Troy Vet Clinic Hours, Address, Phone Number

Troy Vet Clinic offers quality veterinary services to improve the lives of people and animals in their community. Their experienced veterinary doctor and clinical staff are animals lover and devoted their time, energy to improve the quality of pet life.



Troy Vet Clinic Hours/ Address/ Phone Number

Troy Vet Clinic

The address is

15579 Route 14

Troy, PA 16947

Phone Number- 570 673 3182

Fax Number- 570 673 3050

Office Hours

Monday to Friday

8 am to 5 pm

Saturday- 8 am to 12 pm


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Troy Vet Clinic Services

They offer services include

Puppy/Kitten Care Vaccinations
Microchipping Wellness Exams
Grooming Senior Pet Care
Flea & Tick Prevention Nutritional Counseling
Emergency Care Surgery
Pain Management Pharmacy
Digital Radiology Ultrasound
Laser Therapy Dental Care


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Troy Vet Clinic Doctor or Providers

Troy Vet Clinic Doctor

Their doctors or providers include

Dr. Seanna Brown

In 1987, Dr. Seanna completed her veterinary degree from VA-MD Regional College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Brown joined this clinic in 2000.

Normally Dr. Seanna works on large animals but also works on small animals once a week. Her veterinary interest is reproduction. Dr. Seanna loves to travel.


Dr. Marsha Rosane

In 2007, Dr. Marsha completed her graduation from Missippi State University college of veterinary medicine. After her graduation, she started working at this animal clinic.


Dr. Rachel Chase

Doctor of veterinary medicine

Ohio State University

Bachelor DegreeĀ 

From the University of Maine in Animal Science.

In May 2019 Dr. Rachel joined this Animal Clinic.

Dr. Rachel’s special interests include small ruminant medicine.


Dr. Kelly Hill

In October 2019, Dr. Kelly started her career at this veterinary clinic.

Doctor of Veterinary Degree

Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Kelly loves to work with both small and large animals. She has a special interest in Dairy Cattle reproduction.


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Dr. Meghan Skelly

In 2016, Dr. Meghan completed her bachelor’s in Animal Science from Cornell University in Ithaca. Meghan completed her DVM in 2020. In July 2020 Dr. Meghan started working at this veterinary Clinic. She really loves working with both small and large animals.


Dr. Keitha Olthof

In 2002, Dr. Keitha completed her graduation from Ohio State University. She joined the Troy Vet Clinic in September 2019. Dr. Keitha has a veterinary interest in surgery, ophthalmology, and geriatric patients. Dr. Keith has 6 dogs, 2 cats, a hamster, fish, and two horses.


Dr. Greg Cook

Undergraduate Degree

Penn St. Grad Vet School 1990.

In his full career most of the time he works with small animals.


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