Vue Eye Clinic Baton Rouge Hours, Address, Phone No

Vue Eye Clinic offers a full range of eye health services to their clients of all ages. They offer routine eye exams, diagnosis of eye disease, and management, Vision test,s and more.



Vue Eye Clinic Baton Rouge Hours/ Address

The address is

2515 O’Neal Ln Suite #5 (map)

Baton Rouge, LA 70816

Phone Number- 225 752 2419

Office Hours

Monday to Friday

8 am to 5 pm

Saturday and Sunday- Closed


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Vue Eye Clinic Services

They offer services include

Comprehensive Eye ExamsContact Lens Exams
Eye Condition TreatmentEye Disease Management
Emergencies of EyeLASIK & Refractive Surgery


Eye Disease & Management

They offer treatment for eye diseases include

Cataract Surgery Co-ManagementDiabetic Eye Disease
Glaucoma Testing & TreatmentMacular Degeneration


Eye Emergencies

They treat many eye emergencies conditions include

Eye InfectionsForeign Material stuck in the Eye
Eye TraumaScratched eyes
Sudden Vision LossLost or Broken Contact Lenses
Flashes of light in the VisionFloaters in the Vision
Pain Full eyesDislodged Contact lenses
Uncomfortable, ItchyForeign Bodies
Irritated Eyes


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Vue Eye Clinic Doctor

The doctor name is

Dr. P.T. Dinh OD

Dr. P.T. belongs to Baton Rouge. Dinh completed his graduation from Catholic High school. From the Southeastern Lousiana University Dinh completed his bachelor of science in Zoology. After his Bachelor’s, he completed his Master of Science from Houston University.

Doctor of Optometry

Houston University


New Orleans Contact Lens Society

American Optometric Association

Optometry Association of Lousiana


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