Wantirna Mall Clinic Location, Hours, Phone Number, Doctors

Since 1993, Wantirna Mall Clinic has served the best quality care to its patients and community.

This clinic is a family-friendly practice and they provide an extensive para medical and board range of services.



Wantirna Mall Clinic Phone Number/ Location (2024)

Wantirna Mall Clinic

621 Boronia Road Wantirna (Map)

VIC 3152

Phone Number– 03 97380009

Fax Number- 03 9738 0909


Monday to Friday- 7 am to 10 pm

Saturday- 7 am to 5 pm

Sunday- 10 am to 5 pm

Public Holiday at 10 am


Wantirna Mall Clinic Services

They offer services to their patients and community

Pap Smears Family Planning
Check-Ups Pregnancy Tests
ECG- heart Check Reproduction and sexual health
Counseling Minor Injuries
Vaccinations: Children & Travel IUD Insertion and removal
Stitching Cuts Implanon insertion and removal
Nutrition advice Liquid Nitrogen Cauterisation therapy for Susspots & Warts

Pap Tests

Acupuncture Skin Checks
Sports Medicine Industrial Medical advice & Consultation


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Wantirna Mall Clinic Doctors

This clinic is served by a total of 14 doctors. Below we mention the doctor’s lists.

1〉 Dr. Magd Takla

Takla has more than 25 years of experience in all aspects of general practice.


2〉 Dr. Avi Charlton

Dr. Avi is very experienced in general practice. she has an additional qualification in pediatrics, women’s health, and obstetrics.


3〉 Dr. Amgad Sidrak

Dr. Amgad has 18 years of experience and has a special interest in men’s health.


4〉 Dr. Lawrence Baria

Dr. Lawrence is very experienced in general practice and has a special interest in pediatrics and men’s health.


5〉 Dr. Sidra Akhtar

Dr. Akhtar has a special interest in Pediatrics and Women’s Health.


6〉 Dr. Man Ngo

Since 1995 she is a general practitioner. Specialized in geriatrics and general medicine. She is fluent in Bengali.


7〉 Dr. Sanjib Roy Chowdury

Dr. Sanjib has 21 years of experience in geriatric and all aspects of general medicine. He is fluent in Bengali.


8〉 Dr. Sim Aung

Dr. Sim has more than 10 years of experience in all aspects of general practice. Aung has a special interest in travel Vaccination and Paediatrics.


9〉 Dr. Hanry Daoud 

Dr. Hanry is experienced in general practice.


10〉 Dr. Kiran Pannu

Dr. Pannu has a special interest in Pediatrics, mental and women’s health.


11〉 Dr. Hui Wu

Dr. Hui has a special interest in mental health and Women’s Health.


12〉 Dr. Reshmi Sheheli

Dr. Resmi has medical interests in Skin Cancer and Women’s Health.


13〉 Dr. Mina Hanna

Hanna’s medical interests include Pediatrics, Mental Health, and Men’s Health.


14〉 Dr. Peter Hanna

Peter’s medical interests include Mental Health and Men’s Health.


Wantirna Mall Clinic most of the doctors are very experienced and they provide very quality care to their patients.


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