Top 10 Mayonnaise Brands in USA in 2024

People are foodies no matter how much people are on a diet, but occasionally, everyone needs a break.

That’s when people turn their focus from regular salad to creamy mayonnaise field burgers or sandwiches.

And even if someone is so persistent about the diet, adding some flavored mayonnaise to the salad is a great option.

Mayonnaise is a versatile item you can use for any savory snack you like and enhance the flavor.

The problem is hundreds of Mayonnaise brands are available in the market, so which mayonnaise brand is better is different to identify.

And that’s why to help you choose the best mayonnaise for yourself or your family, this article about the Top 10 Mayonnaise Brands in the USA is a perfectly described guide for you.



What Are The Top 10 Mayonnaise Brands in the USA

Below we share some top 10 Mayonnaise Brands in the USA

1.  Hellmann’s Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise Brands in the USA (Hellsman Mayonnaise)

If we talk about the best mayonnaise available in the USA, then the first name that everyone will think about is Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise.

This mayonnaise is one of the best in the market for its authentic and delicious taste. Hellmann’s real mayonnaise is made of simple ingredients.

These perfectly measured ingredients give the mayonnaise a thick, creamy texture with a little citrusy and sweet flavor that no other mayonnaise brand can provide.

The Hellmann’s mayonnaise brand has been available on the market for around 100 years, and their real mayonnaise uses the same recipe year after year, making the brand more special.

And not only that but for the benefit of customers, Hellmann’s has various Mayonnaise flavors available, including vegan, organic low, low-calorie cholesterol mayonnaise, etc.

Last but not least, if you can’t find Hellmann’s mayonnaise in your state in the USA, try to find the Best Foods Mayonnaise, as they are the same line of mayonnaise products.



2.  Duke’s Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise Brands in the USA (Dukes Mayonnaise)

If any Mayonnaise brand can compete with Hellmann’s mayonnaise, then it’s Duke’s. But best to the customer’s taste, Duke’s mayonnaise can stay in second place or reach 7th place.

Those who don’t know Duke’s real mayonnaise is a bit tangy than any other brand, and most customers love the interesting flavor.

And not only that but while tasting this mayonnaise at the back of your tongue, you can feel a smokey, spicy flavor. So that’s why overall people love Duke’s mayonnaise.

We can say that Duke’s mayonnaise first came into the market through a sandwich business in 1917; Eugenia Duke 1923 shifted her focus to the mayonnaise business.

And as you can see, it’s been 100 years since Duke’s mayonnaise officially started its journey, and now it has turned into a huge business with various Mayonnaise flavors.


3.  Blue Plate mayonnaise

Blue Plate mayonnaise

The Blue Plate mayonnaise brand is in the top three positions for a reason. Those who love using mayonnaise in their sandwiches, burgers, pasta, etc., know the flavors of blue plate mayonnaise.

If we talk about the Blue Plate real mayonnaise, the flavors of this Mayo are a little unique as the customer finds it a mixture of Hellmann’s and Duke’s mayonnaise.

It has a thick, creamy texture, and more importantly, it has the sweetness of Hellmann’s and the vinegar flavor of the Duke’s. So that’s why many consumers love the taste of mayonnaise.

If you don’t want cheese on your salad or sandwich, then Blue Plate mayonnaise is a perfect option. The blue plate mayonnaise company started its journey in 1927 as a regular creamy and tasty mayonnaise, and now it has become a must-have item in most home kitchens, restaurants, etc.



4. Kraft Mayonnaise

Kraft Mayonnaise

Then in the line is the Kraft Mayonnaise brand. For more than 90 years, people have been enjoying the taste of Kraft Mayonnaise.

With time Kraft Mayonnaise has created delicious mayonnaise; not all of them are a hit in the market, but most of the flavors are highly preferred by customers.

Unlike any other mayonnaise brand, Kraft’s mayonnaise has a little liquidity in texture, that’s why it is easier to spread in your sandwich or pasta than regular mayonnaise. And not only that, but the flavor of Kraft Mayonnaise also attracts customers; for example, Kraft’s real mayonnaise



5.  Kewpie Mayonnaise

Kewpie Mayonnaise

Even though the Kewpie mayonnaise brand is at the fifth position on this list, it still has the potential to be in the top 3 positions.

