How Long Does Weathertech Take To Ship in 2024

When people own a vehicle, most of them get attached to it.

And as the car’s owner, they must keep it as perfect as possible.

And for that, Weathertech is the perfect website to purchase side window deflected, floor liners, etc., for your vehicle.

This company was established in 1989, so it’s been 34 years since Weathertech was in the market.

And now, Weathertech has two warehouses in the United States, one in Illinois and another in Kansas.

Not only that, its services are available all over the world.

So, now that you know about the company quite well, it’s time to know about Weathertech shipping services as well.



How Long Does Weathertech Take To Ship?

If you want to use Weathertech items for your home or vehicle, then for your order shipping, it will take around 5 to 7 business days to deliver your order. 

Weathertech is an interesting brand that creates automotive interior and exterior accessories. 

You can purchase floor liners, sun shade, Door protectors, license plate frames, etc. 

Not only that, their unique item will help your car stay mud free. 

And that’s why customers from all over the United States must purchase Weathertech items for their vehicles.

Weathertech delivered their items within the 48 contiguous states. 

And while shipping the item, standard ground shipping may take 5 to 7 business days. 

Also, if they choose another shipping method, you will get your Weathertech order delivered faster. 

Apart from that, in the US territory, non-contiguous, APO/ FPO locations Weathertech also delivers their items, but some restrictions exist. 

And if you are from outside country of United States, then even for you, Weathertech has shipping services available as well. 

So as a customer, you can purchase Weathertech products in every way possible.


What method did Weathertech use to ship my order?

What method did Weathertech use to ship my order

As we know from Weathertech, we can purchase many useful interior and exterior accessories for our vehicles.

And before hitting the road, when you feel the need for some accessories for your vehicle, you can choose the shipping options for your Weathertech order based on your time of requirement.

So at Weathertech, you can get many shipping options.

But that depends on the location and the weight of your Weathertech order.

While ordering, it will show the available shipping options on your Weathertech profile.

At Weathertech, the most used and convenient shipping method is standard ground shipping.

This shipping option at Weathertech costs quite low, and it delivers items to most places in the United States.

And more of all, to deliver the Weathertech order within 5 to 7 business days after 2 to 3 days of processing.

So, even for Weathertech ground shipping, you don’t have to wait much longer for your order to arrive.

Then there is the USPS parcel post service for the Weathertech order delivery.

This shipping option is mainly used if you want your Weathertech order delivered to PO boxes.

And this shipping option is the only way available if you don’t want to use your residential address for product shipping.

The USPS shipping of your Weathertech order takes around 7 to 10 business days.

Then comes the three-day shipping for your Weathertech order.

Now here is, well, the shipping method gets a little complicated.

If you want to use three-day shipping for your Weathertech order, you must remember that it requires 1 to 2 days to process it.

So to avoid any delay, you must submit your order before 12:00 p.m. CT.

It will ensure that your orders are processed on the same day you submit your order; through this, you can get your Weathertech order on time.

Weathertech provides 2-day shipping for their orders as well.

But not for all orders; this shipping option is available.

Now if you need your order to arrive within two days, you must know that this shipping service is only available from Monday to Friday.

So you must place your Weathertech order before 12:00 p.m. CT, especially on Friday. Or else your order will move to the next business day, which is Monday.

And finally, next-day shipping for customers who make decisions at the last moment.

For next-day delivery, the shipping fee is quite high.

But you can receive your order the next day by ordering your items within 12:00 p.m. CT from Monday to Friday.

But during the weekends, this shipping method doesn’t work for your Weathertech orders.


Does Weathertech provide free shipping?

Unfortunately, you can’t get free shipping for your Weathertech order.

Weathertech delivers its items to almost every corner of the United States.

And to deliver the orders, Weathertech goes through so many precautions and uses high-quality packaging materials for their delivery.

This process ensures that all the items in your Weathertech order are intact and in great condition.

So this way, it’s very much impossible for Weathertech to provide free shipping.

But on the other hand, some customers are complaining about the high shipping charges for Weathertech orders.

And for them, an opportunity is available to reduce the Weathertech shipping charges to 50%.

So, you have to shop for multiple Weathertech items of the same product.

And after that, you have to pay the full shipping charge on the first item, and then you can avail your discount for the next item. 

The 50% discount on Weathertech shipping charges is only available in the 48 contiguous states.

For this service, you must choose standard ground shipping s for express or other shipping methods.

This feature won’t work.

And also, another thing that you must know is that this Weathertech shipping discount applies to Roll Up Truck Bed Covers, Stone & Bug Deflectors, TechLiner, Pet Ramps, Under Seat Storage Systems, and AlloyCover.


