Pocatello Free Clinic Hours, Phone Number, Services

Pocatello Free Clinic offers high-quality care to Southeast Idaho and promotes the health and well-being of its community through disease prevention. This clinic is managed by the executive director under the Supervision of Volunteer board directors. This clinic staff includes a patient coordinator, Clinic Coordinator, Certified Nursing Assistant, and Registered Nurse.


Pocatello Free Clinic Hours/ Phone Number

Pocatello Free Clinic Phone Number

The address is

1001 N. 7th Ave

Suite 155

Pocatello, Idaho

Office Hours

Monday to Saturday

9 am to 6 pm

Sunday- Closed


Pocatello Free Clinic Services

Their services include

1〉 Dental

Volunteer Dentist Provide services

Treatment PlanningDigital X-rays
ExamsComposite Fillings
Zirconia Consultations
In-office Soft Reline for Dentures
ExtractionsSurgical Extractions
Full Upper and Lower DenturesUpper and Lower Partials


Volunteer Dental Hygienist offer

Full Mouth Digital X-raysProphylaxis Cleaning
Periodontal Scaling and Root PlaningPeriodontal Maintenance Procedures
Full Mouth DebridementOral Hygiene Education


2〉 Chiropractic

Their Chiropractors can treat a wide range of Services

Back Pain and StiffnessNeck Pain
Pinched NervesColic
Muscle TensionGastrointestinal Symptoms
Extremity Pain and WeaknessMultiple Sclerosis
Carpal Tunnel SyndromeTendonitis
Asthma and AllergiesVertigo


3〉 Health Education

Their doctors and certified nurse also educate their Patients.


4〉 Patient Guide

For Satisfactory visit to follow the policies include

Please Keep Your AppointmentSchedule your appointment in Advance
Be AdvisedPrescription assistance
Aid LimitsNo Narcotic or scheduled medications
Patient Empowerment


5〉 Medical 

They offer medical services include

Diagnosis and Treatment of ailmentsHealth and Wellness Education
Women’s HealthDurable Medical Goods
Chiropractic CareOther dependent upon context and Circumstance
Prescription Assistantce


6〉 Prescription Assistance

They also offer financial assistance on medication. It can be created by the Pharmaceutical companies to provide free and discounted medicines.


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Pocatello Free Clinic Doctors & Volunteers

Their doctors and Volunteers include

President- Vicki Allen

Past President- Steve Hurley retired Pharmacist

Membership Director- Kathy Olsen

Meg Long- Clinical Associate Professor

Grace Jacobson- Reserve Medical Corp, Veteran

John Batacan- Assistant Professor

Alex Bolinger- Business Assistant Professor

Roger Boe- Retired Physician

Julia Gee

Janica Gillette

Gina Katslometes

Joshua Thompson


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