Also, many consumers prefer Kewpie mayonnaise better to Hellmann’s mayonnaise. The Kewpie mayonnaise is a mayonnaise with the taste of Japan; unlike any other mayonnaise brand, you can use the Kewpie mayonnaise in your fries, Sushi salad sandwich, etc.

The texture of this mayonnaise makes it easier to spread on any dish you want. What makes it even better is the flavor of this mayonnaise, it has an eggy flavor, and when it combines with the Spicy, garlicky flavor, it creates something incredible.

And if you somehow manage to purchase the Kewpie mayonnaise made in Japan, then the MSG makes it the best mayonnaise you can ever try.



6.  Sir Kensington’s Mayonnaise

Sir Kensington’s Mayonnaise (Top 10 Mayonnaise Brands in USA)

Then comes on the list of Sir Kensington’s Mayonnaise brand. This mayonnaise brand is not that new in the market, and at first, it started its journey with Ketchups, but they have achieved great popularity because of its mayonnaise.

Sir Kensington’s is famous for its chipotle-flavored and vegan mayonnaise. But among all its mayonnaise flavors, not all of them stand out quite well.

Still, there are many good things about their thick and smooth mayonnaise; they use free-range eggs and a few organic ingredients to make their mayonnaise taste better. That’s why Sir Kensington’s different flavors and quality of Mayonnaise customers prefer the brand.


7.  Trader Joe’s Mayonnaise

Trader Joe's Mayonnaise (Top Mayonnaise Brands in usa)

Many users prefer Trader Joe’s Mayonnaise, and as they keep interesting varieties like vegan, organic, etc., types of mayonnaise, customers love to purchase them.

This mayonnaise is sweet and tangy in flavor and is mostly made of organic ingredients. According to customers, the texture of this mayonnaise is very smooth and creamy, so if you spread it on your crispy chicken, it won’t make it soggy after a while. Thus, you can use Trader Joe’s Mayonnaise in any dish you choose, like salad, sandwich, burger, french fries, etc.

But if you are looking for Trader Joe’s real mayonnaise, you can’t find them as the company discontinues it because of the high Canola oil price. So, that’s why, apart from that, you can try any other Trader Joe’s real mayonnaise.



8.  Spectrum Culinary Mayonnaise

Spectrum Culinary Mayonnaise

To describe Spectrum Culinary Mayonnaise, we can say that few consumers love mayonnaise so much that they stick their hand inside the jar most of the time, and few don’t even bother to purchase it.

Their mayonnaise is mostly made with simple and organic ingredients, but it has a problem related to taste and textures.

For those who like little sweet mayonnaise, Spectrum Culinary Mayonnaise is the perfect option, as the taste is beautifully balanced with honey.

When you taste the mayonnaise, you can feel the honey flavor, but if you don’t like honey, this mayonnaise is not for you.

The next thing is the texture of this mayonnaise; well and good, but the problem is that the oil in Spectrum Culinary Mayonnaise recipe they don’t use any binder, and that’s why after a few days, there is a chance that the mayonnaise will dry up. So, you must always keep the lid closed after using the mayonnaise.


9.  Whole Foods 365 Mayonnaise

Whole Foods 365 Mayonnaise

Whole Foods 365 brand is known for its variety of products; among those items, mayonnaise is one of them.

Whole Foods 365 has various flavors of mayonnaise available to satisfy the customers’ taste buds. Their mayonnaise is thick in texture, but you can easily spread it to any food you like.

The taste of this mayonnaise is a little bit tangy, which so many consumers like. And what makes the brand even better is that they use cage-free eggs for their Mayonnaise recipe; it’s very important for the brand and the environment.


10. Primal Kitchen Mayonnaise

Primal Kitchen Mayonnaise (Top 10 Mayonnaise Brands in USA)

Finally, Primal Kitchen is the last mayonnaise brand in the top 10 list. The Primal Kitchen has many mayonnaise flavors available, but what stands out in the crowd of mayonnaise is the Primal Kitchen Mayo with Avocado Oil.

This mayonnaise is made with perfection; it has avocado oil, organic eggs, vinegar, sea salt, and rosemary extract. Hence, it has a good dietary balance.

And not only that, this combination of flavors a perfect for chicken salad or sandwiches. So, if you want to try primal kitchen mayonnaise, this lemony mayonnaise is a great option. But if you want, you can also try other Primal Kitchen Mayonnaise flavors.