What are Weathertech Shipping & Handling Fees?

What are Weathertech Shipping & Handling Fees

Well, while receiving the brilliant shipping services of Weathertech, it is obvious that the customers have to pay a certain amount of shipping fee.

But in the case of Weathertech products, it is difficult to discuss the shipping charges beforehand.

The shipping fee for Weathertech items is determined based on the product’s location and weight.

And even after that, if the customer chooses Express, three days, or other shipping methods, it costs extra for the Weathertech Shipping.

There are other charges if your order is quite heavy. In that case, Weathertech has to pay extra attention to its packaging for long-distance shipping.

And as a result, it requires an extra fee that can lead your order to quite high shipping and handling charges.


How can I track my Weathertech Order?

When you take care of your vehicle there, seeing mud on your vehicle or broken parts is quite painful.

And that’s when people order the perfect item for their vehicle’s well-being.

But besides seeing your car with a broken sunroof, another thing that is more painful is waiting for your Weathertech order to arrive.

So that’s why tracking your Weathertech order makes you feel relief a bit. 

So to track your Weathertech order, you can simply do that from the Customer Order Online Help Center of Weathertech.

Here simply enter the order number you received from the Weathertech confirmation mail and your zip code.

This way, you can look into all the up-to-date tracking information for your Weathertech order.


Why Does Weathertech Take so long to ship?

Why Does Weathertech Take so long to ship

Weathertech is a company with proper principles and rules.

And when you order any item for your vehicle from Weathertech, it tries hard to deliver your order on time.

But there are times when the Weathertech order delivery gets delayed.

Weathertech ships its products to customers’ addresses from Bolingbrook, Illinois, and Neodesha, Kansas.

These are added to warehouses Weathertech has in the United States.

Now, if the location is far from the warehouse, the order sometimes takes 1 or 2 extra days to deliver.

Apart from that, if there is any weather issue or national events, in that case, Weathertech is not responsible for the order delay.

These situations are beyond control, so the customers have to understand them. 


Can I order stock items from Weathertech?

At Weathertech, their products getting out of stock is quite rare as they keep stocking them.

But even if you find out that the product you wanted to purchase from Weathertech is out of stock, then for you, there is a very interesting feature available.

To purchase a product from Weathertech that is unavailable in stock, you must contact Weathertech customer service by phone or email.

Then when the product is available in stock, Weathertech customer service will contact you.

And not only that but if you still require the product, then the company will ship the item to your address with no cost for shipping.


Does Weathertech ship their item to a PO Box?

Yes, you can order your Weathertech items to PO Box addresses. But not all shipping methods are available for this service.

You can only try using USPS shipping services such as parcel post for the Weathertech PO box delivery.

And also, for PO box delivery, not all products are eligible for shipping services; there are so many restrictions.

So it will be better to provide a residential address for your Weathertech order to avoid any inconvenience. 


Can you get deliveries from Weathertech at Military addresses?

Weathertech ships its products to APO and FPO addresses.

Express shipping is unavailable in these locations; customers can only choose US Postal Service or Federal Express shipping services.

In addition, there are restrictions for the eligible products for Weathertech Shipping in military locations.

You can’t order Side Window Deflectors, Sunroof Deflectors, Hood Protectors, Stone, and Bug Deflectors there. 

And this issue about product restrictions is not only available at APO and FPO addresses in the United States.

It is a matter in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the US Virgin Islands. 


How long does Weathertech Take to ship Internationally?

For those who are curious, yes, Weathertech does have International services available as well.

But in all the international locations, Weathertech has one or more warehouses available from where Weathertech delivers their items to the shipping addresses.

Weathertech operates in many international countries, such as Mexico, Canada, Australia, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Argentina, New Zealand, etc.

And like in the United States, in these countries, through their shipping services, the Weathertech orders get delivered in 5 to 10 business days.

So to check the countries where Weathertech delivers its products, you can visit WeatherTech International Distributors or contact (800) 441-6287 or (630) 769-1500. 


Can I cancel my Weathertech order after it shipped?

Unfortunately, after placing your order at Weathertech, canceling it is quite difficult.

After placing your order, Weathertech proceeds with the order quite fast.

And because of this reason, you have only 30 minutes to cancel your order after placing it.

So to cancel your order, you must use Weathertech customer order online help center.

Enter your order number and zip code, and then click the cancel order option on the screen.

And this way, your Weathertech order will be canceled. But as you can understand, you have a short time to cancel your Weathertech order.


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