Md Family Clinic Marsh Lane, Bruton, Irving, Denton

Md Family Clinic started serving in early 2013. The clinic was started by the two family medicine practices by their founder Dr. Gonzalo Venegas. They started this clinic to provide high-quality and accessible primary care medical services to their patients. MD family clinic to expand their presence in the DFW and Houston area by opening more locations and it also helps to strengthen the Existing treatment provider Network.



Md Family Clinic Marsh Lane/ Bruton/ Irving

The clinic provides quality medical care services to the 8 locations include

1〉 Md Clinic Bruton

9709 Bruton Road

Dallas, TX 75217

T- 972 288 2844

Fax- 972 288 2850


2〉 Buckner

2959 S. Buckner Blvd

Ste, 700 Dallas, TX 75227

T- 214 206 4974

Fax No- 214 206 4979


3〉 Md Family Clinic Denton

1306 Teasley Ln

Denton, TX 76205

Ph No- 940 382 5005

Fax Number- 940 565 5803


4〉 Hampton

2815 S Hampton Road

Dallas, TX 75224

T- 214 330 0137

F- 214 333 7343


5〉 Highway 30

1200 Woodhaven Blvd

Fort Worth, TX 76112

T- 817 429 8300

F- 817 429 6167


6〉 Md Family Clinic Irving 

1111 S Irving Heights

Dr. Ste 120

Irving, TX 75060

T- 972 579 7979

F- 972 554 4592


7〉 Md Family Clinic Marsh Lane

9991 Marsh Ln. Ste


Dallas, TX 75220

Ph Number- 214 358 0090

Fax Number- 214 358 0760


8〉 Walnut

2636 W Walnut St.

Suite 100

Garland, TX 75042

Telephone Number- 972 487 5800

Fax Number- 972 487 9680


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Md Family Clinic Services

Their health care services include

Chronic Disease Care & Control

Diabetes High Blood Pressure
Thyroid High Cholesterol
Overweight and Obesity Weight Loss Program
Skin Disease Sexually Transmitted Disease
Gastrointestinal Issues Stomach Ulcers
Asthma Allergies


Pediatric Care

Well Child Exam Annual Physical Exam

School and Sports Physical Exams


Women’s Health

Annual Women Well Check Exam Pap Smear
Human Papillomavirus Test Breast Exam
Pregnancy Test


Men’s Health

Prostate Exam Annual Men Well Check Exam



Immunization Administration Skin Biopsies
Nebulizer Treatment IUD Insertion and Removal

Drainage of Skin Abscess

Foreign Body Removals
Laceration Repair Wart Removal
Skin Tag Removal Nail Removal
Trigger Point Injections Ear Wax Removal



Complete Blood Count Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
Glucose Exam Hemoglobin A1C
Urine Analysis Lipid Panel
Body Mass Index Prostate-Specific Antigen
Pregnancy Test Sexually Transmitted Disease


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Md Family Clinic Doctors/ Provider

Here we mention some few doctors name

1〉 Giovanna Giordano, FNP-C

Md Family Clinic

Education  Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Completed her Master of Nursing from the Midwestern State University

Hobbies Reading, Traveling and Jogging


2〉 Gabriela Lavoy, FNP-BC

Md Family Clinic

Gabriela has more than 28 years of experience. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Phoenix University.

She completed her Master of Nursing at Purdue University.


3〉 Eduardo Valdes, MD

Md Family Clinic

Dr. Eduardo completed his family medicine residency from the Puerto Rico University in 2001 and a Family Medicine internship in 2015 from the same university.


4〉 Andrea Hudson, FNP-C

Andrea Hudson, FNP-C

In 2007 Andrea completed her AAS Nursing Degree from the EI Centro College. In 2009 she completed her Master of Nursing.


5〉 Annette Albano, FNP-C

Annette Albano, FNP-C

She is a doctor work in Spring Valley.


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6〉 Sadia Khan, MS, PA-C

Sadia Khan, MS, PA-C

Education Bachelors In Biology

Master of Physician Assistant

Hobbies Painting, Reading Books and Traveling
Language Urdu, English, Punjabi, Pashto, Spanish


7〉 Maria Lizette Ruiz Harris, DO

Md Family Clinic

Maria completed her graduation from Rollins College in 1992. Dr. Maria completed her medical school at the Nova Southeastern University in 1996. Her spoken language is English and Spanish.


8〉 Jahvel Thompson, PA-C

Md Family Clinic

From Salus University at Elkins Park, Pennsylvania he completed his medical degree. Jahvel speaks two languages English and Spanish.


9〉 Sherry Cheever, FNP-C

Md Family Clinic

In 2007 Sherry completed a Bachelor of Science at Stephen F. Austin State University.

In 2014 Sherry completed her Bachelor of Nursing at The University of Texas Health Science center in San Antonio.

Sherry completed her Master of Nursing in 2018.

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