This shipping service is about delivery of the ordered item to a continental U.S. delivery to P.O. boxes.

This shipping option is only used to deliver items in Alaska and Hawaii.

After the product is reached your nearest post office in Alaska then, all you need to do is that you have to pick up the Birkenstock item from P.O., and then you are ready to try out the item.


What are Birkenstock Shipping & Handling Fees?

Birkenstock has shipping charges available for their item when you try to order them through online shopping.

And for the shipping and the effort Birkenstock has to provide is incredible.

But for that service, here are the shipping fees you must pay. 

If you are using UPS ground service for your Birkenstock product delivery, then for sale items, it’s $4.95.

But it’s free shipping for members for full-price items and Sale Items with Full-Price Items.

Plus free for 1x purchase with a combination email and SMS sign-up.

Then if you are using the UPS 2 Business Day Select, you must pay a proper shipping fee.

All over the United States, the shipping fee for Birkenstocks two-day delivery is $25.

And if you are from Alaska or Hawaii, then for this shipping service, you have to pay $30. 


Does Birkenstock provide free shipping?

Does Birkenstock provide free shipping

Everyone loves to use the free shipping service, but not all companies or brands have access to this amazing feature.

But fortunately, if you are shopping at Birkenstock, you can get free shipping.

So to get free shipping at Birkenstock, you need to be a member of Birkenstock.

And then, for free shipping, you have to pay for the item purchased at Birkenstock at full cost. 


How can I track my Birkenstock Order?

Some people are obsessed with footwear, and Birkenstock is a place where you can fulfill this obsession from the website of Birkenstock option to choose between thousands of designs.

Hence finally, you managed to place your order at Birkenstock; then, you would like to get your item as momentarily as imaginable or at least track it. So, to track your Birkenstock order,

As the easiest way you want, you can check your order location through the Birkenstock website.

But the best method is to track it through the UPS website.

When you order your Birkenstock item from the websites, the processing is done, and you must receive an order confirmation mail from Birkenstock.

There in the mail, you’ll notice your Birkenstock order number.

Then use that order number in your existing or new account to track your Birkenstock item.


Why Does Birkenstock Take so long to ship?

Recently many shoppers have been complaining about the late delivery service of Birkenstock.

Well, there is a reason behind that. Birkenstock is a big company that requires proper safety and technology to run it properly.

Hence, when there is a technology-related issue, it takes time to fix and process the order on time.

Therefore this is a temporary reason why Birkenstock takes so long to ship. 


Can I order out-of-stock items from Birkenstock?

Well, it’s quite hard to talk about Birkenstock’s out-of-stock items.

When you see an item on the Birkenstock website and want to purchase it, but it got stocked out for some reason, it’s not a happy feeling.

And there is no proper information about restoring the out-of-stock items at Birkenstock.

But they have access to their products in the warehouse. 

So when a product is out of stuff, there is a chance it will get back in the market because of their Wearhouse stock.

But there is no surety about it, so waiting is up to you. Or you can also contact Birkenstock customer service or visit a store.


How long does Birkenstock Take to ship Internationally?

Birkenstock is a famous brand, and its services are available in major countries such as Australia, the UK, India, etc.,

So because of their services, international shipping doesn’t require that much.

This way, Birkenstock has to worry about international shipping and its long delivery timing.


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