What are some scary Halloween movies to watch? (Updated)

To enjoy Halloween day with your friends you can watch some scary Halloween movies.

Halloween is all about fun and horror; watching horror movies is also an interesting activity.

New to old, there are hundreds of horror movies available, but what would be appropriate for Halloween?

So, let’s find out what you can watch this Halloween with friends.



List of some scary Halloween Movies to Watch

Those who wanted to watch some fantastic Haunted movies when many new horror movies created a huge sensation.

So, the Scary Halloween movies you can watch are,


The Nun II

scary Halloween Movies to Watch

It is a recently released movie and one of the most awaited ones.

The movie’s length is around 1 hour and 50 minutes.

The movie is the sequel to Nun and related to the Conjunjuring universe. 

In this movie, it’s showing the history of 1956 in France.

In the town of France, the words spread of the murder of a priest by the evil power.

Also, to gain more power, Valak has started destroying even more lives.

Sister Irene will have a direct encounter with Valak to eliminate the evil. 


Saw X

Saw X scary Halloween Movie to watch

Continuing the Saw franchise, it is another spine-chilling movie where the torture and the experiment will make people sick.

The movie was designed to be set between Saw I and II, showing the explained story of the Jigsaw Killer’s Torcher games. 

In the movie, John travels to Mexico for an experimental medical procedure after getting diagnosed with cancer.

But after going to the surgery, he discovers that the whole surgery is a scam, and the Scammer targets the most vulnerable for the money.

And then John took his revenge on the Con artists in his way.



Evil Dead Rise

Evil Dead Rise scary Halloween Movies to Watch

This 1 hour 36 minutes is not for the weak-hearted.

It’s a twisted story where the family members turned scary.

This movie is about a single mom, Ellie, who lives with The Tree Kids in an apartment in Los Angeles.

But the story takes a huge turn when Ellie’s sister comes to visit her.

At the building, they found a mysterious book.

Soon, that book became the nightmare of everyone’s lives, of the rise of a Flesh-possessing demon.

Now, it’s time to see what kind of motherhood it will become. 


No One Will Save You 

No One Will Save You 

Sci-fi horror will take you to the world of aliens.

This fight between the women and the aliens is nerve-racking and anxiety-ridden.

Here, the lead actress, Brynn, lived a happy life in solitude, pursuing hobbies and writing letters to her late friend.

But the movie starts when she finds out about the aliens’ presence.

It’s about the journey and life story where one has to fight for the future while dealing with the past. 


Last Night in Soho 

Last Night in Soho scary halloween movies to watch

This movie is a horror mystery, so for those who don’t want to watch a terrifying movie, this psychological thriller is a great option.

In Last Night in Soho, the movie shows the story of the aspiring fashion designer Eloise.

In the movie, Eloise mysteriously entered the 1960s.

There, the fabulous singer Sandie has a different version of her life story that shows that the glamor is not all it appears to be, and the dark side can get seriously scary. 



In the end, there are many horror movies that you will find, and to make Halloween enjoyable, horror movies are always something you must watch.

Without the feeling of being scared, Halloween isn’t completed, so it’s totally up to you to watch the new Horror movie you like. 

But on the other hand adu, lots should know that horror movies are not for kids.

So make sure that the kids won’t watch anything that might affect their well-being or traumatize them, as they won’t understand the concept of horror movies. 


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