Johnson Animal Clinic Louisville Address, Hours, Phone Number

Johnson Animal Clinic offers all types of animal-related services to the Louisville KY area. The veterinary clinic and animal hospital is owned and operated by Dr. Jerry Bode. In 1970, the late Dr. Johnson opened the Johnson Animal Clinic. Their passion for animals drives them every day to provide the best medical care to all their patients. Their main goal is to keep your pet as healthy as possible. Johnson team is committed to educating their clients about how to keep your pet healthy throughout the year with good nutrition, practice, and prevention.


Johnson Animal Clinic Louisville Address/ Hours

Johnson Animal Clinic Louisville

The address is

2940 Breckenridge Lane

Louisville, KY 40220

Phone Number- 502 456 2870

Email- [email protected]

 Office Hours

Monday to Thursday

8 am to 8 pm

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday

8 am to 6 pm

Saturday- 8 am to 1 pm


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Johnson Animal Clinic Services

They offer services for Dogs and Cat

Dog Health Services

Puppy CareSenior Dog care
Dog AllergiesDog Cancer
DewormingDiagnostic Imaging
EmergenciesFleas & Ticks
HeartwormsLab Tests
Laser TherapyMicrochipping
NutritionPreventive Care
Spaying & NeuteringSurgery


Cat Health Services

Kitten CareSenior Cat Care
Cat AnesthesiaCancer
DermatologyDiagnostic Imaging
EmergencyFlea & Ticks
HeartwormsHouse Calls
Lab TestsLaser Therapy
NutritionPreventive Care
Spaying & Neutering



Wellness Exams


Dog Cancer

Some common types of dog cancer include

Mast Cell Tumors




Brain Tumors

Bladder Cancer

Mammary Carcinoma

Malignant Histiocytosis

Squamous Cell Carcinomas

Mouth and Nose Cancer



Symptoms and Sign of cancer in Dogs

Evidence of PainChanges in Bathroom habits
Lethargy or DepressionCoughing or Difficulty Breathing
Change in appetiteNon- healing wounds
Sudden and Irreversible Weight LossAbdominal swelling
Lumps underneath a dog’s Skin


Dog Cardiology

Some common heart disease in dogs is

Congenital Heart diseaseAcquired heart disease
Patent Ductus arteriosusAortic Stenosis
Pulmonic StenosisVentricular Septal Defects
A persistent Right Aortic ArchValvular Disease
Myocardial DiseaseCardiac arrhythmias


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Johnson Animal Clinic Doctors/ Providers

Their doctors or providers include

Dr. Jerome Bode, DVM

Dr. Jerome Bode, DVM

For more than two decades, Dr. Jerome works in this animal clinic. Jerome completed his graduation from St. Xavier High School. From Auburn University Dr. Jerome completed his veterinary degree. In 1998 he become the owner of Johnson animal clinic


Dr. Rebecca Hite, DVM

Johnson Animal Clinic Doctors

Dr. Rebecca born and grew up in Louisville and completed her graduation from Louisville Male High School in 1998. She completed her bachelor in Animal Science at the University of Kentucky.

In 2012 Rebecca started working in Johnson animal clinic. Rebecca’s special interests include Internal medicine and Endocrinology.


Dr. Brian Murphy, DVM

Johnson Animal Clinic Doctors

Dr. Brian was born and grew up in Murphy. In 2004 He completed his graduation from Trinity high school. Brain completed his Veterinary degree from Auburn University in 2013. His veterinary interest includes Dermatology, Endocrinology, and Soft-tissue Surgery.

He has been a long time member of the Johnson Animal Clinic.


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