What is Veterans Day and why do we celebrate it? (2024)

In this article, we try to decode the question “What is Veterans Day and why do we celebrate it“.

People from all over the United States celebrate Veterans Day with all their hearts and respect.

But those new in the US or Tourists don’t know much about Veterans Day.

As well as the kids and teenagers, they have very minor ideas about the details of Veterans Day.

That’s why this article is here to help the People understand the importance of Veterans Day.



What is Veterans Day?

Veterans Day is considered a national holiday in the United States.

This is when people from the country celebrate The end of World War I and, most importantly, honor the military veterans who served and fought for their country.

Every year, the Veterans Day celebration is held at the Arlington National Cemetery, and the floral tribute starts from the “Tomb of the Unknowns.” 


Why have People Named it Veterans Day?

Why have People Named it Veterans Day

Originally, Veterans Day was named something else.

But it’s not the people who changed the original name to Veterans Day.

In 1954, after both the First and Second World Wars, to remember the veterans who served the United States and to move forward from the sorrow caused by the World Wars, the original name was changed to Veterans Day.

Then, President Dwight D. Eisenhower formally changed the name to Veterans Day after the request of major U.S. veteran organizations.

Now, people celebrate the US national holiday in the name of Veterans Day. 


What was Veterans Day Originally known as?

At first, Veterans Day used to be known as Armistice Day.

It was the era when the war finally came to an end.

But after the war, there was hardly any joy left in so many people’s lives.

The war has brought so much loss and sorrow. 

Even though the United States joined the four-year war in 1917 and the war ended in 1918, during this period, more than 116,000 people lost their lives, and thousands of people from the US Armed Forces were severely injured.

It was a huge loss for the country as well as the families. Not only that, some families didn’t get the chance to bury the bodies of their family members.

Also, even after the world war ended, there was sickness, influenza pandemic, etc., because of the poisonous gas.

So, it took almost a year for the world to return to normal life. 

Then, in 1954, as the major U.S. veteran organizations desired, President Dwight D. Eisenhower formality changed the name Armistice Day to Veterans Day.


Why Do People Celebrate Veterans Day?

Why Do People Celebrate Veterans Day

It is a day when not only the United States and other countries celebrate world peace.

During World War I and II, men and women from many families dedicated their lives to serve and protect the United States.

For the country wars, thousands of people are involved in the military force, Air Force, and Navy.

Not only in the medical field, but people from other fields, based on their expertise, try their hardest to serve the country. 

Even though many Veterans get the chance to taste the glory and peace after the wars, many also lost their lives.

That’s why Veterans Day is celebrated to honor everyone who served the United States Armed Forces during the wars. 


When was Veterans Day First Celebrated?

People from all over the United States and other places celebrate Veterans Day on November 11.

As you know by now, Veterans Day used to be called Armistice Day.

In 1918, on November 11, Armistice Day was first named. 

The main reason each year, on November 11, people from all over the United States celebrate Veterans Day because World War I formally concluded at the 11th hour of the 11th day and the 11th month.

So that’s why Armistice Day was first celebrated on November 11, 1919, to cherish the war’s end. 


What is the history of Veterans Day?

What is the history of Veterans Day

Veterans Day isn’t just a holiday behind it.

Thousands of people’s huge reasons and contributions made the day special.

And also, there is a deep history behind the day,

In 1918, on November 11, people from all over the United States and other countries, such as Britain, France, etc., tasted the glory after diffusing Germany and Austria.

Even though the United States joined the war in 1917 while fighting against Germany, the US lost many people. That’s why it was named Armistice Day to remember the day of war.

November 11, 1919, President Woodrow Wilson celebrated a day for peace, political freedom, and economic harmony. 

In 1921, a situation made Armistice Day even more special as an unknown World War I American soldier was buried at the Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Georgia.

The Tomb was on the hillside with a view of the Potomac River and the city of Washington, DC, and something similar had happened in England and France. 

Then, in June 1926, the US Congress adopted a resolution and requested then President Calvin Coolidge to proclaim November 11 as an appropriate ceremony.

Hence, the day was announced as an official holiday each year after the Congressional resolution. 

Then, in 1939, World War II broke out in Europe.

Thousands of Soldiers from the US armed forces lost their lives, and thousands of others were still in the battle. 

After that, in 1945, after World War II ended, veteran Raymond Weeks from Birmingham, Alabama, displayed the idea of celebrating and honoring all the Veterans who stood for the US instead of those who died in World War I. 

In 1947, Weeks’ idea was recognized.

For the first time, November 11 was celebrated as “National Veterans Day,” The celebration included a parade and a festival to remember and honor the people who served the US during the Wars.

Then later, in 1945, the name Armistice Day was formally changed to Veterans Day by President Eisenhower.

It was a request from Congress to proclaim November 11 as Veterans Day.


What is the difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day?

Even though it may seem that Veterans Day and Memorial Day are quite similar, there is a major difference.

Veterans Day is glorified every year on November 11 to honor all the veterans who served the United States during the words.

However, Memorial Day is celebrated on the last Monday of May each year to honor the US armed forces who lost their lives during World War I and II.

Memorial Day was first celebrated after the Civil War. In the United States, Memorial Day is celebrated as Decoration Day.

On this day, civilians from all over the country decorate the graves of the Soldiers with flags and flowers.

Then, in 1967, the government officially changed the name from Decoration Day to Memorial Day.